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Dreams of My Son... A Spiritual Tale of Motherly L

‘Dreams of My Son… A Spiritual Tale of Motherly Love’
by DizzyD

This is a fictional biography intended for adults 18+ only

It’s never easy… and some days are even harder than others. There are those particularly rough ones when I have to say to myself, “Marie… you need to get out of bed.” But when things aren’t going so well in your life, depression can sometimes set in and destroy your will to go on. And today had been one of those days. Then again, here I was, a single woman in her 40’s who was out of work, having to live with her ex-boyfriend… and worst of all, I was dealing with the recent loss of my teenage son.

Tommy was his name. His father and I had divorced when he was just four. After the divorce, he stayed with his dad, which was the right thing for my son at the time. But while he lived with his father, he and I were still very close. I taught him to be a gentleman. He respected women, and he loved to give all the ladies in is life flowers… including me. I also taught him to cook, which we loved to do together. I know I’m partial, but he was really a great k**. He was always very polite, even when he was younger, and almost never needed reprimanded. But just as he had grown into a handsome young man who graduating high school and preparing to go out into the world… there was the terrible accident that took him from me.

As I said, grief and depression can be debilitating, so as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, thoughts of my son were filling my head. So on this morning, no matter how many times I said, “Marie, you need to get out of bed,” I just couldn’t face the light of day. I didn’t want to deal with spending another day trying to find a job that just didn’t seem to be there for a 40-something woman. So I pulled a blanket over my head and fell into the deepest sl**p ever.

I don’t know how much time had passed, but I was u*********s. Then suddenly I was awakened by the sound of a voice saying, “Mom… mom, are you awake mom?”

I opened my eyes to see my handsome son standing next to my bed, dressed in his usual sl**ping attire… boxers and a tee shirt. ‘Oh my God’, I thought to myself, ‘it must have been a terrible dream!’ I was elated beyond comprehension! There had been no accident. Tommy was still here. The grief was gone, the sense of loss was gone… it had all been a nightmare!

I had never experienced such a vivid, detailed, drawn out dream. It was the most bizarre thing. But none of that mattered... I was just so happy that Tommy was still with me. I thought about telling him about my dream, but I didn’t want my son to think I was crazy. I was just happy to hear the sound of his voice, and look into his eyes… but in those eyes I saw tears.

“What's wrong honey,” I asked as I propped myself up on my elbow.

“Mom, I just got a little scared, and I really missed you, and I wanted to come see you,” he said as his voice cracked a bit. Then he said, “I know I’m too old to be doing this, but can I lay down with you?”

“What scared you honey,” I asked as I started to slide over to make room for him.

“I don’t know mom,” he quietly replied, “I just really missed you and I’m just really scared.”

It seemed odd that he kept saying he was scared because he missed me, but the reason didn’t matter… all I knew was my son needed me. So I began to lift the comforter so he could lie down next to me, but then something donned on me… I slept in the nude. At first I thought of asking him to turn his back or leave the room while I put something on, but when I looked at his face I saw the tears in his eyes had begun rolling down his cheeks, so I just said, “C’mon honey, lay down next to me.”

Tommy slid under the covers, and in the dim light I could see the outline of his handsome face. At first he lay on his back and I on my side, just looking at him. And then I reached over and gently brushed back his hair. I could see he was no longer crying, so I softly asked, “Do you feel better now honey?”

He just sighed, “Yeah, thanks mom,” and then he said, “I love you.”

“I love you too Tommy,” I whispered, and then I said, “Now go to sl**p.”

It was then that I began to contemplate the fact that I lying naked next to my son. We weren’t actually touching, but I could feel the heat radiating from his body. Then, as I looked at his beautiful profile, I felt a twinge between my legs. I quickly told myself that the reason for these new feelings was the overwhelming joy of awakening from my terrible dream, and realizing he was still with me.

I had never thought I had been physically attracted to my son, despite his handsome appearance. I certainly appreciated his good looks, but thoughts of a sexual nature had never consciously crossed my mind. But now, as I lay naked next to him, I cupped my large, pendulous breasts and felt my nipples harden and extend. Then I felt the vee between my legs beginning to get warm and damp.

I decided that the best thing for me to do was roll over and try to go back to sl**p. But just as I rolled on my side, facing away from him… Tommy whispered, “Mom, can I put my arm around you?”

What was I going to do? I didn’t want to disappoint my son, but at the same time I knew that as soon as he put his arm around me, he would feel that I was naked. But the fact was, I wanted him to hold me, so I just said, “Sure honey, you can put your arm around me.”

