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One that got away (funny story)

a few years ago i was a sophmore in college and i was kind of struggling to get used to the whole college life and stuff. I havnt had any long term relationships, as a matter of fact ive never had one more than a couple of weeks. that semester i said to myself "im gonna change this and get something going"; around that time i noticed a girl, she was my swimming proffesor and was only a year older than me.

this girl was probably the most beautiful girl i have ever seen ( in all honesty she really is) she had shoulder length black hair that had a very unique glossy texture. she had peerless green eyes and was about 5'6 and about 90lbs. every part of her was perfect, perfect clear skin with a few tatoos ( an egyptian eye of rha, and two small dragons on her back that had latin phrases beneath them), she had perfectly straight teeth as white as fresh snow. she also had a very nice six pack.

i told her she was very pretty and you can imagine how intimidated i felt talking to such an immaculately beautiful girl. she was flattered and told me she was a personal trainer, which was awesome to me because at that time i worked out all the time and was for the most part living a hardcore bodybuilding lifestyle. i later found out she used to be an olympic swimmer. i was just in awe of her at this point. but not only was she incredibly beautiful but she was smart. she was only a year older than me and at that time she was only a year away from completing her phd. and honestly she was so smart me and my friends were scared to talk to her because she always seemed to know more about things than we did.

well i had a plan, i ended up hiring her as my personal trainer. this was a good way to bond and it was something we both enjoyed doing. We worked out together for about three months. At this point she was well aware i was into her and i was dying for her to just suck my cock. i wanted to have sex with her so bad it was pathetic, i could only imagine how it would feel, her body pressed against mine, her warm breast held tightly to my chest as i gently slide my cock inside her. i could almost feel her vagina, so warm and moist, practicaly flooding vaginal fluid over my rock hard cock . i had to have her.

the school i go to kinda has a reputation as a party school so halloween is a BIG DEAL. your school year is entirely defined by how awesome your halloween party is. me and my roomates at that time were notorious for throwing awesome parties. so i invited her. unfortunately not many people showed up, and i was stressed out after getting ripped off on some alcohol, paid a 100 dollars for 2 handles of absolut, but it didnt matter cuz i was sure i was going to get laid. when she arrived i was so nervous i could barely talk, and after hanging out for a while with me and some friends she could tell.

we went to my room, jus me her and one of my best friends and chilled for awhile. she really wanted me to relax and talked me into taking one of her klonopins. i had already drank quite a bit and so had she, my friend had by this time left my room.

it was just me and her and she sat there running her hands through my hair as we talked to each other, now right about now i was laying down and my vision was pretty blurry and i felt pretty dizzy. she leans down right next to my ear and says "lets go to sl**p". she jumps up locks the door and strips down to her underwear, she jumps in the bed and just as she lyes down, i turn over and i blackout.

we woke up the next morning, and the first thing she said was "what did we do last night". sadly i couldnt remember and still have no clue. i missed my greatest chance ever to sl**p with her. and unfortunately our relationship didnt last much longer; long story short she had some unresolved relationship issues. but my cock is still hungry to taste her cunt, who knows maybe ill get another chance?

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