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The best time

It was like any other summer day I was stuck inside bored out of my mind not sure what to do being only 15 years old I was always told that there was alot of things to do.The one thing I had been curious about was of all the things was sex but the thing was I liked my older cousin she was 19 years old she had the slim figure big tits beautiful eyes and long brown hair that reminded me of one of my favorite actresses. It was about a week later when she had came over I was in my room didnt realize she had walked in and i was looking a porn she giggled and closed the door behind her. I was so imbarassed I didnt know what to do but she just said it was normal for someone my age but what she had asked me next shocked me she had asked me if I thot she was as attractive as the girls in the videos I didnt know what to say then she locked the door and said that this would be our secret she then proceded to take her shirt off and she had a white lace bra on with her erect nipples showing through she had asked me again and i didnt know what to say. As I hezitated she picked up her shirt and started to put it back on and i grabbed her arm and stopped her i just looked at her and said that i had never seen someone as beautiful as you and I was just speechless she then undid her bra and let her large D sized breast fall out and she then looked at me seeing that my dick was rock hard then there was nock at the door she put her shirt on a answered it and it was just someone letting us know that no one would be home she then turned and looked at me with a big smile on her face she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her I was puzzled because she was my cousin but at the same time I had wanted to fuck her.
I got out of the chair a walked towards her and kissed her It felt as if I was dreaming but I wasnt then she took her pants off I took my fingers and started rubing her moist wet pussy and slid two fingers inside her as she rested her head on my shoulder and slide her hand down my pants grabbing my hard cock. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and undid my pants and started putting my cock into her mouth i had never felt this way before I was about to cum but I stopped her and pushed back on the bed as spread her legs open and ran my tongue down her thigh as I looked up I seen her wet pussy I took my tongue and started slowly running it up in down in the slit savoring all of her juices and she started bucking and moaning and she pulled me up and kissed me and with a look of lust in her eyes and a sultre tone in her voice she said Fuck me I then got over the top of her as she took my cock and guided it into her wet pussy i slowly started to sink in inside her giving her so much pleasure that she started moaning so loud that I thot someone would here us but I didnt care and neither did she almost after a hour of slamming her we laid in bed holding each other and I just couldnt get enough because I countinued to play with her pussy but then we had to clean up because the were on there way home but to this day me and her still remeber what happend and we still love fucking each other.

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