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Basketball tournament pt. 1

ok so my team makes it to a basketball tournament in humbotlt california, i think i was about 16 or 17 then. i never heard of that city before, but everyone was telling me its very boring, and old fashioned up there. there is nothing to do but smoke weed. i wasn't looking forward to it but i still wanted to win the whole tournament at all costs. when my team arrives to the the city, it was just how everyone said. the small town was so much in the woods there was only 1 hotel. since it was a 25 team tournament it was filled. so a lot of teams stayed with families that had the biggest houses in town. them being the biggest supporters of the annual tournaments, did it happily. so me and 3 of my teammates head to a huge cabin logged type house. it was a big 4 story house with 9 bed rooms. my 2 teammates got 1 room and i got the basement. 2 hours or so of us being there i learn the house owners have 2 daughters. and as im practicing in the back yard they come home.

the younger one Ashley was your typical blond hair blue eyes, and big breasts. she wasn't to pretty in the face, but still attractive because of her body. but the older one Julie was just my type. she was brunette, very nice sized breasts. maby a 34 or 36B. and an ass to die for. i had my shirt off and was sweating. my tattoos where shining and i knew i was looking good. they instantly come and introduce them selves. i socialize with them and flirt a little. the younger one was turning 18 in a week and the older one was 22. i told them i was 19 to keep my options open with both. night falls and everyone in the house meets for dinner. i then notice the younger one constantly staring and smiling at me. i would normally engage any girl who like 2 play eye tag, but i never had to do it with her father so close. i play for moment, then finish eating and excuse my self 2 my room purposely leaving the door open.

i sit on the couch and go over my team plays. 30 minutes later ashley comes down the stairs. she explains she has a boyfriend, and she loves him, she didnt want to give me wrong signals. as soon as i heard that i felt bad for him, because i know what im capable so i sweet talk her into staying with me for a while. after a hour, im surprised and turned on that she hasn't given in yet. she then gives in a little bit she said ill compromise with you. she lifts her shirt and her breasts just drop out. my hand reaches for them before i can even speak. i slip her nipple in my mouth and wiggle my tongue as i move from tit to tit. she stops me runs 2 lock the door and says look no sex, and no head. i say so how is this compromising? she rubs my dick which was already hard. she states she had never seen a BBC before. i drop my shorts and her eyes light up. she jacks it around a while and said she wanted to see me cum. she wrapped her huge breasts around my rock hard dick. as i titty fuck her she tells me to cum all over them. i stop her and do so. since i had never done that before i came hard, and nutted a little bit more than normal. i smile at my work and get her a towel. we ended up just chilling in front of the t.v. for the night.

p.s. this is another true story, and pt.2 is coming soon

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