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She's Perfect In Every Way !!!

I was walking in a Mall recently when this Very mysterious, extremely sexy Young lady walked past me, and brushed up against me
She Had the darkest Black Hair straight and long it was beautiful and very healthy. the sweetest aroma followed her as she continued on
I u*********sly reacted out loud with an " Oh My God " You Smell delicious " she paused for a slight moment, I just stared at her more than
perfect form, then in almost slow motion she turned around to face me. I was caught staring rite at one of the most Perfect asses that that I have
ever seen, And I have seen some beautiful butt's too (I used to date a stripper) She noticed my stare and and lowered her head slightly, to look
over the top of her dark sunglasses, When she spoke I could tell she had to be of Latin Decent Excuse Me ? Oh shit I thought I never act like this
I am always a perfect gentleman I Umm Oh ah Geese "I am So Sorry" I didn't mean to say that. At least not out loud she said, right ?
Well Yeah I guess You Guess ? OK I didn't realize that well, I was thinking out loud, and that you heard me so I really am sorry, and didn't mean
to offend you, and I'll be on my way then OK ? She quickly Replied with a Nope ! Nope ? I asked, I don't get it. Get what there's nothing wrong with
complementing a lady is there. she said Uh No ! But, But what ? you said I smelled delicious didn't you ? Yeah ! When I turned around I was going
to say Thank You ! that's all ! Oh ! I said Buuut then I saw you staring at My Ass " Sorry about that " So what are you doing here just shopping
then why don't you come with me ? Where ? I need an opinion on something. Really ? From Me ? But you don't even know me ?
Even better she said lets go ! Uh where to ? You'll see C'mon and she took my hand in hers and we began walking away together.
So where are we going ? I asked, she said not a word I realized that she was wearing a wedding ring but was holding my hand like we were
together and it felt kinda good we walked into a Lingerie shop and she knew just where to go.
Soon she had some Teddies and panties and all kinds of goodies she asked the sales girl to try them on, and we went to the changing area
No ! I sat outside while she went in and pulled the curtain closed I heard as she removed her leg ins, and then the snap of the panties
next swish the curtain slid open Honey ? do these look OK ? OH MY GOD ! she was standing there with these black sheer transparent Panties on
I could actually see her pussy lips through them and her beautiful trimmed landing strip of hair just above it.
What do you think ? Beautiful I said ! somebody's going to love those ! think so ? Yes for sure then she turned around Hooolee Shit !
My cock was straining already But that Ass nothing covering it but about an inch of fabric and that was hidden in her ass crack !!!
Like Em ? Hell Yeah ! hope my husband does too,! Oh He will cock still straining and she noticed it too what's this ? Oh Not much
She cupped her hand and ran it up from the bottom of my crotch and then squeezed I moaned as she did that several times
Next was a bustier it was a pink color with Purple Lace and didn't fit that well besides you couldn't really see much so she took that off
facing away from me she was standing with her back to me but was Completely Naked I said I don't even know your name Mine is Bob
and you are ? Very horny she said as she turned around just then to let me see her entire body I had not seen her Tit's until just then
They were even more perfect than her Ass they looked to be around 34 or 36 B or maybe C lets just say they were medium in size
with nice nipples and rather small areolas her nipples confirmed to me that what she just said was quite true then she said it again
Papi did you hear me ? Yes Baby I heard that Well ? still standing naked in front of me I leaned forward and took her left nipple into
my mouth, sucked it ever so gently she moaned slightly then exhaled very slowly. I just kept on sucking on her left one while cupping
and fondling the other, she was breathing very hard. She then removed my left hand and directed it down her tight stomach just slightly
below her waistline, I took the hint and lightly touched the outside of her pussy.then began to search for the entrance to her pussy.
I barley grazed her clit when she let out a quiet whimper followed by another silent moan. When I found the spot that I had been searching for
I said Oh My God ? I noticed that she was watching my fingers as they entered her "Very wet Pussy" and again a moan and a very loud
inhale when I was about to stop sucking on her nipple she reached up and placed her hand on the back of my head and pressed it closer
to her breast, a nanosecond later I heard is everything OK in there ? followed by do you guys need any help ? I pulled away from her beautiful
breast but she held my head closer And told the lady We'll be out in a sec. I took her cue and sucked more and harder as well as banged
her pussy It was so Wet and was getting wetter I had never experienced such a soaking wet pussy before without G-Sopt stimulation
I decided I just had to have a taste and put my fingers in my mouth I was instantly in 7Th. heaven She was so WET and So sweet tasting
we finally removed our grip from each other as the sales lady returned I stepped out and she got dressed handed me what she had
picked out and told me to give it to the lady to ring up as I handed them to her she touched my hand that was still wet she looked
at it then smiled and said sorry but the manager's due back from lunch and she calls security on people Really ? Wow ! that would suck
So did you want these Oh yeah She wants those Cool I'll ring them up when you guys get through I mean Oh Never mind I'll be over here

