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A Toy of my Own

Going back home and seeing Gail was an inspiration. But it also made me realize how much I missed getting boned by my old male partner Hank. Or how much I wanted Gail to shove one of her toys up my own ass. Once I discovered that they really weren't metal spikes that is.

After returning to New England I knew what I had to do. The Adult Bookstore was way outside of town in a fuckin' Industrial Park. What the hell it was doing out there I have no clue. Maybe they're putting fork lift motors in vibrators or something, for all I know. At any rate I found the place.

Before going in I checked myself one last time. For some reason I had the need to "Put my girl on." The danger here is not be too provocative. Otherwise I might be mistaken for a trannie hooker.

The store looked allot bigger on the inside. There were rows and rows of D VD's and periodicals in the center with an assortment of blow up dolls, games and novelty items on either side. At the check out counter sat a short fairly young looking black girl, who wouldn't take her eyes off me.

It could be because I was the only customer there and they have to watch for shoplifters. Still it was a little creepy. As I browsed the magazines she finally spoke.

"Hey there sugar! If you need any help you just bring your little ass over here and Sheila will take care of you, OK?"

"Thanks," I replied. (I think)

Meanwhile every time I'd look she was still watching me. And a couple of times it looked like she was reaching for something under her dress.

As I continued to shop I finally came across the sex toys. To my dismay they were in a locked display case. In a flash I heard Sheila rushing over with a set of keys jingling in her hand.

"What's a nice pretty girl like you need one of these for?" she joked unlocking the cabinet.

"I want to try one with my partner," I replied.

(I miss getting fucked in the ass, OK?)

"Well in that case, let me show you the one I use."

Sheila reached over and grabbed a long brown latex penis that was even longer than the ones Gail used to "torture" herself with. While she was reaching I glanced down and noticed a bulge growing under Sheila's short black dress in a very strategic spot. Once I realized Sheila was a she male I started
getting a bulge in the same place.

S/he held the toy up to show me, and made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

"Would you like to see how I use it?" s/he said pointing to where the video booths were.

After I nodded in the affirmative, Sheila took my hand and called out to someone in Spanish. As the two of us made our way toward the video booths a short Hispanic looking man took his place at the counter. He shook his head as if to day, "Here we go again!"

Sheila and I exchanged formal greetings as we made our way to the back

When we reached the entrance to the video area I spotted a big bold sign that announced.


"Don't worry about that," said Sheila with a dismissive wave of hir hand. "They put tape over the cameras years ago when the owner got caught selling the surveillance tapes to some X-rated movie studio.

We wound up back at the farthest booth. There was your basic hardcore video playing on a small screen which Sheila quickly muted. S/he reached into a small brown bag s/he was carrying, and brought out a tiny bottle of lotion and
very big brown latex penis.

"Hold these for second," asked Sheila as s/he turned to undo hir dress. Before I knew it I was staring at the biggest longest penis I had ever encountered, lady stick or full manhood. It's a good thing I was already sitting
down, because for the second time in my life I began to hyperventilate.

Sheila thought it was funny. "I'm sorry Lori grrl did I scare you?"

"Not at all, in fact you just totally turned me on with that monster boner of yours!"

"Noooo problem grrl. But first the toy then we can fuck."

I gave the sex toy and the lotion back to Sheila which she took and applied some lotion all over the toy.

"First you to get it all nice and wet like this," she explained rubbing the latex like s/he was jerking it off.

"And then you just ease it inside little Sheila, OK?" And with that s/he turned hir ass checks right in my face.

As I worked it up hir cute black ass the toy made all kinds of squishing noises from all the the lotion Sheila had applied. The more I worked it the more excited Sheila got. In fact hir big boner grew even larger. She started to wave hir big erection around like a baseball bat.

"So Lori grrl, Are you ready to feel the eighth wonder of the world?"

While I raised my legs up into the catcher position Sheila put a little lotion on hir lady stick and drove it deep into my asshole. Soon the two of us were grunting and puffing in unison getting louder and more excited with each deep long push. It didn't take long before I felt the distinct tickle of pre-cum up my ass.

But there was another odd sensation sprinkling my face. It was my own cum showering me from my own penis.

"Good thing we got paper towels in here," laughed sheila, handing me a wipe.

Later that evening as I staggered from the adult store I looked in the bag I was carrying. Under my newly purchased toy was the receipt with Sheila's signature on it.

"Think of me when you use this, xxx ooo, Sheila."

Now with a toy of my own, I'd not only think of Sheila but of Gail in Tucson and how much less I was missing Hank.

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