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Frankie and her Friends Son

Frankie had a problem with her electrics at home and her friend Kelly had said she would send her son round to have a look as he was training to be an electrician.

Kelly had said if he couldn’t sort it then his boss would have a look at it.

Kelly had said her son Reece would come round the following day but she didn’t know what time it would be.

Frankie had decided to work from home so that she could wait for him to turn up.

As she was checking her emails she logged on to her favourite porn site and found herself searching for young men, it wasn’t anything she was really into but it had got her all hot and horny before she knew it.

She sat on the sofa, laptop on her knee and her fingers tweaked first at her nipples and then found the inside of her pants.

The vision in front of her was of a very well hung young man receiving an excellent blow job from a much older woman, as the woman moved her mouth up and down the boys cock her fingers replicated the movement in and out of her pussy, as the woman got faster her fingers got faster keeping up with the woman on screen rhythm.

Frankie was getting very wet as her left hand held her breast up to her mouth, her tongue snaked out as she licked her own nipple, flicking it backwards and forwards across the very tip, her fingers now pumping in and out of her pussy, her hips lifted slightly so she could get them in deeper.

The boy was now spread-eagled in front of the woman on the screen pussy his tongue moving towards her clit, his own fingers holding her apart so he could get good access. The boy’s tongue snaked out and found the woman’s clit as he started to beat away at it, Frankie’s thumb played with her own clit mimicking his movements.

Frankie’s clit was now very swollen and her pussy screamed out for her fingers to fuck it harder, as she pumped them in and out, her thumb hitting her clit with every thrust.

As Frankie looked up again she was greeted with the boy’s amazing cut cock pushing at the woman’s entrance eagerly.

Frankie couldn’t stand anymore, her pussy was squirting rapidly as she felt it pull at her fingers and hold them in tight, the white flash appeared in front of her eyes, as her fingers beat even faster into her, she circled her clit one last time with her thumb as her climax hit her she was bouncing about all over her hand soaking both the floor and the sofa, just as the boy spilled his seed all over the woman on the screen breasts.

Frankie collapsed back on the sofa, her pussy still dripping and throbbing uncontrollably, her left breast still out of her bra, nipple hard as a rock as she recovered thinking how wonderful it would be if Ian walked in at that very moment.

Frankie had completely forgotten about Reece coming until she heard a knock on the door, she quickly covered herself up, trying to wipe the sofa and the floor with a tissue, lifted her breast back into her bra, got up of the sofa and walked to the door.

Frankie hadn’t seen Reece for a while, he didn’t live with Kelly now but he was still only 19 years old.

As she opened the door the sight that greeted her was of a very fit, tall, good looking young man, his dark hair fell slightly forward as he stepped through the door.

Frankie had to pull herself together this was her friend’s son. “Come in Reece, would you like a coffee” she finally managed to say.

“No it’s ok Frankie, I will just get on with what you need looking at” he replied.

Frankie had to take deep breathes as what she really wanted to say was “fuck the electrics, just look at me! I need one hell of a seeing too after what I have just done”. The only words she uttered instead where “it’s upstairs it’s the bathroom light, it only turns on when it feel like it”.

“Ok, you lead the way” he said as he followed her up the stairs.

Frankie took him into the bathroom as he shone his torch at it he said “it needs a new one, I will go and get one and be back in a few minutes”. “Great” said Frankie “I will see you soon then”.

Reece walked down the stairs and out of the front door saying he would be back shortly.

Frankie really needed to calm down but all she wanted to do was push her fingers back inside her pussy and ride out another satisfying orgasm.

Instead though, she set about cleaning up her juices properly from the sofa and the floor and decided she better have a shower while Reece was gone, as her pussy was still soaking and she was sure Reece would smell her when he came back.

Frankie went upstairs and stripped off her cum soaked clothing, turned the shower on and jumped in it.

She quickly washed herself all over, paying special attention to her wet pussy, but not too much attention that she would need another orgasm. She climbed out of the shower and towelled herself dry, just as she heard the knock on the door, she quickly grabbed her bra, pulled a t-shirt on over it and a pair of jog pants. She roughly brushed through her hair with her fingers and ran down the stairs to open the door.

As the door opened Reece asked “you have got changed, have you been in the shower in the dark?” “Yes” she replied “but I think I have been doing it long enough to not miss anything”.

Reece took the stairs two at a time and shouted for Frankie to turn the electric off as he didn’t want blowing up.