When she came out She was even more Sexy than before she had brushed her beautiful hair and just looked Fine as wine.
I was Expecting her to say goodbye, but she grabbed my hand once again and handed me her credit card as we stood at the counter.
My husband will pay you with his credit card rite honey Uh Sure ! the girl asked to see some ID Oh Shit I thought, Oh Wait she said
that's my Card not yours here I'll sign we left. Again I was expecting her to say thanks and see you again sometime, but when I began
to head one direction she Pulled my hand and said just where do you think your going Lover ?
I have no Idea ! do you ? "Sure do" My house "WHAT" ? your crazy ! I know I am but trust me it's Ok ! Really, I wouldn't hurt you
really just trust me !!! Fuck What was I in for Jealous husband some Bizarre Bondage scene
we headed for the parking lot and All eye's were on us too, This chick is so hot that everybody was checking her out even the Ladies,
But she is classy not slutty, and just Oozes Sexuality her walk or strut is just perfect her ass doesn't bounce and jiggle like most Women do.
I saw not one ounce of fat either She must work out too, tight stomach and all the rite stuff in all the rite places
I asked her how far it was she said very close why ? Well I'm not real familiar with the area just visiting some friends I sad,
I'm from La, Oh really, So how do you like Colorado she asked, it's beautiful Reminds me of Oregon used to live there and your air
is so clean too how about you where are you from ? Mexico she said as we approached her car here let me open the door for you
"oh wait" what baby ? My bike I don't wanna leave it here how long are we going to be gone Hopefully all night she said What
so your really not married then Oh Yes I'm married ! but don't worry baby as she pressed up against me grinding her hips into mine
Fuck You are so hot. you think so ? hell yes she kissed me and grabbed my cock started squeezing me again through my jeans
then she shoved her hand down the front of my pants and gripped it tight " Ummm Niiice I want that " really yeah we were still standing
outside of her car when she unbuckled my belt and my pants" Whoa Wait a second there " Can't be going to jail Babe she had my cock
out of my pants stroking it slowly and saying" I want this " and " believe me I want to give it to you " but not here too late she squatted down
and took it into her mouth, What a warm mouth she has and really knows just how to make you feel good too
There we were in an outside parking lot at a huge Mall somewhere in Colorado and I was being sucked off between two cars by a
Goddess a Latina Goddess at that ( My Perfect dream girl is, and my friends male and female would vouch for me there )
She would be between 5'4" and 5'9' tall small or petite to medium build Dark (medium to long) Hair with medium sized Breasts
Green or Hazel eye's would be a big plus but not that big of a factor And this Chick was 97% of my dream girl
So Baby do you really want to give it to me she said, taking a second to speak Hell yes I do want to give it to you. How bad
do you want me ? Very Bad so bad I can't wait much longer. What do you want from me you like me giving you head baby ? Yess I do
all I really want is to suck and taste, that sweet wet pussy down there your beautiful, Have a very sweet pussy " Oh Fuck " she said
We gotta go and now ! she stood and tried to put me back in my pants but it just wasn't working for her, so I did it while she laughed
because the head was sticking out the top of my pants. I really did want this Woman and much more than she would ever know too

