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First Time having gay sex Chapter 3 (((HOT))

Background info If you haven't read the first 2 chapters of this story, i think you should to get a better understanding of the situation. But anyway i am a 26 year old masculine bi-sexual black dude, i have fucked 100s of female, but secretly desired men, recently i engaged in gay sex with the guy of my dream. He's tall very very muscular thuggish he looks like a hoodish younger version of Michael Ealy( Ricky From Barber Shop) with baby dread locks. His Name is Jay( as far as i know). He fucked me and took my anal virginity. 30 days later he fucked me again and now its been 4 months since we first had sex.

The situation: It was a rainy stormy night around 8:30 i was waiting on Jay to arrive just as he did every Thursday night. By now jay and i have been having sex regularly. Here's how it Goes. He works overnight 4 times a week. He has a girlfriend and she is under the impression that he works 7 days a week. She works from 8am to 8:30 pm. He is due in at 9pm and gets off around 7am. on the days he is scheduled to work. Basically their schedule leave very little time for them to see each other; and the days he's off he spend those days and nights with me so we meet 3 days a week; today is one of those days. I here him unlock the door with his key and he comes in. He always dresses and smells great he has very thuggis swag kind of like the rapper DMX. He comes in and i smile because I'm so happy to see him his cologne fills my apartment with his essence. He says to me "what up yo" i said " I'm good". he goes to the bathroom to piss and take off his top shirt i go into the bed room and get his night clothes together a tank top and a pair of baggy basketball shorts that he sags. When he comes out of the bathroom i notice what looked like a gun on his waist i couldn't see it before because of his shirt, i said " is that a gun" He said "yea dude i wear this all the time you mean to tell me you never seen this gun" i said "what kind is it" he said " the kind that will drop a mutha fucka quick, what us with all these questions, fix a nigga something to eat" I fixed his plate as he gets dressed in my room and i hear my phone go off. Then i hear my phone getting closer to me he said " who the fuck is this nigga he always calling you" I explained to him that it was a friend of mine name James, we did a group project together in college and decided to stay in touch but to my knowledge he was straight and to his knowledge( and everybody buy Jay) i was straight we never had anything but a friendship and I was never attracted to James. He said " look don't be fucking no other niggas let me find out you out here fucking with another nigga" i said " Jay i haven't had sex with anybody beside you in the past 3 months but you fuck me your girlfriend and at least 2 other girls so why you checking about a dude i don't even fuck with like that"? He balded his hand into a fist and walked toward me, looked me dead in my face and said " dude I'm not about to argue with you, i might fuck you like you a bitch but you still a man I'll beat yo ass up in here, don't question me i fuck who i wanna fuck". I said "ok Jay ok i got it" he said " and tell that nigga to find a new friend he better not call that phone no more, I'm not playing with you bruh" he grabbed his plate went to the bedroom and began to eat. i knew he was upset, i didn't get much time out of the week with him so I had to break the ice so we could enjoy our time together.

Oral Sex: I waited until he was done eating. He laid on the bed and watched ESPN. I got between his legs and pulled his basketball shorts and his boxer brief down just enough to pull his dick out. By this time Jay had trained me how to satisfy him orally, but sucking his dick was still a challenge because he was slightly over 10 inches and his dick was very thick/fat. I sucked his dick with no hands and no teeth, i made his dick feel like it was in the inside the walls of a pussy. My spit running down the top of his fat headed dick to his ass hole. I went fast to give the affect of a pussy ridding his dick, a pussy that was dripping wet and tightly gripping his dick like a vacuum. He's such a strong man he hardly ever moans he just lays back and listen to me chock on his over sized dick. He grabs the baby oil and thats my signal to get in a position for him to fuck me.

Anal Sex: He loved my ass he always say its perfectly round a plump. He says from the back i could pass as the rapper Trina. I hate to hear him say that because it reminds me that he sees me as less of a man than he is even though we are both very masculine bisexual men he sees me as a bitch because he does the fucking. But anyway i lay on my back because that how he likes to start off; i never even bother asking him to put on a condom because he has made it clear he will not use one with me. Even though he has been fucking me consistently for three months the first 5 minutes always feel like my fist time all over again, i guess because his dick is so fat and long. he goes inside me with his entire dick on the first stroke. This was very painful, i screamed "wait be easy bruh" he ignores me and repeats it until his dick goes in without him having to use so much effort. He then lays done on top of me and pound the shit out of me i felt like i had fire ants in my ass, my lower back felt like a horse was stomping it. While nearly killing me he says "who's name on that ass" I said with a voice full of pain "yours" he said " who run shit around here"( biting his bottom lip and as his eyes say to me you are my bitch, i own you) I said " you do" , by now the pain has eased up and i am beginning to enjoy it, he puts my leg over his shoulder and puts me in the buck. He grips my shoulder and fucked me so hard that my ass hole starts to feel a mile wide. Then something happens i felt a small tingle deep inside my ass hole, it grew stronger and stronger, before i knew it, my entire body was shaking uncontrollably, my toes curled my entire body constrict to the center, I thought wow he made me cum from my ass is that even possible, shortly after, he pulls his dick out of me but i didn't feel him cum inside me. In the blink of an eye his dick was in my mouth and for the first time ever i had cum in my mouth. There were several warm hard squirts hitting the back of my throat; it was slightly salty and felt slippery against my tongue. he says " suck the cum out of my dick like my dick was a straw inside a glass water" He pulls his dick out of my mouth, slapped my lips with it and says in a demanding voice" swallow it, i shook my head saying no as i began to sit up so i can spit it out, he grabbed me by my jaws f***ed my head back onto the pillow spit in my mouth and say " swallow all of it". I swallowed a combination of warm cum and thick spit although i really didn't want to; he loosened his hand from my jaws and says " yea, you gonna get use to shit like that and when i tell you to something, you do it, i don't give a fuck how you feel about it, i better not ever have to ask you twice ya dig" I cleared my throat and nodded yes. He told me to get up and clean my self off and them fix him another plate. After i showered and fixed him another plate he ate and we went to sl**p, i was awaken several times throughout the night to have my ass hole fucked and fill with his thick manly cum.

