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Second encounter with the thug that took my anal v

Background Info:This is a continuation of my last story. IF for you haven't read my first story, I'll Give you some back ground info. I am a masculine bisexual black dude who had never had sex with a guy. I have fucked 100s of girls but always tried to deny my homosexual urges. One day I got a chance to explore gay sex. This dude was straight he lived below me, he had a girlfriend, and even though he wasn't a thug he dressed acted and talked just like one. If you need an idea of what he look like he looked like a hoodish younger slightly darker version of Micheal Ealy( Ricky from " the Barber shop") with baby dread locks.

A month later: My asshole finally stopped hurting and bleeding, I said to myself " this was a one time thing you are not suppose to be gay or sl**p with men you finally know what its feels like so just leave it alone". I fucked allot of girls that month to try to get over what I though was just a homosexual phase i was going through. But one day I was watching television and the movie "barber shop" was on a channel i had flipped to. Wow and there was Michael Ealy( Ricky) sexy, fly with a up north swag( new yorker swag). My dick immediately jumps up and I found my self wondering what the guy downstairs was doing, I tried not to think about him but at this point, I just got to see him and talk to him. when we had sex he just fucked me and left, Even though I fulfilled my fantasy I felt somewhat used. I don't know why but i did.

A second encounter: It was about 11 am on a bright sunny Wednesday morning. I decided to go to the gym in my apartment complex. I walk to the gym and when I get there through the glass i see a guy with a strong sexy back lifting weights. I knew it was him so i turned around before he could see me. I wasn't sure if i had the courage to be in the same room with him. Somehow i over came my fear and just went inside the gym. It was just us two, when i came inside he acknowledged me by nodding his head, I did the same, He was shirtless sweaty with a pair of baggy sagging basketball shorts and as always a fresh pair of Air Jordans. This is the first time i paid any attention to his body. The first time i saw him naked i was nervous at first then he was shoving his fat dick down my throat, so i was focusing on not biting his dick and not throwing up and finally during sex i was in so much pain all i could do was hope he would hurry up and cum. His body was perfect he wasn't as slim as i though he would be naked he had a thick plump muscular hairless chest, very defined abs his back was complete muscle above his waist was this deeply defined V-cut and his arms were so nicely toned. I guess you could say, his body and his swag( the way he speak and act) was similar to the rapper DMX. So we are both standing there with our Ipods on acting as is we didn't know each other or have sex. I for one think he really didn't care that i was there, but i wanted to talk to him touch him smell him. The chemistry in the gym was getting thick his shorts were sagging so i could see his fat dick rising behind his black boxer brief underwear. His strong thuggish body was dripping wet with sweat and Its like his dick was right there i my face, I couldn't work out, this was too much for me so i left the gym and walked home.

Heating up: I got home and laid on the bed angry because, I didn't understand what i was feeling. I didn't want to he so hung up on this guy. This was starting to control every aspect of my life. After being home about 5 minutes I got off the bed and i walked toward the bath room i needed a shower, i was wet and sweaty. Before i could get to the bathroom i heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was him. Standing there with no shirt his baby dread locks were dripping sweat just like the rest of his body, He said " yo can i use yo cell I'm about to go over on my minutes"? I said "yea that cool". he called someone and told them he was going to be working over night again and that they can keep the car he has a ride. I said "so you got the job" he said "hell naw bruh i ended up working at with my cousin over night i hate that shit man". Without me inviting him he sits on my couch, he has such a confidence about him he's not arrogant but he seems so comfortable and sure of himself, he wasn't nervous like me. I said "so bruh whats yo name" he said "Jay" i said "I'm Mark", he laughed and said "that corny ass name" i laughed and sat beside him on the couch. I got straight to the point and asked so "are you bisexual" he said "hell naw, i ain't gay i ain't with that fag shit", i was afraid to look and him and challenge his statement so i looked down and said "but you fucked me". He said " shit nigga that was my first time fucking a nigga but thats what real niggas do, we fuck shit, a hole is a hole, shit nigga you the one getting fucked like bitch". My heart fell of my chest. I was speechless that really kind of hurt my feelings i mean, I'm no soft ass dude i am very masculine but this guys seems to have complete control over my emotions; as masculine as i am he makes me feel less of a man than he is. He asked " so you let niggas fuck you all the time" i told him he was the first and only guy i had ever been with. he said " i figured that because you can't suck dick and you scared of dick". He said "ima teach you how to suck dick cause you go be my lil fuck boy" i said "what do you mean" he said when i wanna fuck, you let me fuck, i want a key to yo place so i can come and go as i please", i nervously told him we can have sex but i don't know about the key part. while we were still sitting on the couch fully dresses him minus a shirt, he pulled his sweaty dick out of his boxer briefs, i leaned down to suck it and his said " nigga get on yo knees", i got on my knees and positioned my self between his legs and began to suck his dick.

