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Michelle's Melody

Melody and I met the first day of our freshman year of High School. We became instant friends and through our years of school, we ended up in a lot of the same classes and even ran on the track team together. Mel was absolutely beautiful, long blonde hair, the sexiest eyes and a smile that would just light up a room. Her body should’ve been in a museum, it was perfect in every way. The only physical difference between us was that my blonde hair was a little shorter, and my eyes being blue, compared to her dark eyes. Everyone thought we were s****rs because of our closeness. We had such a close friendship, but our senior year, it really took a step in another direction.

We were spending every afternoon together after school, having sl**povers at each other’s houses on the weekends, and if we weren’t together, we were on the phone with each other. This was the year that I began to fall in love with Mel, but I was scared to death to make a move…I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize our friendship. I wanted her sooo bad though.

Mel and I had seen each other naked many times; after all, we did have a gym class together and ended up in the showers next to each other. I always loved going to Mel’s house to swim, well, I loved getting changed into our bikinis in her room together. Then there were the sl**povers, all either of us wore to bed was a t-shirt and we always slept in the same bed! I can’t even tell you how many sl**pless nights I spent, just taking in her beauty, feeling her next to me. All the nights that we would end up holding each other, her hands d****d across my breasts, and I would lie awake just enjoying the moment. So many mornings we would wake up, our bodies tangled together…we would just smile at each other as we got out of bed.

I always wondered, as I’m sure she did, why neither of us ever had a serious boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, we both dated and occasionally fooled around with boys, but it was never anything real serious. We’d always share every little detail about our dates, and loved talking about it! But the relationships never lasted and it didn’t seem to matter to either of us though, we had each other and we were happy!

It was a Friday afternoon, the last class of the day and I was bored out of my mind. Mel was sitting behind me and I felt a tapping on my back, this was our code that she was passing a note to me. I took the note and opened it, and read her question to me…are you coming over tonight? I have a surprise for you! I scribbled back that I would be there, but it wouldn’t be until a little bit later since I had to watch my little b*****r until my parents came home.

It was about 7 in the evening when I arrived at Mel’s house; anxious about the surprise she had for me. There was a little note on the front door telling me to let myself in. I walked straight to her bedroom, figuring she would be hanging out in there waiting for me, but the room was empty. So I headed to the back yard thinking she was in the pool. When I opened the door she was sitting there at a table on the pool deck, and got the biggest smile on her face as I walked over to her. She stood up, and gave me the biggest hug and I, of course, hugged her right back. Mel was wearing the sexiest little sundress I had ever seen; it hugged her tight body perfectly. “You’re looking good this evening Mel,” I said, “Have a hot date?” She laughed, “just with you babe” she replied. She motioned for me to have a seat next to her and asked, “are you ready for your surprise?” Of course I was, I had been trying to figure it out all day!

Mel reached under the table and brought out a bottle of wine and placed it front of me. “Where did you get this?” I asked. “Don’t you worry about it, it’s just for us,” she answered with a devilish little grin on her face. “We can’t drink this Mel, what if your parents come home and catch us?” I asked. “That’s the other part of my surprise Michelle,” she answered, “They’re not coming home, they went out of town for the weekend, so it’s just us!” I couldn’t help but smile; I had Mel all to myself for the whole weekend!

“I’m going to go get some glasses, make yourself comfortable and we’ll drink our wine and watch the sun set,” Mel told me. I watched as she walked into the house, the way her cute little ass wiggled took my breath way. I tried to get my mind on something else, but I could already feel myself getting turned on. It’s going to be a long night, I thought, unless I can sneak away and give myself a quick orgasm!

Mel came back with two glasses and we sat down next to each other and began drinking the wine. We talked, and laughed as the sun went down and a beautiful warm evening took its place. Suddenly Mel looked at me with a dead serious look on her face, “truth or dare,” she said. “Oh Mel, you don’t really want to go there, do you?” I responded, feeling a little buzzed from the wine. “Yes I do!” she said, “truth or dare?”
“Okay, I’ll play along,” I said, “let’s go with truth.”