Tommy rolled on his side, and then he slid over to spoon me. But when he d****d his arm around my waist and felt my naked belly, and the bottom of my bare breasts brushing against his arm, he realized I was naked and stammered, “Oh jeez mom, I didn’t mean… I mean, you’re ummm… you’re not wearing… I’m sorry mom… I’ll just leave.”

I quickly suppressed a giggle, clutched his arm and said, “You don’t have to go honey… you’re a young man now, plus I’m just your old mom… so I’d love for you to cuddle with me.”

“You’re not old mom, I think you’re beautiful.” Tommy said as he d****d his arm over me and pulled me close.

Now I’m a full figured woman, and as Tommy squeezed me, his arm pressed into my tummy and under the swell of my large tits. I could also feel his crotch pressing against my full round ass, and that’s when I felt it… my beautiful son was getting a very noticeable erection!

At first I didn’t move as I felt it swelling and lengthening… snaking it’s way between my fleshy ass cheeks. I thought I should probably do something… to move my hips forward to break this intimate contact with my son’s inflating cock. So I moved my hips… but instead of moving them forward, I pressed my ass back against his erect penis, gently grinding against him.

A low moan escaped from Tommy’s throat as the thin material of his boxers couldn’t stop his stiff dick from wedging itself deep in the crack of my bum. I tightened the muscles in my ass cheeks, trapping his rigid penis between them. Then I reached for his arm that was d****d around my waist, and placed his hand directly on my right breast. I felt Tommy take a deep breath as his hand squeezed my soft tit flesh, causing my hard nipple to press into his palm. Then, as he kneaded my breast, he began slowly dry-humping my butt.

As I felt the shaft of his nylon-covered cock pressing against my puckered asshole, my pussy quivered, and sticky fluid leaked out onto my thigh. I have always been a very sexually active woman, but I had never been this aroused. Maybe it was because it was my son, or the joy that his accident was only a bad dream, or maybe I had always harbored these feelings of taboo desire. Whatever it was, it seemed as if I was experiencing was something unearthly and spiritual, but this was not a dream… my son was there with me.

I arched my back so part of his hard shaft was now rubbing against the tiny spot between my asshole and pussy, and was actually making contact with the bottom of my cunt lips. I could feel moisture collecting on his boxers as the thin material clung to his swollen shaft. That was when I reached my arm over his, grabbed his tight, muscular ass and pulled him against me even harder.

There was no doubt now that we were both willing participants in this. Both Tommy and I were groaning as we ground against each other. His one hand was moving back and forth between my tits now… pinching my nipples and caressing the soft flesh. At the same time, the other had slipped under me and was gripping my hip as he humped the crack of my ass. I could tell by his movements and shallow breathing that he was probably not going to last much longer, and the fact was I wanted my sweet boy to cum… but not yet.

Suddenly I pulled my body from him, causing to groan, “Mom… please,” as I broke contact with his rock hard cock.

Then I whispered, “Sit up honey,” and as he did, I knelt next to him and pulled his tee shirt over his head. Then I reached down to the waistband of his boxers, and as he lifted his hips, I slid them down. They momentarily hung up on his erection, but when I got them past, his hard shaft and swollen cock head slapped against his tummy.

Once Tommy was naked, I put my hand on his smooth, firm chest and pushed him back to the bed. Then I looked down and saw his beautiful cock, arching up from his crotch and hanging over his belly. It was about 7” long, and about as thick as a large Italian sausage. The head was puffy and dark pink, the slit at the tip glistened with moisture, and his full balls were hanging between his muscular young thighs.

As I began to slide my hand down his hard chest, I could actually feel his heart beating. Then I felt a sharp intake of breath as my hand slid lower… over his stomach. I marveled at how smooth his skin was, compared the some of the hair-covered lovers I had. As my hand continued down I looked into my son’s eyes, and saw him staring intently at my pendulous breasts as they hung above his face.

When I saw where he was looking, I leaned forward and pressed my tits to his face. I felt his lips lock onto one of my nipples, causing me to let out a hiss. At the same time my hand slid over his hip, and my fingertips brushed through the patch of curly pubic hair that surrounded the base of his prick. Then, as I took a deep breath, I wrapped my hand around my son’s thick, hard cock shaft.

Tommy released my nipple and groaned ‘Oh mom!” as I squeezed his hard dick. His shaft felt like a bar of steel covered by silky soft, pliable skin. Then I looked down to see the exposed head swell and turn a darker color as I began to slowly stroke my hand up and down, causing a loud groan to emanate from deep within my son’s throat.