As Frankie leaned into the cupboard, thoughts still going through her mind of sex, she could feel her pussy still wet under the jog pants as she suddenly realised she had forgotten to put pants on and her pussy lips could be seen protruding through the front.

What was she to do? Hope Reece didn’t notice or sneak into the bedroom and put some on while he was only in the next room.

Frankie deliberated as she walked back up the stairs and decided Reece wouldn’t be there long so she would sort it out after he left.

“Is everything ok? Do you need anything?” she asked her she reached the bathroom. “I’ll have that coffee now Frankie if you don’t mind” he replied. “That will be difficult the electrics off but give me a shout when it can go back on and I will have one waiting for you”. “Ok, will do” he replied.

Reece stood on the ladder reaching up to the light fitting, thinking to himself he was sure Frankie had forgot to put any pants on, as she reached the top of the stairs a few minutes ago, he had looked down and he thought he saw her pussy lips.

He unconnected the old fitting and quickly fitted the new one, but thoughts of Frankie wouldn’t go away and judging by the bulge in his overalls his cock thought the same.

As Reece climbed down the ladder he shouted “ok, Frankie you can switch the power back on now and I will be down for that coffee”.

As he stood at the bottom of the ladder, he switched the light on and it was now working. As he folded the ladder back up, visions kept coming to him of Frankie downstairs in just her underwear, what was he thinking, this was his Mum’s friend, who was in fact older than his Mum and he was imagining fucking her.

Reece knew he had to calm both himself and his rapidly growing cock down before he went downstairs, so he moved the ladders onto the landing and pulling his cock from his pants he leaned into the sink and ran cold water on it, it went down a little but not much and as he reached for a hand towel to dry it before tucking himself back in, he was mortified to see the light glisten on his tip of precum.

Reece tucked himself back in, grabbed the ladders and walked back downstairs with them, resting them at the bottom, he thought should he just say bye and walk straight out of the front door, but he couldn’t he needed the money for the parts if nothing else, so taking a deep breath he walked into the kitchen as Frankie turned round she asked him “how much do you want Reece?”
Reece struggled to find the words as he realised his eyes wandered straight downwards and she definitely didn’t have any underwear on. “Just the price of the parts will do thanks, £20 quid will cover it”.

Frankie opened the cupboard door in front of her and reached up to grab a canister which was on the highest shelf, before she had even got her fingers on it, she felt Reece move in close behind her as his hands cupped her buttocks he whispered “do you need a lift up?”

Frankie spun round before she even got a grip on the canister and slapped him hard across his face “you cheeky bastard, what do you think you are playing at I am old enough to be your Mum”.

Reece was stunned now and didn’t really know what to do, but he knew his cock hadn’t diminished any, as Frankie turned back to the cupboard reached up on her tiptoes and grabbed the canister without thinking Reece found his hands on either side of her jog pants and before he knew it they pulled swiftly at either side and they were on the floor.

Frankie didn’t have time to react as his full palm landed hard on her arse cheeks, she spun round as she found out how strong he was, he swiftly lifted her up as he rested her on the worktop her jog pants fell straight from her ankles, before she had time to protest he had spread her legs wide and knelt on the floor burying his face with her pussy.

“Reece! no!” Frankie protested “this isn’t right” “sorry Frankie, but your pussy is telling me a different story it’s very wet down here, now let me just lick you till you cum” as he sank back down his tongue met her clit and she was beaten, as his tongue started it’s assault, she didn’t know what she had expected from one so young, but she amazed at how good he was, he flicked soft then hard, then drew circles around it as her hands pulled him further in, his own hands spreading her lips as his tongue moved from her clit and fucked her hole.

Reece’s tongue pumped in and out of her, it was big she thought, he was just going in far enough for her to feel the familiar twitching start in her pussy, just as he pulled out of her moving back up to her clit he pulled her closer to him and he nibbled and sucked her clit between his teeth.

Frankie started the climb upwards as she moaned loudly above him, the stroke of his tongue matching her groans. With one last pull of his head his tongue finally took her completely over the edge as he sucked her clit in deeper, she felt the movement down her pussy and her clit she was shaking violently as her climax hit she squirted him full in the face pushing him away at the same time, her legs falling to the floor.

“Fuck!” Reece exclaimed “a squirter! Not had one of those before, can I fuck you Frankie?” “You think your getting away with not fucking me after warming me up like that Reece, then you can think again” she replied laughing.

