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A s****r in-law to remember

this story happend a while ago so forgive me if i dont remember everything but here goes.....

my names Kris and i have this smoking hot s****r in law named Tiffany(Tiff) shes got long dark brown hair almost black shes maybe 5'8 nice beautiful tits about 2 d and a mouth you KKNOW whas born to suck my dick i think and im a bigger guy im about 6'5 240 im about 7 inches long about average but i've got the girth to my dick that makes women swoon... anyways I was to baby sit her and my b*****rs k**s while they went to the movies before my b*****r left on a business trip... things went fine at the house and i put the k**s to bed. alls good but before they left Tiff and i were talking she said they would probably stay out as late as they could before my b*****r had to leave and asked if i would mind staying the night "i guess not" i said and she gave me a hug but a extra long hug I hugged back hoping of her intentions but nothing... anyways i put the k**s to bed and i started lookin for something on tv go figure 10 o'clock at night nothings on... i always try to stay up late when im babysitting for the parents to get back and give them the low down of what happend that night.... but i was having some trouble staying awake then i heard a car pull up and then drive off i knew it was them so i woke myself up and tiff walked in "you guys have fun?" i asked "it was alright, we watched a movie and went the the pub but me and your b*****r fought almost the whole time hes such an ass" she replied "yeah i know.... " we carried on little idle chit chat for a while and went outside to smoke it was pretty cold outside and neither of us had much on other than shorts and a t shirt. then tiff said she was cold then came and hugged me to huddle up but pushing her pelvis into mine. i couldn't help thinking about it then my dick started comin up. she felt it and said "is that cuz of me?" with a little giggle i said "im not turned on by the trees" and laughed back thinkin nothing of it when she said "im glad you decided to stay the night" at that moment i knew i would be too. we went inside and tiff said she had to go to the bathroom. she came back out wearing only her robe and came and sat next to me on the couch she could see me playing with myself through my pants and asked if i would like any help with that i was actually pretty shocked but i wipped it out real fast and started jackin off in front of her and she slid over to me and put her beautiful lips around my dick and started going to town bobbing up and down slobbering that baby all up going so far down that she gave just a little gag oh my god it was amazing. when she came up for air she said" oh my god its so big! come on kris" and at that time she grabbed my arm and took me to the room and took off her robe and i took the hint and was completely naked when she was on the bed. i got on top of her and started suckin her beautiful nipples kissing her neck and all over her and i slid my hand down to finger her pussy and that thing was sooo wet i would have thought that she already came(she might have) with a few fingers in and out of her loosen her up she was more than ready with my dick hard as a rock i pushed it in slowly as she wrapped her legs around me "oh my god" i said "you feel so fuckin good tiff" she replied with good soft moans of pleasure... with those going i started picking up the pace fucking her like crazy all i heard was "oh god yes yes yes YES do it oh god yes give it to me" so i decided to give her NEW pleasure and put her ontop and at first she said she didnt want to do it cuz she didnt do it so well on top but i said baby let me do the work as i slowly saw my dick disappear in her sopping wet cunt. then i gave her a realy good hug and wrapped her tight to me with her head at my neck and i picked my ass off the bed and just started fucking her like crazy she started to scream my name "KRIS OH GOD KRIS YES I WANT YOU I NEED YOU GOD OH GOD YES KRIS GIVE IT TO ME! YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHH OH GOD YES!" as she came all over my dick she rolled off me and said "oh god kris fuck me i need to to fuck me hard give it to me" with that i wasted no time getting on top of her and pounding her little pussy as hard as i could. hearing nothing but the slop of our bodys hitting and my balls slappin her ass.... she started screaming" fuck yeah kris give it to me fuck yeah fuck yeah yeah oh god im gonna cum please kris make me cum! kris cum with me hurry up and cumm too i want to feel it inside me cum in side me with me!" and with that i had NO problem as i gave my last few thrusts i could feel her whole body tense up with my dick still inside her i unloaded like her pussy drain my ball of every last drop! it was amazing! i collapsed on top of her as she started rubbing my back my sides and my ass... we shared the most intimate kisses and rolled over still intertwined we fell fast asl**p in our sex juices.. i had the best sl**p of my life that night!

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