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My buddy, his wife and my girlfriend

Kevin and I have been friends for about 10 years, played on some hockey teams together and have enjoyed a great friendship over the years. I had no idea that one day out friendship would turn into a whole lot more- and that we would share each others’ spouses and that I would get to taste his manhood.

Kevin is married to Julie who is a very attractive late 30s blonde, most guys would consider her “hot”. She is on the small side in stature, but has a beautiful body which comes from her years of playing soccer. Her ass is so round and firm and her legs are beautifully defined with muscle and she has fantastic tits, small and perky which always seem to strain through her blouse. I have been out with the two of them on many occasions, baseball games, ventures to the casino, and I have always found my thoughts wandering to her inviting body.

Kevin is about my age stands about 6’ and weighs about 200 beefy pounds. He has a rugby player’s build and has a nice package himself. I have caught myself checking out his stuff a few times when we have been naked in the locker room after a hockey game. His cock is not overly large but nice, think and cut. He and I have had many conversations about which women were hot when we are out but I had no idea that like myself, he would swing both ways given the right opportunity.

Terry and I had been dating at the time for about 6 months. She is a dark haired woman with a beautiful smile and a body that is very easy on the eyes. She is 5’ 7” 110 lbs. with very ample breasts and a beautiful dark bush which she always had neatly trimmed. Our sex life was great but she knew that I was bi and we had discussed the fact that every now and then I get an urge for some cock although unfortunately, the opportunity doesn’t present itself too often. She was very open minded and even commented once how she would totally get off seeing me sucking another guy’s dick.

One night after a hockey game Kevin and I were sitting in a bar enjoying a brew and talking about the game we had just won. As the beer flowed soon our conversation turned to women in the bar that we would gladly nail and then the idea of switching partners came up. He admitted that although he had never cheated on his wife, he had thought about what it would be like to bang Terry. I told him that she was very hot in bed and did things other girls wouldn’t try. In turn, I shared with him how I had often looked at his wife and would most definitely be interested in screwing her if he and she were cool with it. We talked about how it would take some work on the women and it would have to be the right time in order for it to unfold. Both of us realized that it was pure fantasy and in reality, would probably never happen.

Well the opportunity finally presented itself about a month after our conversation. We were invited to a party at a mutual friend’s house. The four of us were kind of hanging out and flirting was coming very easily for all four of us. I took an opportunity when Kevin and I were alone to suggest that this could be the night if we played our cards right. We were enjoying drinking and our inhibitions were disappearing quickly. I suggested that we ditch our cars and cab it home to my place. In the cab I started rubbing Julie’s thigh very gently and she smiled at me. She then started to rub my thigh back. I was thinking to myself “jackpot” this is really going to happen! Kevin and Terry were having a light conversation laughing and giggling at each other.

We finally pulled up to my house and we sort of stumbled into the living room. I went to the bar to fix us some drinks but when I got back I found Kevin and Terry lip locked. Kevin mentioned that the girls were up for some fun and were willing to switch partners if I was cool with it. Was I cool with it? They had to be k**ding! We moved to the bedroom where I had a king-sized bed and started to strip. My cock was already hard at the idea of having sex with Julie, let alone with Terry right next to me. My dick was already leaking pre-cum as I took off my boxers and looked at Julie lying on the bed with her legs spread inviting me. I glanced over at Terry to make sure she was cool with this but she and Kevin were already busy on the bed.

I lay on top of Julie and started to kiss her passionately while I was rubbing my finger along her clit. She was already moist and I couldn’t wait to taste her. Slowly kissing my way down her body licking and sucking her breasts, I came to the treasure below. Using my tongue in slow but deliberate circular motions I worked her clit. She was moaning and writhing on the bed and I knew I was getting her off. I went down on her for a few minutes and then she took my wet and aching cock into her mouth. I was in heaven and she brought me so close or orgasm I had to stop her. I wanted to feel that pussy around my dick in the worst way. As I looked over to the other two, Kevin was already on top and fucking Terry good. Terry was always a loud lover and her moans of pleasure only made me want to fuck Julie even more.

Placing Julie on her knees at the edge of the bed I slowly started to rub my cock head along her clit. Her pussy was so wet and she begged me to fuck her. Now I am not bragging, but I am a little larger than Kevin is, at least in length and I slowly slid my throbbing 7’ cock into her waiting pussy. She started to meet my thrusts and I started to give it to her a little harder. I was already so close to orgasm from all the foreplay and watching my bud bang my girlfriend next to me, that within a few minutes I shot most probably the largest load I have I had! My knees started to buckle and I collapsed on top of Julie totally spent. Shortly after I heard Kevin groaning and he came inside Terry and they lay beside each other kissing and stroking each other.

I don’t remember who spoke first but someone mentioned how incredible that was, and having their partner watch and participate made it even hotter. The four of us lay there and talked for sometime and then out of the blue Terry said she wanted to watch the two guys blow each other. My dick started to twitch at the prospect, but I was sure Kevin would never go for this, that is until I looked at his cock which was springing to life again. Not wanting to give him the chance to back out, I climbed over Julie who was between us and I took Kevin’s cock into my mouth. He was growing harder as I slid my mouth down his shaft right to his balls. The most amazing sensation was tasting Terry’s pussy on my bud’s dick. Before long Julie told Kevin to return the favor and quite willingly Kevin lay between my legs and started (although gingerly) to take my now very hard cock into his mouth. Terry suggested we get into a 69 position and Kevin placed his cock above my head for my waiting mouth. I think Kevin liked the idea because before long I could feel his balls tense up and I felt a nice load hit the back of my throat. It only took a few seconds more and I rewarded Kevin with my sticky load. To my surprise he swallowed it. Kevin joked that I sucked cock better than either of the women! Both the women commented on how they got off watching us suck each other off and thought that maybe the 4 of us could do this again.

The foursome has never occurred again, but to my surprise, Kevin and I have begun to play alone. But that is for another story!

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