As I began to pump my hand up and down his burgeoning cock, Tommy took my nipple back in his mouth. I could feel his lips vibrate on my nipple as he moaned while I slowly jerked him off. Then I felt his hand slide over my thigh… and as his fingertips made contact with my drooling cunt, he gently bit my nipple, causing me to shriek with pleasure.

I keep my pussy shaved, so Tommy’s fingers easily found my swollen labia, and then two fingers plunged deep inside me. At the same time I began jerking his cock even faster. As we masturbated each other, I could feel his shaft starting to swell and get even harder. That told me that my sweet boy was going to cum soon. But as much as I wanted to watch his cock spewing ropes of cum into the air like a sperm fountain, I wanted something else even more. So I sat back, pulling my nipple from his sucking mouth, and then I leaned over and pressed my lips against my son’s… in a deep, loving kiss.

It was obvious that Tommy was an experienced kisser as our tongues dueled… first in his mouth, and then in mine. As we continued our kiss, I knelt between his thighs. Then I pulled my lips from his and began kissing and licking my way down his body.

First I teased both of his small, hard nipples with my teeth and tongue. Then as I dragged my tongue down over his tummy, my large breasts dragged over his hard dick as it arched up from his body. I paused for a moment and pressed them together, trapping his cock between the soft globes of flesh and tit fucking him before resuming my oral exploration of his body.

When my face was over his crotch, I heard my son whimper as my hot breath flowed over his dick. I’m sure he was hoping I was going to take him in my mouth, but first I put my hands behind his knees, and then pushed then up and out to spread his legs wide. Then I leaned forward and pressed my soft tongue against his puckered little asshole, causing him to let out a wail of surprise and pleasure.

First I licked the ultra-sensitive area between his balls and anus, causing his body to shudder, and a moan to escape from his lips. And then I pushed the tip of my tongue past the tight ring of flesh and into his asshole, Causing Tommy to groan, “Oh jeez mom… that feels so good!!!”

After licking his anus and tongue-fucking his asshole, I took each of his swollen balls into my mouth, gently sucking on them and massaging them with my tongue. As I did, I wrapped my right hand around his hard cock again, but I just squeezed the shaft, worried that if I stroked him that he would spray his young sperm everywhere… and I still wasn’t ready for that.

I let his balls slip from my mouth, and then as I held his cock straight up with the palm of my hand, I dragged my tongue from his tight nut-sack to the base of his cock… and then slowly, agonizingly licked the underside of his hard shaft from the base all the way up to the swollen head.

Tommy was groaning, “Ohhh mom… Ohhh god mom,” over and over as I stroked my tongue up and down the underside of his cock, which was now twitching with excitement. I knew he was stimulated to the point of bursting, and I couldn’t tease him any longer. That was when I pulled his cock towards me, parted my lips, and took the swollen head and half of the shaft into my warm, wet mouth.

“Oh my GAWD,” Tommy groaned as I sealed my lips around his bloated cock. I felt the spongy head press against the opening of my throat as I took him deep, choking me for a moment. But I quickly controlled my gag reflex, and then swallowed my son’s beautiful fuck tool.

I held his cock in my throat for a moment, wanting him to savor the feeling of being totally engulfed… and then I began bobbing my head up and down. Tommy’s back was arching and his hips were lifting from the bed as my lips and tongue worked their cocksucking magic on him. He was groaning steadily now, and thin, neutral tasting fluid was leaking into my mouth. I knew it was my own son’s pre-cum, and the taste of it caused my pussy to tingle with desire.

I could tell that Tommy was going to cum very soon. His shaft was now as hard as titanium, and the head of his prick was so swollen I could barely get it into my throat. That was when I reached one hand between his legs and began massaging his balls, while the other wrapped around his shaft and stroked him in unison with my mouth. That was more than my sweet son could take, and as he cried out, “Mom, I’m gonna…. AARRGGHH!” his cock jerked violently and then flooded my mouth with an explosion of rich, creamy cum.

“Ohhh fuck… uhhhh… uhhhh,” he grunted, as rapid muscle contractions in his prostate and behind his balls pumped spurt after spurt of young cum into my mouth. I swallowed the first few powerful bursts of my son’s warm ejaculate, and then quickly took his spewing cock into my throat again, letting it pump the remaining jets of milky sperm straight into my stomach. Tommy was groaning… almost sobbing as the spasms in his shaft began to ease. That was when I backed off and let the last remnants of his spunk ooze into my mouth.

