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A helping hand

This story was told to me by a friend, of mine , I will call her Shay for this story.

She feb 15 2010, She broke her arm, by falling off her porch, Well she is 5,6 155lbs long brown hair to her ass, and size 38 c breast and 27 years old. She lived by herself and well after she got back from the er , she called her work witch she would be off for awhile. Then she called her mom . Her mom said that she would need help now with the bills and other things. Shay being stubborn. Told her mom she would be fine. Her Mom said I will call your step s****r shes looking for a place and a roommate. Shay said no, cause she couldnt remember ever getting a along with her step s****r Remey who was 29 and besidesshe has not seen her step s****r since she was 24 and that was when Remy moved off. Well she told her mom not to call her Step s****r and her mom said she wouldnt.

Two days later there was a knock on her door, when she answered it there tood a 5,7 lean tan beautiful Aubern haired woman. Shay looked at her, Remey Is that you . Yes Shay how are you Mom told me to come over and give you hand and said that maybe we could be room mates Is it Ok. Shay smiled , well i could use the extra help, you can stay but we will talk about room mates.

Well a week later that night after dinner, I went to take a bath witch was harder for me useing one arm, Well When done I got up and wrapped a towel around me best i could , I went across as I did i seen my Remey just pull her panties off and slide a shirt over her naked body, I wsa stunned as seen her through the slightly opened door, I found myself fantisizing about her. I then snapped out of it and went to go in my bedroom, when I did Remey turned and walked through her bedroom door just in time to see me lose my towel. I looked at her and she looked at me for what seemed for ever. I then ran in my room and sat on the bed. After I sit there for a few she knocked on my door and came in. I had the towel back on as she walked in and looked at me. She sat down next to me and said you ok , I smiled Yeah. Well Shay need to ask you something , you didnt really want me here did you. At first Remey no but now i am glad you been a great help to me and, well before I could finish Remey kissed me, I could fill her tounge curessing mine , as I Kissed her back. surpriseingally . She then stopped and looked at me , I been want ing to do that for a long time Shay since you was 16 , Thats one reason i am here i have a crush on you for a very long time, I am sorry if I crossed the line, I smiled and told her no she diddnt as we both kissed. She took off my shirt , and took her off and I feasted on her 40 dd breast as she fingere my wet pussy, I moaned softly ,she then stopped and laid me down and she put her pussy in my face we both sucked and liked each other until we both moaned loudly a came on each others faces, She then pulled me close to her and put her pussy next to mine as we both stared rubbing each other mounds with each other omg i said as did the same we both got closer to our orgasim, O Shay she yelled as she came , i yelled oh Remey as both came we both then hugged and cuddled together until we fell alsl**p

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