We found my bike and and she decided she wanted to go for a ride so at her suggestion she parked her car on a side street
and off we went to her house her kissing my neck and holding my cock and pressing up against me it just felt right
when we arrived she said make yourself comfortable and I'm going to get very comfortable " Be rite back " I walked around checked out
her various photos, her husband was a very nice looking guy not at all what I was expecting every picture they were in looked like they
were very happy always smiling and not one looked fake at all so what was the deal ? I was very glad that he was close to my size tho,
a bit bigger but I really did want her I just wanted to throw her down on the bed and fuck her till she passed out from exhaustion.
But most of all I wanted to Eat That Beautiful pussy hell I had not even seen it yet, just a little sample so far.
And what was bugging me most, even more than the husband was, I still didn't know her name !!! why not ?
As I waited for her and took off my t shirt still checking out photos on the wall I saw something quite interesting, Photo's dirty Pictures
I couldn't resist so I picked them up the first one I saw she was holding her Pussy Open with both Hands Wow Oh I want that Beautiful
and just like the rest of her it was perfect too Just then I felt her breath on my shoulder Like what you see Baby ! Oh yes I do.
When I turned around my plan was to just grab her and make a move but she had 2 tall glasses one in each hand, Thirsty Hon ?
yeah Kinda What is it Pin'a Colada she said I made it myself, hope you like it. Wow What are you wearing very Sexy
she had on a Bustier type thing It was Black with Red or pinkish Roses, Very sexy and the matching Panties too she was gorgeous
Just FUCKING GORGEOUS !!! and I told her that too Yeah Do you want me ?" Fuck Yes I do" ! You want this huh Baby And she
slid the crotch of her panties to the side exposing her beautiful pussy for me, then she she took both hands and opened it wide
so I could see just what she had to offer me, but when she ran her finger between her pussy lips and pulled it away it she was so wet
that it looked like saliva thick and clear that was all I could take. I took One last big mouthful of my ice cold drink then I got up
and walked over to her spread her legs open, knelt between them and encompassed her whole pussy with my mouth,
I know it was cold because she jumped but I held her so she couldn't break the seal of my lips around her pussy, then I licked it
withe the flat wide part of my tongue starting way down at the bottom and all the way to the top Uhhhh ! was her reaction oh My Gawd
Next I went for her outer lips and caressed that beautiful pussy with my tongue, I was making love to her pussy and she was
having a hard time, staying still. I tasted her sweet tasty juices immediately I was in heaven again, and so was she. She was oozing onto
the cushion of the sofa. I lifted her up with my arms under her legs so as to get better access to her pussy she was so light I could have
probably picked her up with just one hand, but this was a great position for both of us so I went to work on her Clit wow was that sensitive
She was going crazy and was trying to grind her hips into my face, she had her hands on the back of my head and was guiding me just where
she wanted me to be and talking too, she had a dirty mouth and I was loving every bit of it as was she I could tell she was coming and
was tasting her cum too what a flavor it was I thought they should put this stuff in bottles I faintly heard her say Ohh Papi I'm Cuu Mm Ing !
please make me Cum !! she did cum some more in my mouth Ecstasy would be an understatement, at least for me it was Wow !!!
As soon as she mellowed out a bit she leaned over the sofa and said lets go into the bedroom, it's more comfortable there I could see
that she was still very wet between those lovely legs and she even said so, I grabbed her panties off the sofa and wiped her pussy with them
she went off to make us another round and when she returned she said you still have your clothes on Papi, we have to do something
about that real fast she undressed me then laid down on top of me grinding her hips into mine I removed what she still had on,
so we were both laying on her bed Naked.I told her I really wanted to suck on those tits some more and laid her down with
a pillow under her head, and went to work on them she was loving it and once again put my hand between her legs,
