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Her Name Was Willie - Part 3

Willie had just returned from the bathroom, walked up to me, and said "Just had to remove something!" She winked, and I knew she had removed her tampon. As far as she was concerned, it was "All Systems Go!"

We restarted where we left off, and our hands and eyes did what they wanted to do. No plans - no premeditation to speak of - simply two people who had connected at work and wanted to connect personally. Clothing was further opened, and finally removed. We were down to our underwear, standing in the middle of her living room. There was a large picture window facing the street in front of the house. Willie moved toward the window, saying "I'd better close the d****s!" I quickly said, "Don't bother," grasped her hand and pulled her back to me.

Willie returned to me, reaching behind herself. I suspected she was about to unhook her bra. I stopped her briefly and said, "Wait - I want to be in just the right position when you remove your bra!" Willie smiled, winked, and waited. When I nodded, she moved her hands, releasing what turned out to be the best-shapped, proportioned, large breasts I have enjoyed seeing. I suspect they seemed very large because she was so short. I did not have to reach out to touch her breasts, for her hands were faster - grasping mine and guiding my hands to her breasts. She was assertive and comfortable enough to tell me how to caress her breasts, with focus on her nipples.

I followed directions very well, apparent as she began to respond to my caresses. Since most of my work was from the neck-up, my hands are smooth and soft. I had no worries about scratching her delicate skin. As I stood and looked at her, I watched my hands do their thing. One technique I've used most of my life is to extend my fingers taut, touch the nipples with the palm of my hand, and slowly make circles with my hands. Most women with whom I've enjoyed physical intimacy have responded to this method.

Even though both of us were nervous about joining cock to pussy (because she was menstruating), we got past that quickly. NOTE: this was the first time I'd engaged in menstrual intercourse. As passions rose, it was as though her menstruation was not even an existing thing. We both did what we did, in a very unbridled and uninhibited way. Even before penetration, we engaged in oral sex. I believe Willie was shocked by this, judging by her brief tensing up and by her subsequent writhing. It was a strange, musky experience - even intoxicating by its "naughtiness."

Finally, we locked our loins together. Willie took me into her most special place, and it was so natural. Even though emphasis was on cock and pussy, she was not about to let me ignore her breasts. Because she was 9 inches shorter than I, I used my stomach (and its fine hair) to stimulate her breasts. She later said it was the first time any man had done that for her.

What seemed to be momentary was actually a good part of the morning. As we released from each other, we both looked down between my legs - and hers. Traces of pale red streaks were obvious, and the shaft of my cock was also displaying traces of her woman fluid. She took my hand, asking "How about a shower?" I needed no coaxing, for I was going to be able to soap up her curvy body and scrub it - furthering my physical contact with her. Of course, she did the same to me. We rubbed and we scrubbed each other with abandon. As she soaped me up between my legs, I became erect again. She grinned - began to stroke - and there was no stopping her. She stroked me until I was ready to explode. Just before my climax, Willie dropped to her knees and directed my cum onto her priceless face and bulbous breasts. What a shower!

We dried off, got dressed, and spent the day together in her little town. Storekeepers comments how happy we looked together. While we knew why we were so happy, everyone else simply saw happiness - not knowing what had led us to our glee.

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