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Mother and Son

I don't quite know how it happened but I found myself, on my knees, my panties soaking wet staring directly at my teenage son's large, thick throbbing erection.......

Matt had been with me even before he was born. I had carried him inside me for 9 months, I could feel his heart beat, his arms & legs moving inside me.

His drop kick dad had left me for some married slut before Matt was born. For 18 and a half wonderful years Matt had been the only man in my life.

I can clearly remember looking to see if he was a boy or a girl when the nurse handed him to me in the hospital. His tiny pink penis gave up the secret. I had given birth to a strong wonderful boy, hopefully he would grow up with his arsehole fathers dark handsome looks & my loving nature, he had his whole life ahead of him.

I watched Matt grow from a fragile infant to a young outgoing & athletic boy. Raising him on my own was hard work & left no time for a social life. My sex life was my imagination, my fingers & a cheap vibrator.

I craved the love & touch of a man. The scent, the firmness, the HARDNESS. Often at night my fantasies were so vivid I had to bite down hard on my duck down pillow to muffle my moans as my fingers worked overtime on my swollen clitoris. Too many nights I found myself up in the middle of the night changing the bed sheets that I had soaked from a good squirting orgasm.

Matt had almost outgrown being bathed by his mum, he was growing up & soon he was bathing & showering on his own. I remember fondly the days when I would wash his tiny body, lather it up with suds & we would blow bubles together as he frolicked naked around the bathroom. The 2 of us were mother & son but also best mates forever.

His carefree nature changed as he grew older. I remember walking in on him once in the bathroom, he blushed as he covered his erection with a towel. I guessed he had started the transition from boy to man & had started experimenting with masterbation.

This became more obvious over the next few years. It became a daily ritual for me whilst cleaning his room to remove crusty, semen stained tissues from under his bed, not to mention the rapidly growing Penthouse & Hustler magazine collection in his cupboard, if he only knew that I would often masterbate on his bed with my vibtaror whilst he was at school, looking at the same sexy open legged women & sometimes hot fucking couples in the more risque pictutes in hustler. The same pictures that he looked at when he masterbated to orgasm at night, leaving me with another batch of tissues to clean up, well we had to have some secrets from each other.

We talked openly about sex now as he grew older. I wanted his first sexual experience to mean something, and I wanted it to be in a place where he & his girlfriend felt comfortable. Not a 3 minute fuck in the back of a tattoo parlour as his d***ken mates looked on, which is how I concived Matt at the age of 16.

At 15 he started to bring girls home, they would be sweet young things. They would watch movies & play playstaion games. There was no kissing or touching at this stage but I could tell by the bulge in Matts shorts on occasions that it would not be long before experimentation would occur.

It was nice to have other females in the house as well & I must say he had an eye for the ladies. His girls were usually slender, lithe sexy young things. With skirts shorter than short & barely there tops, there was more white cotton pantie & nipple exposue here than in a strip club. They usually had long blonde hair, perky young breasts & legs to die for. Suddenly at 32 I was feeling old.

I watched Matt from the kitchen on his 16th birthday. He had invited a few friends over & they all chated, laughed & played together in the pool. They were a great bunch of guys & girls, all young fit & athletic.

Not even realising it I found myself rubbing my crotch as half naked young bodies lounged around in my backyard covered in not much more than suntan oil & tiny, tiny swimsuits. I was fantasising about Matt's latest girlfriend. I was not a lesbian but I had oftened wondered about being with a woman & Matt's latest girl was striking. I watched as her girlish breats bounced as she ran around the pool, her puffy nipples hard from the cold pool water, her swimsuit creeping up her tight firm bottom. She was different to his other girls, She had long dark hair, striking blue eyes & a cum fuck me smile. I wondered what those full lips would feel like on my wet pussy lips, how her firm young breasts would feel in my hands. I wondered if her womanly crevice between her legs was as wet as mine. I was so close to a wonderful orgasm when i heard the backdoor open. I quickly composed myself & looked up to see Matt & a mate come in for some drinks.

