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Young and Old experiences, A Chance to meet me

As women we have personal experiences f***ed on us, a quiet stroll can be interrupted by a man masturbating in the bushes, an act he does as he sees you approaching, and if timed correctly, he will ejaculate and draw your attention as he does.
I am sure most women have had encounters they have never disclosed, encounters that trigger their psychic, a deep seated memory, treasured for its meaning and it usage for sexual release.
In short a memory recall we use to masturbate to, hence the need to keep it close to our hearts and treasure as it gives us release when we need it most.
Sitting on a park bench eating a packed lunch, surrounded by beauty and Rhododendrons, gave one such opportunist a chance to move in close behind me and let go.
I never heard him as he stalked closer and closer, the bench was situated into the Rhododendrons, as if a square had been cut out to accommodate the bench on which I sat, so he was conveniently hidden from me and any passers-by.
He was only a few feet from my back as he shot his sperm, a steady steam hitting my blazer, my hair and my exposed thigh, his first spurt shooting over my shoulder and landing on my bared flesh, the subsequent spurts finding the mass of my body elsewhere.
I was twelve and on school lunch break, so I sat frozen frozen, not knowing how to react and the longer I remained rigid the more noise he made, as he realized I was not getting up and screaming or jumping away, an act that would be futile as he had emptied himself of his fertile fluid.
I swallowed the bite I had taken from my sandwich and sat there holding what remained of it, just looking ahead.
He emerged from the bushes as all around was deserted and quiet, and knelt behind me, out of my sight and reached across my shoulder and slipped his hand down the front of my open shirt and took hold of my nipple, between his grubby finger.
With his other hand he reached across me and took my half eaten sandwich, I can still recall his smell as his sweat was strong, but with my sandwich he wiped his sperm onto it, from my thigh, and put it to my mouth, sperm side up so I could see the thick yellowing globular blob, and I opened my mouth as he pushed the lot in and I obediently took a bite, a bite the incorporated the sperm and started to chew, the acrid saltiness and bitterness coming through the sweetness of the salad cream, and chewed then swallowed.
He left as quickly as he appeared, I was gagging and suddenly felt my nipple hurt, as if all sensations were returning as the shock wore off.
I jumped up and moved away from the bench, looking left and right, but he had disappeared, and I was alone again, except for my aching nipple, I could now feel his touch as he had twisted it cruelly.
I kept this encounter to myself, more so as I dwelt on it, alone in bed, I found by masturbating could I derive any positives from it, it became my sexual fantasy, each time revisited he did something more, giving me better and better orgasms.
I had to go back and sit there, such was the desire and deep seated need, so I did many years later, still a pubescent teenager, but one with a need and a willingness to accommodate, one with a need to go further, so I sat there, excited and exposed, happy to see the area was still quiet, with few people around, I would sit and lie, showing a bit too much for a decent girl, but hoping he would return, to feed the girl he fed a few years earlier.
The fact he never showed affected my performance, as the experience lost its lustre, his no show destroyed my fantasy and it got that I was devoid of an experience to masturbate to, so I needed a new one, and I got that very weekend on a boat cruise to Aland with my parents and siblings.
My s****r and I had caught the eye of many middle-aged men, who were looking for what these cruises provided for them, swingers and loose women looking for a nights fun.
Younger girls were a rarity, but students in their late teens to early twenties, were occasional and d***k, but only at end of term parties.
I was sunbathing on the top deck when he spoke to me, even at my young and inexperienced age I knew what he was relishing, his eyes devoured my contours and as we talked he kept looking at my crotch, which I conveniently exposed in an innocent manner, put it this way, if I had pubic hair, he would be looking at it.
As people moved off for lunch we were left alone and at that point he asked if he photograph me, complimenting me on my statuesque build and blond Scandinavian looks.
I concurred and as he took them it appeared perfectly natural to those few people around us, we could be father and daughter enjoying ourselves at the pool.
He suggested some on the boat deck and I agreed, moving down one flight and towards the bow of the boat.
This area was deserted and after a couple he dared me to go nude, then offer money.
I was excited, at last an older man and an offer, my hormones screamed 'Do it' but my brain wanted to milk it, call it mental foreplay, but I knew a quickie might not suffice as I masturbated, so I played along a little, full intercourse was close and I was thinking along those lines until he interrupted my train of thought, 'Five Hundred Kroner if you take your knickers off'.
I froze momentarily as he handed me the note and I tucked it into my bra top and stepped out of my knickers, he was photographing me each step of the way.
I handed him my knickers and he immediately put them to his nose, his eyes closing as he drank in my smells, I felt suddenly exposed and a little frightened, suddenly realizing that in my sexual haste I was near naked without cover-up.
'Can I have them back, Please', I begged, 'Sure he replied, but let me finish', and at that he held the crotch exposed and masturbated onto it.
I watched him in amazement, he had a big swollen penis and it lay along my knickers crotch as he wrapped his penis in the thin cotton material and wanked himself, looking at my naked form against the cold steel of the boat.
I never lasted long as he climaxed violently, his body convulsing, his ejaculate pumping out from my knickers, so much so, that when he finished they stayed wrapped around it, stuck to his cock with his cum.
Pointing the camera again at me he took some shots, then again as I had to retrieve my knickers from his cock, he photographed me unwrapping them and then putting them back on.
By this point and some fifty or so photos later I had to massage the crotch of my knicker until the wetness produced a 'Camel-Toe' effect, then pulling the elastic out, showed the stickiness of his semen on my shaved pubic mound.
But all was not lost as my frustrations led me to ask, 'What about me', and he complied by us going back to his cabin and performing oral sex on each other.

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