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In honor of St. Patrick's Day

On a beautiful spring day in Ireland, a priest is walking down a country road when he sees Mary Katherine, a beautiful lass he's known since he baptized her as a babe at his church, walking in the opposite direction, crying hysterically.

"Mary Katherine, my darling c***d, what ever can be wrong on such a lovely day?" the priest asks.

"Ohhh, Father... I'm so sad... My husband..." sobs Mary Katherine. "My husband died last night at home..."

"Ohhh, Mary Katherine, I'm terribly sorry for your loss... Tell me, c***d, did he have any last words?"

"Yes, Father..." says Mary Katherine. "His last words were: MARY KATHERINE, PUT DOWN THAT GODDAMN GUN!"

Erin Go Bra.. Bragh!

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