It was later that day that i realised Matt was well & truely on his way to man hood. His friends had left & there was only Matt & his Girlfirend Kim left by the pools edge. I watched as they moved closer, holding hands and kissing. They were so tender & sweet & so good looking together, Matt had definatelty got his jerk of a fathers good looks, he was handsome, fit & toned But when Kim pulled down his speedos as he sat on the edge of the pool I noticed Matt had one thing his deadshit dad did not have. A huge, thick, wonderful looking erect cock.

No one was stopping my orgasm this time as I watched Kim's lips wrap themselves around my sons throbbing erection, how could this girl look so sweet & innocent yet be able to take the whole of his cock so far down her throat was beyond my belief. The juices were dripping down my my fingers over my hands & down my thighs forming a large wet puddle on the floor as I came & by the look on Matt face, so had he. Kim's young face & dark hair was being covered in repeated thick long blasts of white semen, I watched as she leaned over & spat some of his warm creamy cum out onto the grass. She swam away washing the rest of Matt's cum from her her face in the cool pool water.

I used this scene as my main masterbation fantasy many times over the next 2 years, occassionaly listening to Matt & numerous girls fucking away in his bedroom as my fingers pushed deeper & deeper inside my pussy.

Matt had moved away, I had not seen him for 6 months when he called to say he was coming home for the weekend & he was bringing a friend. I was so excited, my baby boy, my main man, was coming home. I had my hair & nails done, dont know why but i also went out & had a braziliian. I was looking & feeling good & ready to clebrate with my boy.

Matt pulled up in the driveway & I was surprised to see Kim, his girlfriend from 2.5 years ago was with him. Apparently they had got back together & it was serious this time. Matt looked more handosme than ever, he had done 6 months training in the police academny & he was buffed. Kim was more beautiful than I remebered. More womanly, her body especially her berasts had filled out in all the right places, she looked like sex on legs.

We had a great day together, we went out to dinner & I dont usually drink but tonight i partied & proably had a few to many cocktails. I watched Matts hand run up the back of Kim's leg & rub her bottom, i also noticed his erection in his trousers as I wished them a good night & went off to bed.

I drifted off into a deep sl**p. But was woken by the unmistakable noise of a womans orgasm. Matt & Kim were going at it & they were not being shy, my imagination raced as I pictured my sons sexy toned body holding Kim's sexy naked body close, his erection moving in & out of her, there juices mingling, tounges & fingers entwined, rubbing, licking & entering un natural & forbidden places. It must have been the alcolhol but I lay there rubbing myself & started to wish Matt was fucking me, holding me tight & taking me from behind, his thick cock pumping inside me, his big balls slapping my arse as he thrust deeper & deeper into me. Stopping only to pull out of my soaking vagina & pressing his cock against the opening of my tight arsehole, edging itself slowly into my backdoor love tunnel, as my fingers continued to rubb my swollen clit, his manly hands wrapped around my heaving breats, my erect nipples between his strong fingers, my aching cunt exploding & squirting juices everywhere as he filled my arse with his warm seed, it to been so long since I had had sex & I wanted it so bad, even if it was with my own handsome son.

I found myself hot, my pussy trobbing, my juices litterally flowing, my mouth was dry, my head spinning. i needed a drink. I got out of bed & went to the fridge to get a glass of water, dressed only in my white cotton panties & a white t shirt. I stumpled to the fridge & being half d***k & half asl**p dropped the water jug, spilling water down the front of my white T shirt & onto the floor. I got on my hands & knees with some paper towels to clean up the mess, the only light coming from the refrigerator. I heard a noise in front of me, I looked up;

I don't quite know how it happened but I found myself, on my knees, my panties soaking wet staring directly at my teenage son's large, thick throbbing erection, glistening in the dim light, covered in his girlfriends juices, her musky scent filling my nostrills. His cock looked amazing & I felt my already wet pussy gush with another discharge of fluid as I watched pre cum oozing from the tip of his cock & drip onto the floor in front of me, his penis now just inches from my eagerly waiting lips.....

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