Once I felt Tommy was done cumming, and his cock began to deflate, I let it slip from between my lips… still holding the last of his gooey discharge in my mouth. I had never tasted cum so delicious. Some men’s sperm tastes salty, tart, bitter, or even like bleach… but my son’s cum was unique. It tasted sweet and mild. I closed my eyes and let it coat my tongue, wanting to remember the taste and the moment forever… and then with one final gulp, I swallowed my treat.

After the last of his cum slid down my throat, I looked into my son’s eyes, and saw a pensive look on his face, so I reassured him by saying, “I really wanted to do that for you honey, because I love you… so there is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of.”

“I know mom,” he whispered as I moved up to lie next to him. As I did, he rolled his body over, and gently kissed me. And then, to my joy and surprise, he began to kiss my neck, trailing his tongue along the nape and causing my body to tremble. Then he kissed his way down my chest to my ample breasts.

I let out a loud groan of pleasure as his lips, tongue and teeth teased one nipple while he pinched the other with his thumb and finger… and then he switched. I could feel my pussy gushing now, both from the excitement of sucking my own son’s cock, and then the expert way he was manipulating my sensitive nipples. I knew he had a girlfriend, who I had never met… but it was obvious that Tommy had experience in how to please a woman.

After teasing and toying with my nipples until I was in a frenzied state, my son left my ample breasts and began licking his way down over my soft mid-section. As he moved lower, I could feel his penis getting hard again, as it pressed against my thigh. Before long he had positioned himself between my legs, with his beautiful face was hovering directly over my drooling cunt. Then, as his thumbs pulled apart my fleshy outer labia, he dragged his tongue from the bottom of my pouting cleft up to my clitoris, giving the hard button a quick lash with the tip.

“Aaaahhhh,” I cried out as my son’s tongue briefly flicked at my love button before he began gently lapping at my engorged pussy lips. His tongue felt amazing as he began teasing the over-stimulated flesh. I had been so aroused by making him cum in my mouth, that his incredible cunnilingus skills already had me hovering on the verge of an orgasm.

That was when Tommy began to f***e his tongue in and out of me, his lips and chin bathing in my juices. I didn’t curse very much in front of my son, but when I felt him penetrate me, I groaned, “That’s it baby… tongue fuck mommy.” Then after plunging his tongue in and out of my vagina, I felt his lips wrap around my clitoris as it poked out from under its hood. I screamed out loud as he sucked on the nerve filled button, and then began flicking his tongue against it as fast as he could.

“Oh that’s it baby… don’ stop!” I exclaimed as I felt an incredible orgasm building inside me. I pinched my nipples as the tension deep inside me grew to an almost unbearable level. My son’s tongue felt like a human vibrator as it strummed on my clit. Then, just as I thought my pleasure couldn’t get any more intense, Tommy plunged one finger in my quivering cunt, and another in my tight asshole, and as I screamed, “OH FUCK BABY… I’M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGGG,” my entire body exploded.

Tommy continued to expertly stimulate me with his lips, tongue and fingers, as the agitated nerves in my clit sent electric impulses to every muscle in my pussy and ass. As I groaned, “Oh yes… oh god YES,” involuntary spasms ripped throughout my body. The inner-walls of my cunt and asshole contracted on my son’s fingers, as the most intense climax I had ever experienced rocked my body. Now my head was rocking back and forth, and I was groaning almost as if I was in pain, as the seemingly endless surges of my orgasm finally began to subside.

But before I finished cumming, Tommy lifted his dripping face from my pussy. Then he quickly moved on top of me. As my overheated cunt continued to twitch, he placed the head of his re-inflated cock at the mouth of my vagina, and with one huge thrust, buried all seven inches of his hard young cock into my tight fuck tunnel… all the way to the hilt.

“OH FUCK, TOMMY… ARRGGGHHH” I screamed as cunt was split wide open by my son’s thick rod.

The walls of my vagina, still contracting from my orgasm, grabbed his plunging cock like a vise. Tommy grunted like an a****l as he began thrusting in and out of me again and again. My hands reached down and grabbed his tight young ass as it moved up and down, with each down stroke causing me to groan out loud as the head of his prick pressed against my cervix.

My own son was fucking me… and fucking me like an expert. His cock was filling me completely, and while the orgasm brought on by his tongue hadn’t totally abated, another equally shattering climax was building right behind it. Tommy was also groaning, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was filling me with another thick load of his spunk. But before that happened, I wanted to be fucked by my son in my favorite position… from behind.