and also extended my index finger, she positioned it very close to her Pussy I got the hint and started fingering her pussy while I was
sucking her tits and pinching and squeezing her breast's and nipples. Her pussy was so wet it made squishing sounds and I noticed
that she was really getting off watching me finger her and suck on her perfect tit's and nipples. I told her she was the hottest woman
that I had been with in a very very long time, and I was not lying either. I told her that her pussy was so wet that i could barley think straight.
We were kissing like lovers wile she rolled over and climbed up on my cock and it slid inside her pussy just like it was custom made just
for me, as my cock entered her pussy I looked into her eyes and said are you ever going to tell me your name ?
She smiled and said maybe Baby maybe. just as my cock was in as far as it would go I heard a door open, and someone walking through
her kitchen and getting closer. I stopped pumping and said "Shhhh someones coming !" she moaned real loud as did I, she was squeezing
my cock and it felt great more like it was being milked. When a man walked into the room and said "Oh! there you are" and
" I see you have a friend too "
"Hello Friend " he said, "you like fucking my wife" ? She's great isn't she ? here baby let me help you. She was loving this I wasn't too sure tho then she
Moaned like nothing I had heard so far and was fucking me slower he was standing next to the bed , grabbing her tits and smacking her ass
ever so often. I felt him gently take my hand, I thought Oh no I ain't gonna be holding his cock, he said here she really likes this and inserted my
finger into her Asshole. Wow did she ever ! she started almost screaming, and then slowed her pace once again, very slowly Up and down and again.
He just sat down after fixing himself a drink next to the bed fully clothed and started talking real nasty to her, and every once in a while would kiss her
and smack her ass. I was steady Fucking her pussy or better yet she was fucking me, and she was kissing me again like I was her lover
while he watched and talked dirty to us "Fuck her Buddy" stick you finger in her tight Ass" fuck that pussy" fuck her hard man she likes that"
give her what she wants It was just about all I could stand and she started Cumming real hard too bucking and wrapping her beautiful legs around
mine and just riding my Cock like a professional Rider in a Rodeo, after she cam she collapsed on top of me, she sat there for a moments quivering
and slightly shaking too. She began slowly moving again he said Oh boy my friend your in for it now, she was determined to make me cum and soon it happened. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to explode all over the place, she sensed that I was getting to that point but wasn't
But was not slowing at all so I just assumed that she wanted it inside her at about 30 seconds before lift off she jumped off of me squeezed
my cock so fucking hard that it hurt But she made up for the pain by sucking on my cock like it had never been sucked before She was hot
and Nasty also beautiful and very Sexy Fucked like an a****l tasted sweet as honey had the the nicest ass and the perfect set of Breasts better than perfect legs kissed like a long lost lover had the wettest pussy ever had a great personality A beautiful Smile
A Very sweet tasting Pussy made my mouth water too
And last but not least,

A Great Husband who really loves Her !!! Alot too !!!

And She was sucking My cock the whole thing all the way down her throat and swallowed every drop of Cum from me and Nursed it like
it saw her nourishment until nothing came out even after I was done and sofend up she was still sucking me like that
I love to have it sucked when it's soft Before having sex as well as after too

I looked into her eyes kissed her forehead, told her that I knew every inch of her magnificent body inside and out
But still one thing I needed from her She said anything just name it
What's Your Name ?

Bob She said You can call me :::

Pilas !!!

Thank you I said then picked up the panties that she had been wearing while I was eating her pussy, shook her husbands hand
held the panties up to my face Inhaled deeply then exhaled put them in my pocket
and said Good Bye

she said Good Bye My Lover !!!
But not before taking the panties and rubbing them all
over her pussy for me !!!
Too Bad I said what ?
I should Have thought of that before when you were soaking wet
She Took my hand in hers and rubbed it against her pussy

And was it ever soaked !!!

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