Mel stared at me for a moment, and I could see she was trying to figure out how to ask me something. Finally she asked, “Have you ever, or ever thought about kissing a girl?” Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was the fact that I just couldn’t take anymore and wanted her then and there, “Yes,” I answered without hesitation. Mel’s eyes widened and she seemed a little surprised by my answer. “Which one? You have kissed a girl or you want to kiss a girl?” she asked. “You didn’t say truth or dare that time babe, so I’m not answering!” I said laughing. “Oh come on Michelle, truth or dare?” she asked trying to get the information out of me. “Dare,” I quickly responded, knowing it would drive her crazy.

Mel looked at me with this crazy, sexy look in her eyes, and I wasn’t prepared for what was about to come out of her mouth. “Okay Michelle, if you want to play that way…I dare you to get undressed and go skinny dipping!” Now I was the one with the crazy look in my eyes, she had called my bluff, and I think she knew it! I don’t know if it was the wine, or the way Mel looked so beautiful in the dimming light of the day, but I had lost all my inhibitions. I stood up, kicked off my sandals, pulled my shirt off, unhooked my bra and stood with my back to Mel. “Like what you see so far?” I asked looking sexily over my shoulder. She laughed and motioned for me to keep going. I unbuttoned my shorts, wiggling them down over my hips and letting them drop to the patio. I took a deep breath, knowing in the growing darkness she wasn’t going to get a real good look at me, but at the same time, wanting her to see everything. I grabbed my panties and slid them down, wiggled my little ass at her and dove into the pool.

The water on my naked body felt so good, so freeing, a million thoughts ran through my mind in the matter of a second. Where was this leading? What was she thinking? God I need an orgasm before I explode. I surfaced in the water and stared at Mel, who was still sitting there, her mouth open in disbelief. I started laughing, “what, did you think I wasn’t going to do it?” Mel looked down at me in the water, “no, I really didn’t!” We laughed about it for a minute, and then my mind went into overdrive. “You know, it’s really not fair that I’m in here naked and you’re sitting up there dry as can be…you should join me, the water feels great!”

I saw her take a deep breath, she stood up and walked over to the edge of the pool. I saw her biting her lower lip, I love when she does that, it’s such a turn on to me. She reached for the bottom of her little sundress, and in one quick moment, pulled it up and off. I looked on in amazement as I realized she wasn’t even wearing panties! She jumped in the pool and I watched her swim around for a minute. When she came up for air she looked at me, “wow, this does feel good, doesn’t it?”

We swam around, laughing and splashing each other, enjoying the feeling of skinny-dipping. As it got darker out, we were having a more difficult time seeing each other, and I planned on using this to my advantage. Mel was standing in the shallow end, just her head sticking out of the water and I swam underneath the water sneaking up behind her and grabbing her on the waist. She let out a little yelp, spun around, and suddenly we were face to face. Neither of us said anything, our eyes just watching each other. Mel spoke first, “Michelle, you never answered my question, have you ever kissed a girl?” “No, but I do want to,” I replied. Mel was biting her lip again when she asked, “can it be me?” I nodded, and I felt her arms wrap around me.

I could not believe this was going to happen! I wrapped my arms around her, as our lips came closer together. We were about to experience our first kiss, and I couldn’t wait one more second! Our eyes closed as our lips touched, and what followed was the most intense experience I’ve ever had in my life! Her lips were so soft, so full, and she took my breath away. Our lips finally parted and we looked deep into each others eyes, we both were smiling. I thought our first kiss was perfect, but the second even topped it! Our eyes closed as your lips met again, this time the kiss became more passionate. Our mouths opened and our tongues began exploring, kissing each other deeply. We pressed our bodies together, our nipples hardening as our breasts pressed together. Our hands began sliding up and down each other’s backs. My hands slid down and squeezed Mel’s cute little ass, and she moaned in response. After what seemed like an eternity of the most erotic moment of our lives, we pulled apart from each other, both of us breathing heavily.

“Are you okay Mel?” I asked once I had caught my breath, I was so worried we just ruined our friendship. “I am Michelle, I know this is going to sound strange, but I’ve wanted to do this for so long but I didn’t want to lose you as my friend,” she told me. We held each other close, finally admitting our fantasies to each other, and our worries. Then we laughed for having never told each other that we both wanted the same thing! “I think we need to go to my room, we have a lot of lost time to make up for,” Mel exclaimed. We took each others hands and walked up the stairs of the pool, standing on the pool deck totally naked, we kissed deeply again, letting the warm evening air dry our bodies off.

(to be continued….)

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