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Business Trip

I am not the most attractive man, I am balding, in my fifties, and weigh about 300 pounds. My dick is only about five inches long and I have only slept with three women, one of which is my current wife. My job requires overnight travel and many times I go with a coworker and we share a room.

I travel with Bill often, he is a younger guy and likes to go out drinking and comes back to the room d***k and a couple of times he brought back a woman. I would pretend to be asl**p and watch them have sex. This was very enjoyable for me as my sex life is pretty boring.

On this trip we were in this city for for all week. It was now Thursday night and Bill had gone out, he did try to get me go but I declined. A fat old guy tagging along with young Bill might hurt his chances for getting laid. Now it was about eleven oclock when Bill came back to the room with a friend. Bill was very, very d***k, more than normal. The woman that was with him was very d***k also. She had a wedding ring on, was very attractive, brown hair, nice tits, petite body and I am going to guess in her thirties. They came in and Bill pulled off all his clothes and laid on the bed, his dick sticking straight up in the air. The woman removed her clothes and went into the bathroom and peed. She came back and started playing with Bills hard dick. The lights were on and I could see clearly. She was talking all dirty and stradled Bill and was ready to mount him when Bills dick started spurting jizz all over her hand and shaved pussy. She said "shit!", and then realized that Bill was all passed out. She fell on the bed next Bill and laid there. I figured that she had passed out and that they would wake after a while and fuck like rabbits. I got up to turn off the lights and pee myself and upon returning to my bed I was surprised to see the woman sitting on my bed cross legged. She said that she did not know that I was there and was worried that she had awaken me, slurring her words. I told her that they did. She said that she could make it up to me. and started to play with my dick thru my boxers. My pole got hard straight away. She pulled my boxers down and played some more. She said that she wants to get laid and that my buddy blew his wad too quick. She pushed me back on the bed and stradled me. Because I am so large and she was so d***k, this proved to be a little difficult but she did it and lowered her sweet pussy onto my hard dick. I could not really see her pussy because my stomach was blocking my view, but I could feel her tight pussy gripping my knob and I watched her boobs jiggle and the expression on her face. She seemed to be enjoying it. I had not had any sex in a while so I blasted a big load into her rather quickly, she seemed not to notice as she was having her own orgasim. She came hard and I came alot. She said that was a really good orgasim and she laid down beside me and passed out. I dont remember ever having a woman orgasim before. I was looking at her naked body as she laid there. She rolled over on her back and her legs were spread, cum leaked from her couchie. My dick got hard again and I was able to mount her easliy. I began to pound away pretty hard but she never woke. I exploded deep in her again and then laid down and went to sl**p. I wopke two hours later and i sank my hard dick back into her sloppy pussy and pumped another load into her. This time she sighed and said that this was the best sex she had ever had, then she called me Joe. She then said she needed to pee and I helped her to bathroom and then back to the bed. Except I put her in bed with Bill. I got back in my bed and went to sl**p. After a little time Bill must have woke up and started fucking his friend. He had his face down in her pussy eating her out which must have woke her. They were going at it pretty hard when Bill came. I heard her say that they must have fucked alot as her pussy was sore and seemed to be pretty gooey. They both said that they were so d***k they could not remember. Bill porked her again and then she got up and left. Bill and I slept for another hour. Bill asked me if I knew how many times they fucked or if I knew her name. I said that I did not know her name and that I did not know how many times as I was asl**p. Bill then said that I should go out with him as he could get me laid or I could have his leftovers. I told him we would see and thought to myself that he had had my leftover. I should have asked him my dick and jizz tasted.

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