Oral Sex: I kelp in mind what he told me last time watch my teeth and don't swallow my spit, he went on to tell me not to use my hands at all. His dick was salty from the dried sweat, it began to grow and before i knew it i was dealing with a monster.i'm putting as much of it in is mouth as i can and he is still not satisfied he wants his dick to hit the back of my throat, my eyes began to water, he makes me so nervous, even though he's just laying back and texting someone on his phone i was afraid to look up at him, i looked down at his dick and it was dripping wet, my spit was running down his dick to the crack of his ass. He grabbed my head and f***ed his dick to go deeper in my mouth. I felt my self about to throw up so i pulled back to prevent vomiting. this went on for about 15 minutes. My jaws started to get sore i was having a hard time; he finally got tired of hearing me gag and told me to get naked and lay on the living room floor, he pulled off his basked ball shorts his boxer brief and kicked off his shoes he went into my room where he knew he would find the baby oil.

Anal sex: I was nervous more so than last time because i know its going to really hurt and he doesn't care how it feels to me, he just wants to get a nut. He comes back into the living room he put the baby oil on his dick and tell to lie on my back, he spits on my asshole and tried to put his fat, inflated dick inside my ass. I'm moaning with pain as the head enters the walls of my ass, the pain is is enough to make me want to tell him to stop but i don't want to disappoint him, i said "bruh we need a condom" he ignored me and f***ed his entire dick into my ass hole. As i lay there with my ass on fire and my lower back feeling like its about to break, he lays on top of me and goes and deep inside me as he can, it felt like someone's entire arm was penetrating me; i am moaning loud, you could hear the pain in my voice, he turned the volume up on the TV so no one could hear me screaming and begging him to slow down and take it easy. He looked at me and began to kiss me in my mouth, he wrapped his arms around my body as if he was hugging me. there i lay with his giant dick inside my ass being held in his strong arms with his tongue in my mouth, i forgot all about the pain. Then i feel his warm cum gush into my ass, he got up, told me to put his clothe in the washer, fix him something to eat and he was going to take a shower.

Bed side manner: While he took a shower i went into my other bathroom and cleaned my self off, his cum is still running out of my ass it was so rich, thick and white he is such a man. I put his clothes in my washing machine and i cooked him a chicken pot pie and a hot pocket; he got out of the shower went into my room and got into my bed naked he told me to tune the AC down because he was cold, i did so and gave him his food, I then took a shower. My shower was my only time to reflect on what was going on, here i am sore from having sex with the guy of my dreams and he is laying in my bed eating food that i cook for him but all i am is his fuck boy someone he sees when he want to fuck or get away from his nagging girlfriend. I got out the shower dried off lotion-ed up and got in the bed with him wearing only my polo boxers, he was watching ESPN and I'm not into sports but i wouldn't dare ask him to change the channel, so i lay there as he sits at the foot of my bed arguing with the sports broadcaster; he has such a deep voice, again he is such a man. he lays down and continue watching ESPN he never changes the channel. He began to fall asl**p and i lay on his chest and we both fall asl**p together. I woke up around 7pm and he was still sl**p, i quietly got up put his clothe in the dryer and cooked some shrimp fried rice. Shortly after i was done cooking, i heard him peeing in the bathroom, so i grabbed his clothes out of the dryer, when i went to take him his clothes, he took them and threw them on the bathroom counter grabbed my hand and through me on the bed. Its weird because he never ask me for sex, he just he just takes it. I laid on my stomach as he fucks me, kissing the back of my neck gripping my shoulders holing my waist, pounding me as if he was trying to rip me open, which i think he did, he says " damn you got a nice ass" at this point it still hurts but I'm able to enjoy it more, he nuts in me again put his clothes on, go into the kitchen and make a plate of the rice and chicken i cooked. We sat on the living room couch watching ESPN and eating. I said "don't you have to go to work" he said "I'm off tonight". it was at this point i realized when he made the phone call earlier. he was telling his girlfriend he was working over night so he could spend the night with me. I didn't know how to feel about that, because he's cheating on her with me, and i feel bad about that, but he's such a man, i wouldn't dare question him or deny him. we finished eating and went to bed, he woke me up numerous times during the night to fuck me and nut in me, that morning he left and and he put my number in his phone, he didn't give me his number but still warned me to never ever call his phone, he left and i went back to bed with a sore ass full of warn cum.


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