I Come Out TO A Friend And Find Out I'm Trouble: The morning came and he went downstairs to his apartment. I couldn't stop thinking about him i called my job and said i was too sick to come to work. There was no way i could work thinking so hard about him. I imagined he and I together everyday, I wanted to live with him and make him happy. Jay is the only person that i have ever come out to, holding all these feelings inside was taking a toll on me, i was becoming unstable and depressed, i didn't understand why he consumed my every though.I decided to come out to a friend i went to high school with; he was openly gay buy i know if we ever had a falling out he still wouldn't out me. So I called Brian and i say i got something to tell you his reply was " who you got pregnant and how much you need for an abortion"? I said" bruh i don't have anybody pregnant but this is just a serious, you are the only one i can talk to", he said " OK what up" by now Brian has been out since high school and he went from bring as masculine as me to a straight bitch, he act and sound just like a girl, I said " I'm bisexual". He pauses and says "wow you,i can't believe it you will have to prove it to me" I said Brian I'm not playing I'm really fucked up right now " he says wow I'm so disappointed in my gaydar, i would have never though of you as bi and I'm always on point, you know me i can smell a gay/bi/down low nigga a mile away". I told him the entire story how i met Jay, and i express my concern of feeling unstable and not able to focus.He say " OK I'll explain what happening but i want you to be quiet and not interrupt me i have allot to say" i said "cool".

The Good the Bad the Ugly: Brian starts by saying 'let me give you a run down of the situation and the events to follow. I'll start from the beginning when you met Jay you was probably 70% straight and 30% gay and he was 85% straight and 15% gay. Let me explain the difference. You have a strong attraction for women you have no problem getting aroused and fucking a female you are also more attracted to female than you are males. You have a significant attraction for men but they have to fit a certain criteria, and if they do you are willing to allow them to fuck you, making you a bottom or verse. Jay on the other hand is mainly attracted to females but he's so much of a freak he'll see a guys like you, a pretty boy with nice skin pretty eyes slim tight body with a nice round ass and maybe get a hard on. He saw you and was unable to just leave it at a hard on, he wanted to know what his dick would feel like inside an ass hole mainly yours. So he fucked you but under no circumstances will he allow any man to fuck him, In fact he sees you as less of a man as him because you allow yourself to get fuck and for that reason he feels he's not gay at all, I say "wow he does say stuff like that" Brian says " i know but peep this, you have been having sex with this guy and this guy only consistently for 3 months and he had been fucking a dominating you at his will, even when you don't want it, he takes it, your gay percentage has gone up and you are probably 60% gay and 40% straight, it's similar to a girl loosing her virginity and she become overpowered by the dick lol, see dick has a way of breaking a person down every time he penetrates you, you loose more and more of your man hood, you will, if not already become more emotional, you will follow his lead, you will depend on him, at this point you are in love with him, and your feeling are growing by the day especially now that he has made you cum out of your ass, he must be good i have never had that before, very few men get that honor, but anyway you are in love with him and he is still 85% straight 15% gay, and he still has a girlfriend and you are still just his fuck boy, one day when he feels he had enough fun being gay and fucking a hole that doesn't naturally produce fluids, he will leave you and not think twice about it, this is just a sex thing for him nothing more and your depression comes from the fact that you know this deep down and you yarn for him when he's with his girlfriend, you have several sl**pless lonely night because you want to be next to him but he's fucking his girlfriend and holding her probably showing her more affection than he has shown you, how do you feel knowing he has a girl" i said " i feel bad because he is cheating on her with me she's probably a nice girl, but he's such a man, strong, f***eful and demanding, i could never question him or deny him, but i must be honest i want him all to myself I'm tired of him being able to fuck me, his girlfriend and several other girls but i have to wait on him and i have to drop everything when he calls" Brian said " see what I'm saying you are already putting your heart on the line and what is he investing, only his dick" I was slapped in the face with the truth. i realized that although i was still masculine, i did followed his command, i was more emotional and i did suffer many lonely nights. I valued Brian opinion but he doesn't know Jay like i know him, deep down Jay cares deeply for me, but i could not deny the fact that i was a side dish.


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