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Once upon a night

The other night I was shopping at Wal Mart for things that I needed at home. I saw this guy he was about 6'4", had a great body dressed in slacks, polo shirt and boat shoes he had a shopping basket full of toileties. We were in line together so to be friendly struck p a conversation with him. He said he hated shopping, but had to do it at least once a month, I told him that I loved to shop especially for clothes, of all kinds. He asked what kind of all kinds,I explained that it was private girl stuff and he laughed we paid our bill. End up walking out together his car was parked across from mine. I said can I buy you a cup of coffee, he said yes but not from Starbucks so I invited him to my house which was close by. When we got to may house he was a total gentlemen he helped me with my bags of supplies. I open the door to let us in I told him thank you for helping with the bags, to sit down and I'd make him a cup of coffee or if he wanted something stronger. He said he'e like something stronger so I made him a whiskey on the rocks and brought it to him I tought
that I couldn't let this chance go by I let my tit rub up against his arm by accident but he noticed my move and put his are around my waist and brought me into his arms, he kissed me real softly at first with his lips than with his tongue we wrestled there for a while until I could feel his cock against my belly it felt so warm through the material of his pants.
I reached down unziped his pants I pulled his cock out, to play with it he said that it's been a while and I said not anymore, well its now so I bent down I took his cock into my mouth started to lick all over than I really got down to business it was a great cock it had a man scent to him it was a fine one nice round head just right for me to suck all the way into my mouth, I used my lips and tongue on his cock I sucked it and licked all the way down my throat it was huge it got stuck but I relaxed my throat and took it all. He moaned O M G he grabbed my head to pump me up and down on his cock he said if I keeped this up much longer he was going to cum in my mouth I nodded my head to say yes I wanted his cum in my mouth. So he keeped on moving my head up and down until suddenly he started to yell "I'm cumming, I'm cumming", he pumped all his cum into my mouth and down my throat it tasted wonderful. He sat back breathing hard. He told me he'd always wanted to have that done to him that way but never found anyone who new how. I took him by the hand into the living room where I sat him on the couch I took off my pants, panties and climbed up on his face and said its time to have a snack, he went to town on my pussy he really knew how to eat pussy. He licked my pussy lips with his tongue stuck his tongue into my pussy and sucked very softly on my clitty in a few menutes I was cumming all over his face, he keeped on doing my pussy until he made me cum again when I look down at his cock it was standing proud, I said you look ready for the main cource, I sat on his cock and it slided all the way in like he was made for my pussy we started slow, I'd slide up very slowly on his cock than I'd drop down very hard on his cock I was ready to have a another orgasm so I had two more. He was wonderful he knew how to fuck soft, slow, hard and fast. It lasted for a while finally he screamed that he was going to cum again I said yes, yes , yes has I came again with him filling my pussy with all his cum. We sat there for a while, his cock finally popped out of my pussy it was still semi hard, I layed him on the carpet and we sixty nined for a while. I said do you want to fuck me in my ass and he said I thought you'd never ask. He turned me on my stomach on hands and knees he said I'm going to eat your ass like no one has ever done you before. Than I'll fuck your ass until you cum some more. He ate out my ass with his tongue putting it in my ass hole, than he licked all around my ass this made me even hotter than I already was he made me cum again I screamed for him to put his cock in my ass he said not yet he keeped eatting my ass until he made me cum again while I was screaming from my orgasm he got up and shoved his cock into my ass he only pumped me about ten times before he came but was great because just has he came I had another orgasm that was so hard I slmost fainted. I was exhausted, so was he I ask him if wanted to spend the night but he said he couldn't because he was on his way out of town and wouldn't be back for a couple of days but woould call me when he got back. He said he wanted a rematch, he had some kinky ideas he wanted to try with me. But thats another story. Bye for now Veronica

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