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What a day!!

i remember trembling with anticipation,as she took my hand and slid it up her short skirt.
"i`ve touched myself thinking of you",she whispered in my ear.
"mmm,do you feel how wet you make me?"she moaned softly as my fingers run over her hot,wet pussy.
i didn`t know what to`s my girlfriends mother,skirt hiked up and my hand in her panties.i certainly felt shocked,yet tunred on.i knew was the luckiest guy in highschool.i was alittle intimidated by this older woman,but was up to the challenge.
my cock was throbbing,pressing up against my jeans,as my fingers spread her pussylips and i gently slipped a finger inside her.she moaned in my ear as she ran her tongue up and down my neck.
i was just a teenager at the time but was ready to take this hot mom and make her cum over and over.
i dropped to my knees and with one motion,had her panties off and twisted her around to expose her round,tight ass.i spread her ass cheeks and began licking her from her hard clit,right up to her tight tongue worked over every area of her sweet,hot pussy,as she thrusted her body back and forth to envelope my entire face.
i was now a man tongue continued it`s dance over her clit,my fingers tickling over her wetness.i slid two fingers inside her and she accepted them.i licked her asshole,swilring my tongue around as my fingers continued to fuck her wet hole.
my face now covered in her cunt juice,my fingers inside her and i was ready to push the face pulled away from her asshole and i gently slid a finger in her tight,soaking wet asshole.
she turned her head back to me and said"you ARE a dirty boy,aren`t you?"
i stood up with my fingers still inside her ass and said"do you want me to stop?"but before she could answer i began thrusting harder in her ass and put three fingers back in her pussy.
she arched her back to take all my fingers and screamed with pleasured
"fuck me baby!fuck my ass and pussy at the same time.that`s it baby,keep going harder,harder!!harder!i`m gonna cum dirty boy".
i certainly had no intention of stopping.i fucked her harder and harder until she came over my fingers.she shuddered in pleasure,rubbing her beautiful breasts together,sucking one of her nipples in her mouth as she came.i continued to rub her soflty after she came,my fingers covered in her juices.when i was done,i pulled my finger out of her asshole,my other hand out of her dripping,wet pussy and tasted her.then,i put them to her mouth where she began to suck her own juices off my fingers like she was sucking a cock.
as i stood behind her,arm wrapped over her as she was sucking my fingers clean,my cock was thobbing as i began pushing up against her ass cheeks.i thought"i just finger fucked my girlfriend`s mother`s asshole!!what a day!!"
and the day wasn`t over yet.she turned to me and said"your turn.lose the pants".
to be continued...

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