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Sweet Revenge

My very good friend and neighbor, Vicki, and I found out that both of our husbands were cheating on us. I will not go into the BS of or the how we found out, I will just cut to the juicy part. By the way, this a true story and I did change the names to protect the guilty SOB that could not keep it in pants!

Vicki and I decided that it best to get some revenge by way of getting laid, a couple of one night stands with maybe some photos of a strange dick stuck in my pussy. We got all dolled up in some "fuck me" clothes and hit the night clubs. We went to several and had no luck. All we could attract were some John Madden looking dorks that would not be worthy of our hot little pussies.

The two of us were sitting in of the 7-11 when a couple of teenage boys pulled up, went in and came out. They were checking us out as much as we were eyeing them. They said they were having a party and said we should go. I said that we were old enough to be their mothers and they were okay with this. When we got there, there were about fifteen boys there along with someones mother and aunt and two s****rs who were already d***k. We came in and started to mingle, all these young boys were ready to fuck something and Vicki and I thought that it might as well be us. we asked the boys to play some strip pool, girls verse boys. We went at it and of course within a couple of games the girls were all naked and the boys only had under pants on.

I had two boys on me, playing with my pussy and boobs like they had never seen anything like this. Then it dawned on me, they are virgins. I had to ask and they said that they were. WOW! This is going to be great, I never have had been with a virgin! I started by sucking their dicks and playing with their balls. My pussy was dripping and I wanted a dick in me pretty quick. I laid on my back with my legs spread wide. Those two boys had eyes as big as saucers, it has been a long time since a man looked at me like that. I looked around the room and mom and aunt were getting nailed, looks like someone already came in mom. The two girls had several guys around them and Vicki was getting it doggy while sucking a dick. One of the boys slid his cute dick into my pussy. I wanted to play it up so I said for him to slow down and not hurt me. He said this is great and started to pick up speed. He exploded pretty quick, I could feel his dick pumping his sweet load into me. He withdrew and the other jumped right in but only lasted a few seconds also pumping a large load into me. Vicki's second guy had finished dumping a load into her, cum dripping from her snatch as he pulled his penis from her pussy. Other boys were soon other wanting to dump their jizz into my cooze. Which of course I allowed. I think within 45 minutes everyone had a gallon of jizz in their pussy. Mine was feeling very satisfied. Hung around most of the night, mom and aunt were so d***k that I am not sure they will remember what happened too well. Vicki was still getting more dick as were the two teen girls. After a while I took on some more guys. We never told our husbands about that night, we never let on that we new anything. Vicki and I just started going out often and getting some strange when ever our men were gone.

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