Through gasping breath I groaned, “Honey, let me roll over… I want you to fuck me doggie style.”

“Ok mom,” Tommy groaned as he reluctantly pulled his dick from deep inside me… the head and shaft shining with my wetness. But he wasn’t out of me for very long, because as soon as I was up on my knees, he pressed the swollen head of penis back against my slippery cunt lips, grabbed my full round hips, and thrust the entire length of himself back inside me.

“Unnngghhh,” I grunted, as once again as I was impaled on my son’s hard young cock-flesh. As he gripped my hips, Tommy began pile driving his fuck stick in and out of me. Again and again his slim hips slapped against my fleshy ass, filling the air with a spanking noise.

I lowered my face to the pillow and cried out as another orgasm built. Tommy was grunting over and over as his own climax built in his young balls. His beautiful penis was rubbing against my g-spot, and at the same time I reached my hand back between my legs and found my still swollen clit. Then, as my son fucked me like a wild a****l, and my finger frigged my pleasure button... I went over the edge.

“Oh God Tommy… I’m fucking cumming AGAIN,” I wailed as my insides rippled like an earthquake. Every inch of my body went rigid as I came. My finger was a blur as it stroked my clitoris, and as my cunt melted down around his hard cock, I could feel Tommy’s thrusting becoming erratic as he prepared cum.

As the full f***e of my orgasm struck, the walls of my cunt clamped down on Tommy’s bloated cock. The sensation of my pussy contracting on his thrusting penis was more than my young son could take, and as he screamed, “Mom, I’m… AGGGHHHHH,” his thick shaft began to lurch violently… spitting his young, fertile sperm deep inside me.

My pussy had contracted so tightly around my son’s invading prick that I could actually feel it jerking and twitching as he pumped his seed into me. He kept thrusting and grunting as he pounded my cunt like a jackhammer, and then his voice cracked as he groaned, “Your pussy... feels so... good mom.”

I could feel the jets of hot sperm splashing against my cervix and coating my vaginal walls as I moaned, “Don’t stop baby… keep fucking mommy.” even though this was his second straight orgasm, he had deposited so much thick spunk in my tight cunt that his cock was starting to make squishing sounds as he continued to fuck me.

Finally both of our orgasms had waned, and I collapsed to the mattress, pulling Tommy down with me… his penis still lodged in my pussy as the last of his cum leaked into my satisfied womanhood. Then he moved off of me so I could roll over. And as we held each other, he looked into my eyes and whispered, “Remember mom, no matter where I am… I’ll always come visit you, and I’ll always love you.”

With tears in my eyes, I looked back at him and whispered, “And no matter where you are… I will always love you, my sweet boy.” And then we kissed deeply one last time, and I drifted off to sl**p, feeling completely exhausted and totally sated.

I’m not sure how much time passed, but suddenly I was awakened by a rush of cool air. I pulled the covers up around my neck and said, “Tommy, did you open a window?”

But there was no answer. I called his name again, but there was still no answer... and there wouldn't be one. As tears came to my eyes, I immediately knew why. Tommy really was gone. His accident wasn't the dream... making love to him had been the dream. Somehow fantasy had mixed with reality, and the grief over wanting to have my beautiful son back had brought a deeply hidden desire to the surface… and that must have been what caused my dream of making love to him.

But as tears rolled down my cheeks, and I tried desperately to sort out my thoughts, I noticed an odd taste in my mouth. And then a chill ran down my spine and my whole body shuddered as I realized that the taste was the unique flavor of my son's sweet cum as it filled my mouth in my dream.

Then I noticed that my pussy was sensitive and tingling, and as I slid my fingers between my legs, I felt my labia was swollen and gaping… like it was after a good fuck. At first I convinced myself that I must have fingered myself in my sl**p during my most realistic dream.

But when I put my fingers inside my drenched pussy, and brought them to my mouth, there was something different. I had tasted my own juices a thousand times or more, but the taste was different this time… and I realized once again that it was the unique flavor of my son’s cum.

How could this be? None of it made sense. Tommy was gone. But then as I cried softly, I remembered the end of my dream, right before I awoke… and my son’s last words before we kissed as he whispered, "Remember mom, no matter where I am… I’ll always come visit you... and I’ll always love you.”

And then I smiled, because even though he had left this world, somehow I knew my loving sone would always come visit me, again and again... if only in a dream.


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