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Master's Birthday

I have notice lately my Master has been very upset lately he has been growling alot more even at me some. I had decided it was time for some time off. Now just have to find the right one for him for in the state of mind he is in. Not just any soul will do oh no. A sweet young soul with the desire to taste the wild side of life. One that needs to be taught how to obey and please my master's every wish and desire. And if she touches him in the wrong way I will beat her myself!

We'd plan to meet down in Florida in Ft. Lauderdale it was his birthday so it had to be extra special for my master. Everything had to be purrfect for him. It would be the purrfect place to setup the purrfect suprise for him. The area is full of young sweet souls for the picking. I had set everything up. Rented a condo for use to stay in right on the beach. Brought all his favorite toys and even bought some new ones he had been wanting.

I got to the condo a two days early so I could get everything ready for his party. While out shoping I stop by one of the tiki bars in the area for a few drinks. While I was there I got lucky and found the purrfect soul. We sat and talk for awhile. Told her my sweetheart was on his way here and I was going to throw a suprise party for him . She was very interested, she told me she would be happy to cumm to the party and if it was alright to bring her girlfriend. I told her she could, but to keep in mind what kind of party this was going to be. She understould with a devilish grin. I gave her the address and told her what time to be there.

He got to the condo at 5 very tired and wore out. "My poor master would you like me to take care of you? Give you a bath, feed you strawberries from my sweet nector?" He said "Yes my little fuck fairy. Make your master happy and do as you are told." I told him I had a suprise for him since it was his birthday. I open the doors to the bedroom and there laying on the bed were the two girls I had plan for his birthday. Naked, laying there on the bed waiting for him. Smiling and kissing each other and while waiting for him.
In a firm soft voice I said to the girls. "The master needs a hot bath ladies!" I had made sure the tub was big enough for all of us. They got up, open the doors. I gently and so softly place his hand within mine and lead him to the bedroom to undress him. The girls came over to help me and got a very rud growl from my master. "Where you told to help her undress me!" They fell to here knees and look down to the floor, and at the same time said, "No my master, I have been naughty please correct me." With the look of saticfaction on his face, I knew I had done well and he was please with me.

After removing his leather which always make me wet and ready, I e****ted him to hot tub. Helping him get it and making sure he was ready. I motion the girls to join him and prepare to do as they were told and nothing more or they would be whip. Grabbing a sponge I slowly move down into the water also knowing not too look at him. Which is very hard for me. Even though he is my mate, and love of my life, he is still my master, and I can still be punish. "Is my master ready to be wash or would you rather play with your toys I have brought to you for your birthday." I ask soft and low. He said, "No, I want to play first", and motion me to move to him. Placing my hand into his I let him bring me to him. Then he motion me to turn around and sit on his lap with my legs spread open.

Guiding me in place I started to lower myself down in front of him. Then in a instant I knew what he had in store for me. As I lower myself down his huge, rock hard cock started to move inside of me. He knew I would be tight and I started to stop. With his voice being low and soft in my ear, "Do not stop, for if you do I will punish you, if you show fear I will punish you." I had no choice but to do as I was told. Slowly and painfully I did what I was told. With each inch of him my body started to respond. The walls of my pussy started to spazzem with the touch of his cock. Hearing him start to moan I dared and began to move up and down on him. That was a misstake that I would not forget.

Pushing me off him and grabbing by the hair. He drag me to the corner of the bedroom and tieing me up next to his black panther, with no way out.
Looking at me with angry eyes, "You do not do as you please, only as you are told! Stay here and watch me fuck these girls. No hiding your eyes, if you do you will regret it, do I make myself clear?" Nodding my head and trying to hide the tears, I said,"yes master, I will do as I am told. I will be good and please you."

Looking back up at the girls in the hot tub, "come to me, you have nothing to fear. She is be selfish, she has to punish for it." Walking toward him, he directed them to the bed and to join him. He order them not to look at me but to make sure I heard every moun and grown when he was touching them. That was my puishment. To watch and to hear. Knowning full well how my body would respond to it.

Sitting there wet, cold, and alone, I watch as each girl did what she was told. The blond, Amber was told to get on her hands and knees, and spread as wide as she could. Doing so the master slowly place his cock deep insider her while looking at me with an evil grin. I did what I was told and not look away. The other girl, Angel was to lay down infront of Amber so Amber could lick her pussy.

Watching all of this I started to get wet and excited. The master could feel my arousel from it and told me to stop. I was not aloud. I am being punish. Again I shook my head. Grinning he pulled out his cock and told the girls to move, he layed down, with his cock standing straight up. Angel was to mount him and Amber was to sit on his face. All I heard was Yes Master from the both of them.

Two hours had past that I had to watch as the two women I had choosen for him pleased and pleasure him. When it was all over with and he had had his fun with them he told them to leave. Locking the door, turning down the lights he came toward me, pulling me up by my leash and collar, I got up and follow him to the hot tub again. "You are cold, you need to be warm. My shivers were from being scared not cold.
I had made him mad at me. My life was in his hands. "Now then I am ready to be bath my fuck fairy." he said. Taking the soap in one hand and with the other I wash him. Feeling the hardness of his body under my hands I started to become arounsed with each touch. He notice my breathing was increasing and deeper. "I am sorry my master, I was not told to get aroused by this."

Giving him my hands I knew what to exspect next. Grabbing them again he push me foward and down on the edge of the tub then forcing his hard cock deep inside of me with no mercy. Harder and harder he push into me. Making me scream with each thrust deep inside my pussy! When I felt his grip on me loosen I move as fast as I could into the bedroom. Not getting too far he grab my ankel and pull me toward him, but still being wet he lost his grip on me. I got up and was almost to the door when I felt my body fly through the air and onto the bed with a hard bounce and his body pinning me to the bed.

I closed my eyes not wanting to see what was going to happen next. He told me to open them. I couldn't, I wouldn't, did not want to see the madness in those blue eyes. In a low soft Doc Holiday voice, I heard him say, "My angel, please open your eyes and look at me." Slowly I open them, look up into a pair of bluish-green eyes, but with a smile if punishment behind them. "Do you really think you can get away from me?" Bitting my lips closed. I felt him start to rub his hand down my body then off of me over to the bed side table where a leather straps had laid.

Grabbing one he tied my hands to the head board of the bed then grabbing two more to tie my legs down with. But being free from his I started to kick at him. But soon that was defeated too. He has sat on one and strap down the other. Soon I would me at his mercey and no way out.

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