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I Loved Fucking Her Virgin Ass Hole

Before writing down next part of my seduction by mom of my best friend, let me
share a very raunchy hot fucking encounter.

Radha looked gorgeous and too hot at ripe forty five. Wide hips filled her jeans
rather inviting.

We met after about two years of a long term hot extra marital affair.

When we bumped in to each others, both were married.

But the instant chemistry led us to fucking like rabbits, next day in her home.
Now settled in Canada,with a doting hubby and a teenage boy.

She always met me on visits to India.I was asked to be present in Delhi, when
she was expected to be arrive as her hubby and son would join her later next

She was furious when I arrived about late evening.

When we hug she softly whispered..madarchod kutte(mother fucker dog) fucked the whole day of I am expected to help my s*s and you are there with this fucking hard on. Come to the terrace...all rooms are now full of idiots.

We looked around and reached the terrace at fifth floor.

It was late, getting dark and we were talking, fooling, waiting for darkness to
envelop us fast. Her hand was furiously unzipping my jeans; the brass chain
grazed my dick. She didn't seem to care and pushed her hand in and held my hard
leaking dick feeling its searing hardness. Her need was urgent as we were
meeting after long two years. When ever possible, we would phone fuck.

Both were desperate for deep hot fuck.

Her s****r's daughter was getting married and the cacophony of loud music
shielded her loving wild obscenities.

"You mother fucker, why didn't you come early. I have been fingering since I
arrived her to fuck you. I don't like fucking phone sex, you dog…ohhh…aahhh"

She took my dick out, stroking hard. Her mouth opened and took all in and
started sucking. I grunted and keeping a vigil on open stairs to the terrace,
our usual fucking corner in the big old house. The planters on terrace sill
shielded us completely.

I started to pump my dick in to her hot mouth holding her head tight, by one
hand. She was bending down to suck me and my other hand went in her loosened
jeans to caress and finger her wide ass. She pumped back to take it in. She was
tight and I bend to take my middle finger down to her wet cunt. Soaking finger
went back to her asshole. She now pushed back hard, and took off her mouth from
my cock.

"Come finger my ass baby, do it now."

She knelt down, pushed down my jeans and her mouth went to my hairy balls,
bloated with hot cum. She mewed and moaned loudly, sucking and licking. Her
appetite to suck my cock was growing by each gulp. She had some timed made me
cry with her powerful sucking action and bites on my dick and balls. But god she
was the best cock sucker I had ever been with. A long sucking session continued
till her mouth ached. She stood up and took her boobs out to a hard sucking. I
sucked and licked her hardened nipples.

Suddenly she pulled her jeans and panty down and demanded to fuck her fast, as
she was getting late to accompany her elder s****r making marriage arrangements.

I pushed my ram rod dick in her hot wet cunt. She sighed and pushed her ass back
to meet my growing thrusts. I held her ass and pumped in and out rapidly.

"ohhh..yeahhh…god…fuck me….harder you mother fucking lund(dick).." She always loved to
abuse me in Hindi while getting fucked hard.

Her husky convent accent had always put on fire.

It went on for some time and she was nearing orgasm as her back thrusts grew
harder and harder.

Come my put on the fucking condom madarchod(mother fucker).... Cant wait now you dog..fill my cunt..."

I pulled my wet dick out and lift up my jeans to locate the protection.

"Fast you mother fucker…I am getting late."

I suddenly realized that I forget to put it my pocket.

"Put it on and fuck me..madarchod(mother Fucker)" She screamed.

I told her my problem, she turned and slapped me hard.

"You mother fucker…behen ke lore(you s*s fuker dick)...I will kill you."

I always wanted to fuck her ass but she never agreed. Now I knew her desperation
for a fuck might make her relent and my dream may come true.

`Ok. I will fuck you gand(asshole) today…"

I turned and bent her down, scooping her wide rippling ass cheeks high and aimed
my dick at her crack.

"No….you dog….noooooo…ohhh" She seemed excited by my aggressive suggestions and
immediately opened her ass cheeks wide.

I the fading light nothing much was visible, but i touched her well known

I caressed her ass hole and again pushed my finger in. She was tighter now
anticipating my lund(dick) in her gand(asshole), but pushed her back to take me in her
virgin asshole.

I went down and licked her asshole. A faint pungent taste invaded my mouth but
was hot and my hard dick jerked wildly.

Radha mewed and moaned loudly with deep lust.

I was now very excited and feared an immediate ejaculation and stood up.

I gathered spit and dropped on her open gand(ass) hole. She sighed as the hot spit her virgin asshole, held open for my assult.

"Fuck me behenchod kutte(sieter fucker dog)... I know you are mad to fuck my gand(asshole) forages.....gussa de ab(push it in now)...ahhhhh...OHH god.."

"Ok madarchod kutia le(you mother fucking bitch, here is my dick) .." I put my lund(Dick) head on her hot gand and pushed.

Streams of loud sigh escaped her clenched teeth.

,,ahhhhhhhh...slow you brute s*s fucker....ahhhhh....ohhhhh...gowddd..

"I pushed hard and with a loud cry my dick her penetrated her tight asshole.

I was now wild and pushing hard to take my whole dick in her tiny virgin

We slowly gathered speed as she stared to finger her cunt furiously.

We both moaned as our climaxes exploded simultaneously.

She stayed in bent position as my dick slipped out of her ass with a pluck

I immediately went down opened her ass and took the oozing cum in my mouth and
sucked more.

Her soft pleasure cries went wild.

I stood her up and our mouth met furiously.

I let her sallow my spit and semen scooped from her virgin ass.

She smiled widely pulled her jeans up. And Ran down to be with her s****r.

I sat down for a languid smoke.

My one more wild experience made to Love fucking fem assess for ever.

Hoped you loved this raunchy encounter and now ready to
masturbate to a nice orgasm.

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