As Frankie waited for his response, the response she got was him picking her up off the floor and lifting her on to the dining table face down, Frankie hadn’t even seen his cock so this was going to be a big surprise she was sure.

Frankie heard the studs on his overalls open as his pulled his cock out, she was dying to see it but instead she felt his head at her entrance spreading her pussy lips wide as he found her hole he pushed hard, “mmmmm Frankie, what a tight pussy, this feels fantastic on my big cock”.

Frankie thought, typical youngster obviously thinks he has a big cock, just at the moment he pushed harder and she realised he had a fucking big cock.

Reece pushed the head in slowly at first, relishing the tightness of Frankie’s pussy, he could feel every muscle inside her on his shaft, he didn’t think he could last long, he didn’t even think he could get all the way in before he came and he was right.

Frankie pushed back into him trying to take his length as she felt him tense up she couldn’t believe he was going to cum and he wasn’t even in her yet. “Oh, no, Frankie, I am so sorry” Reece gushed as he pumped his cum all over her pussy not even inside her now.

Frankie could feel it dripping down her legs, there was certainly a lot of it. As he pulled away from her Frankie stood up, turned round and went to her knees in front of him, his cock was big and he had just cum.

Frankie hand found his shaft as his cum was still spilling out of the end she dropped her head and took him in her mouth, licking his cum up and down his shaft, her other hand cupping his balls as she worked his shaft, taking him inside her mouth, her tongue licking back up the tip and around the head. Reece’s hands were now on her head as he fucked her mouth, she now had all his cum and he was growing again at a rapid rate as he swelled inside her, she pulled back slightly trying not to gag, her saliva and his precum allowing her mouth to slip up and down his shaft with ease.

Reece had his head back now moaning softly as he relished Frankie’s expert tongue around the tip of his cock, it was like a million butterflies fluttering on him he thought, but he didn’t want to cum again, he really wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard.

Frankie could taste precum now even more so she pulled away still stroking his balls, standing in front of him she lifted her leg up on the chair, her back to the table and she guided the head of his glistening cock towards her pussy entrance.

She grabbed at his hand pulling it towards her pussy, holding him to her lips she rubbed him over her, his fingers soon dipping inside her one after the other, she lifted her leg even higher on to the table to allow him full access as she moved her hand back on to his shaft she massaged it slowly as he pushed his fingers in and out of her, she was soaking again now as his three fingers punched away at her swollen pussy his mouth moved towards her as he asked “can you take my fist Frankie?” “Oooo I don’t know Reece, it’s big, but you have got me very wet, so try it if you like!”

Frankie juices where now flowing down her legs as three fingers turned into four long ways she leaned further back to the table as she pulled another chair towards her she lifted her other leg up to give him even more access, she was jumping all over now as her pussy rode his fingers the slopping sound it was making turning her inside out as he fingers punched in and out of her she felt his thumb touch her clit her g-spot taking the battering of its life she was cumming in buckets now her legs shaking, Reece trying to hold her up with his hand inside her, as she started to climb upwards her whole body shaking, she was only just aware of his thumb slipping inside her as he changed position slightly the fluttering started in her breasts as her nipples stood out it continued its run down her body her pussy throbbing uncontrollably and cumming and cumming she felt the whole world stand still as his full hand slipped inside her he moved slowly at first, Frankie not even aware of what was happening anymore just a feeling of complete fullness as she pushed one last time Reece started to pump his fist in and out.

Frankie thought her g-spot was going to explode with the power of the climax that took over her, she bounced up and down against Reece’s fist as she rode orgasm after orgasm squirting uncontrollably all over him and down her legs.

That was the last thing Frankie remembered until she was in Reece’s arms him holding her up, her pussy juice still running down her legs, Reece telling her “she had screamed so loud, he thought he must have hurt her, he was sure she must have passed out for a second”.

Frankie looked down and the floor below was flooded as she tried to focus on what had just happened to her, her pussy still throbbing and twitching, her hole felt enormous now. She pulled Reece to her and kissed him deep, tongue on tongue, relaxing as she did so.

As she reached down lazily she felt Reece’s cock still rock hard as she got hold of the shaft she guided him towards her pussy lips, feeding him in slowly, her head back he pushed against her as he sunk in balls deep, his speed quickly picked up as he fucked in and out of her drilling her into the table, Frankie just let him, pushing back at him every now again, she was completely spent and exhausted she just wanted him to cum.

As he pounded in and out she didn’t hear the alarm on the front door go she was in another world, but she did hear “what the fucks going on here?”

To be continued...........

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