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ONE HAPPY f****y

I was in the strange grey area between sl**p and wakefullness when I became vaguely aware that I was not alone--something was crawling under the thin bedsheets. I felt anxious fingers tracing up the length of my leg and found my penis at full erection followed immediately by a familiar little giggle and I exhaled a sigh. It was Gillian. I was relieved that it was not Angela; in my sl**p-d***k state I was in no mood for the hard angry fuck that she offered.
Gillian was a year and half older than me, but had the sexual maturity of a girl much younger and still had a silliness when it came to sex. It was a quick easy fuck when I was with Gillian. She still timid about oral sex and treated my cock like some curious a****l.
Her fingers were curled round my engorged cock, tugging on it a little rougher than I liked and tried on numerous occassions to correct this technique and tried to get Beth to give her some tips on the finer points of penis handling, but it seems to fall on deaf ears and had to constantly reminded of this fact. If I treated her pussy with a similar roughness I would provoke a lengthy weep from my s****r and had to be soothed and apologized to profusely before we could continue.
Beth, the second oldest s****r, was the best of both worlds: she was energetic and passionate about sex and there was a balanced distrubution of giving and recieving pleasure. Angela, the eldest s****r, approached sex with a cold and emotionless funtion hat served to satisfy it's physical aspects. It was intense but almost inhuman and sometimes bordered on **** and oftentimes left my cock red and sore.
But under the covers Gillian was tugging my cock. I quickly took control of the situation without hurting her feelings and gently pushed her down on the bed and started licking her pussy. She squealed and arched her hips hitched up off the mattress with such f***e that her pubic bone slammed into my chin. I had to hold her down and finished licking her until her pussy was a mingling of my saliv her own natural vaginal juices. I gently worked one finger up into her cunt; she was still very tight. If I fuked her too soon it would be nothing but a painful experience for her.
Gillian slowly relaxed and I felt her body open. I quickly mounted her and eased my cock in. There was bit of initial discomfort as her muscles slowly adjusted to this foreign object being thrust inside it. When her legs began to thrash out I had to hold them down as continued fucking her with a gradual increase in tempo.
This went for a good ten minutes or more until we heard a faint tapping at the door. It was Beth who had the good discression not to enter the room and could clearly surmise was going on from the other side. Gillian could quite vocal when we fucked.
Hearing Beth's voice aroused a renewed intensity---the giggling Gillian was replaced in my mind by the mature Beth--the engetic participant rather the passive girl laying beneath me at the moment. I had to restrain myself from calling out her name.
"Out in a minute or so!" I called out to Beth and heard her footfalls recede down the hallway towards the kitchen.
We were both pretty saturated with sweat, becoming more slick as the minutes ticked along. At moments it resembled fucking a squid. I held her legs up to the point where she was nearly folded if half but it made my cock slip just that more deeper into her sweet cunt.
I pulled out in just the nick time and discharged my load of come over her flat smooth belly and petite tits. We hastily dressed and headed for the bathroom for a very quick shower and then dashing into the kitchen where we were greeted by some very curious glances.
I slipped silently up behind Mom and quickly reached up under the hem of her robe which just barely concealed her ass. Her let out a little cry when she felt these unexpected fingers tickling her pussy. I loved the feeling of the thick hair bristle against my finger tips.
She swunf her head round and kissed me on the corner of my mouth.
"Don't forget to wash your hands, baby," she said.
It was only Mom, Gillian, Beth, and myself that morning. Angela had the day off from work and was sl**ping late. Had she been working she would have probably beat Gillian into my bedroom this morning and I'd be sitting eating breakfast with a sore cock.
I looked over at Beth and gave her a smile.
"You should have joined us," I whispered to her.
"I thought about it for a moment, but decided to let you two alone," she responded.
"I want to fuck you," I said a few moments later.
"I'm on the rag," she casually announced.
"That never stopped us before."
Beth tied to repress a smile.
"You should go give Angela a poke. I'm sure she'd like that. Save yourself for some pussy at school."
During recess the other day LeTosha Moore and I slipped discreetly off to this small wooded area near the school yard. There was a lot of aggressive flirting going between the two of us since the start of the school year but it never went any further a hasty finger fuck round behind the school before the beginning of classes. Now we were alone but our time was very limited and we quickly got down to business. LeTosha was more developed than many of the other girls her own own. She had an amazing set of tits that were the source of a lot of trouble for her wheneever she came to school wearing shirts that exposed too much flesh.
"They're just angry cos they can't fuck me, that's all,' she told me.
This particular day she wore a skirt which could be quickly pushed up and back down if need with a front fastening bra to make access to those magnificent tits all the more easier.
I like aggressive women who are unashamed of their passion and LeTosha fit that description to a T. Within moments of reaching this wooded area she had opened my pants and extracted my cock which was already in a state of rigor mortis at the thought of this moment. I just didn't want to come too quickly.
Her long slender brown fingers gently wrung my cock and I saw an expression of approval on her face. I knew that she prefered white men, although she never really explained this to me. I asked once out of curiousity but the subject was quickly turned to another matter and I never brought it up again. The few guys she fucked in school said it was among the top lays in their lives.
"I judge a man by the way he eats my pussy," LeTosha told me.
"I love eating pussy," I was quick to respond which provoked a big bright smile.
"We'll see," she said.
All this anticipation made me dizzy and the day of the hasty finger fuck I could relive the moment over in my mind throughout the day by discreetly sniffing my fingers but draw more than a couple quzzical stares from other students. I had innumerable erctions over the course of the day.
Now following LeTosha's lead I slipped down her panties she positioned myself between her thighs. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a heart. It bristled nicely against my cheek as I plunged my face into cunt with tongue, lips, teeth, and fingers all working in unison.
'Oh, shit," I heard LeTosha cry out softly.
We had to be careful how loud we were because we were not too far from the others, periodically glancing up to keep an eye on the location of the nearest teacher. But a moment later we continued where we left off.
I carefully started caressing her assole as I resumed working on her pussy. I waited for any indication that she was not into that but detected nothing but still proceeded cautiously as I inserted one finger into the sphinter muscle. It tightened briefly and then relaxing, opening and accepted my finger.
LeTosha let out a long deep sigh.
'Yessssss,' she hissed softly and sank back down onto the ground and my finger advanced deeper until it could go no further and then gently swirled it round to a response of what I can only describe as cooing.
Time was rapidly fleeting. Recess would be over before we realized it. We both were both keenly aware of this fact.
"Fuck me, baby!" LeTosha cried out.
I kept one finger still lodged in her asshole as I sank down over her waiting soft brown body. She had managed to open her bra and her amazing tits popped the two haves apart and sprung free. The black nipples ornamenting each breast was erect and resembled toothpaste tube caps. I suckled them eagerly and she poised my cock towards her awaiting cunt.
But just as I had entered her we hear the whistle bering blown that it was time to go back inside. We fucked hard for a few seconds we had before the possiblity of being caught. I pulled out quickly and shot my load over the dead leaves on the ground and then quickly redressed and slipped in with the others without being seen the whole time.
"You were great," LeTosha whispered into my ear just before we departed on our seperate ways. "You made me come."
I was in heaven for the remainder of the day.
Of course this memory flashed by in an instant as I sat at the breakfast table with my s****rs and mother.
Beth gave me a knowing little smile and under the table squeezed my leg

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