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What do frustrated mature women do?

As a student, being a naughty girl was second nature and once you got your teeth into the game, it was a colourful, exciting and fullfilling experience.
Fast forward 23 years and you hit that awful number 40, then you realise another year has gone, but amazingly, a whole year where you have never felt a cock.
22 years of tugging, pulling, biting, streching, squeezing, sliding, kneading and applying vaccum sucks, with love and saliva, have come to an end, that Christmas.
When I say I am dry I dont mean 'On the Wagon' or vaginaly dry, god no, I mean I have not pumped semen from a mans' testes in over a year and that in my fertile mind is fucking awful.
In truth my toy collection has increased by three, the latest a neat model from Lelo, a Swedish company, employs style, sleekness, angle and a fantastic motor that drives vibrations down to your curled toes and up to your hair roots, in its many pulsating modes, including one that tries to puch a hole into your uterus, by lifting my ass off the bed with each punch and rattling my teeth, then the release mechanism of my orgasm escapes through my hot breath and glazed eyes, the 'Fucckkk Meeee' mouthings drop a few decibels, as muscels relax, nipples contract and legs akimbo the baby eases out of that throbbing orifice, once so well serviced by numerous cocks my toys usurped.
Yes they do proved us females with a good service and when connected to our national grids in the Western World, these men replacements tools in conjunction with dirty female thoughts are providing more than halve of Western Females a daily fuck as good as she is of thinking her fantasy sexual experience, where all men wish to be listening and thinking the ultimate female experience.
So what was my last real life experience? It was in a car ride home and with a friend of my husband, his wife a good friend of mine was passed-out beside us, d***k like me, but more tired.
We had been on a local cruise with lots of wine, dancing and being groped by d***k men, which is the norn when inhibitions have flown out the window, with each glass raised.
Once his wife was parked into the back seat of the taxi ride home, a 40 minute journey through the nature forrest, my tormentor sat alongside me and d****d his arm over my shoulder, as my husband settled into the front of the taxi and began his slurred nontalk with the driver.
Off we went into the dark and as I closed my eyes my naked breast was ever so gently eased out of its suporting cup and in full view to no-one in particular in the darkened interior, my nipple was subjected to gentle teasing, plucking and twisting.
Of course the absurd nature of what was happening was lost in the pleasure I was now masking in pretence of sl**p. I was being sexually assaulted and enjoying it. He could not be aware I was now squeezing of my thighs, trying to stimulate my clitoris, and this mearly told my attacker, he was twisting the fuck me button, now superbly erect and sticking out front on my bare breast.
As I quietly squirmed and eased forward on the seat, he shifted ever so easily, carefully manipulating my nipple and easing my dress all the way up my thighs, until my panties, thankfully black and whispy, came into view. 'Take them off' I was ordered in one long hot breath into my ear, 'Get them fucking off now' was followed as I hooked my thumbs into the thin elastic and pushed it over my hips, my raised ass and down my thighs and knees, where they conveniently dropped to my ankles, no longer a barrier, no longer an object of resistance to this demanding male.
I was terrified the noise of his fingers penetrating my open inviting vagina, not to mention the moans escaping my mouth would draw from the front of the vehicle, but thankfully we were in a diesel engined car, so I joined-in with the mixed decibels coming from the engin compartment.
25 minutes into the journey I now turned onto my side, put my head onto his sl**ping wives shoulder and with my fully exposed lower extremities angled correctly, I was penetrated with absolute ease and fucked in that position until I could feel the release of his seed deep into my vagina, as it hit the entrance to my uterus, I remember thing, 'Fuck now I now how this guy has so many c***dren, he pumps you full and hits you right on the spot' He remained in my for the remainder of the journey only slipping out to tuck himself in as we arrived at out house. We did not speak throughout the whole journey, we both had just commited adultory and felt no shame in the deception and all I said as we parted was, 'Thankyou for everything including your sperm' kissed him on the lips and traced my tongue along his lips and winked goodnight.
That was me saying to him I am here for more, just call and I will be available. He never did nor did his sperm fertilize me.

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