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Screwing my slutty s****r with my b*****r at the l

The other night, after Brian and I got done with a 13 hour day of sealing and stripping parking lots in an Arkansas city, we headed for our dad’s cabin out on the lake. We had two things in mind, get d***k, and forget everything else. We stopped at the pony keg just outside the park, picked up some booze, eggs and munchies and headed out.
Now the cabin is hard to get to, and if you don’t know where you are going, you probably will miss the lane, even in broad daylight, so we were surprised when we pulled up, that there was another pickup truck already out front. I grabbed a gun out of the gun rack and Brian grabbed his pistol and we figured we were going to scare the piss out of some dumbass who had figured they could take whatever they found in our cabin.
Brian opened the door and I jumped through the door like they do all of those cop shows and screamed, “Get out of here!!” Mike came in right behind me and was at my shoulder when this pimple faced skinny guy popped up from the couch and he didn’t have a stitch of clothing on and little cock that was all shiny. Next my s****rs head popped up and she yelled. “What the hell are you two idiots doing?!?!?!”
Well, I had already begun the weekend so my mind couldn’t figure out what my stupid s****r was doing up here instead of at home on a Friday night in her senior year, but Brian had been driving so he yelled at the punk k**, “You have 30 seconds to grab your clothes, get in your truck and get the hell out of here before I move that puny cock of yours into your ass with a single shot!”
Well Cindy yelled at Brian, but pimple boy made a grab for his clothes and ran for the back of the door like he had just found out my s****r had crabs and I fell against the door and laughed my ass off. The door on the truck slammed and an engine gunned to life and gravel spun moments later and I could just see this skinny k** driving down the road in his birthday suit! It was hysterical!!
Cindy by this time was screaming at us both and she got right up in Brian’s face calling him every name in the book. She was backing him up even though he had his pistol and to be honest, I knew he was in a hell of a lot more danger than she was!! I did the only thing I could think to do. I grabbed one of the beers in the rings I had carried in with me and pulled it free and yelled, “Cindy, shut up and have a drink!” I tossed the beer at her and she barely turned quick enough to catch the beer and then she started in on me!
She took a swing at me, beer can in hand and I deflected the blow, just enough so that the can hit the edge of the door and split open spraying beer everywhere as she reared back to take another swing at me. Well Brian caught her hand and put her in a hammer lock and she wound up stumbling into me! I looked down and saw this beer running down her neck and across her boobs and it was just a natural thing. I leaned down to her neck and began sucking the beer off of her hot skin.
Now Cindy is built a lot like Mom was. She hasn’t got all fat like Mom, but she has the same huge tits, only hers are still firm . She smelled good too. I mean, her hair was there and I guess I wasn’t thinking so much about who she was, just that here was a naked girl, all flush and excited, and her skin tasted good. So I popped one of her tits in my mouth and started to suck.
Brian laughed, “I guess Mike and I kind of interrupted you and your little boyfriend there. No sense in wasting the time though. Looks like he already is bound to make it up to you, lil s****r. And if you say no, you can find your own way home and explain to Dad where you have been!”
Well, she slipped her hand out of his grip and turned and slapped old Brian hard enough that he dropped his gun. Fortunately, the damn thing didn’t go off, but I was behind her and as she started to swing at Brian, I figured I needed to save him. So I leaned the rifle against the wall and wrapped one arm around Cindy’s waist and the other in a half nelson and held her still.
That was when I realized it was her hair that smelled so good. And as she struggled against my grip, her bare ass kept rubbing my crotch and my cock started getting hard all by itself. Brian grabbed her other wrist and said, “Gee, what are you afraid of? That you can’t handle cocks of real men?” With that he leaned into her and began to kiss her real hard as she stopped struggling quite so much.
Well, when she relaxed, I did too and my hand moved down across her belly and soon I realized my fingers were at the top of her slit and she had not a single hair around her snatch! Well that did it. My cock leaped up like a frog on a lily pad and as I watched her and Brian sucking face, I released her arm and went to work one handed, undoing my belt to let my cock get some air!
Now let me make it perfectly clear, Brian and I are 3 and 4 years older than Cindy, and we have always given her shit growing up. We really never thought of her much as being a girl, just a part of the f****y. Sure, when she would lay out, I admit I sprayed her with water in hopes that I’d get to see her knockers and when she was in the shower, I had noticed Brian often went in and took a piss, but I don’t think any of us had ever really thought about anything like this before. But now that this freight train was moving, none of us were throwing on the brakes!! In fact, Brian’s pants hit the floor just a second after mine with some help from Cindy!
I closed the door and turned around as I saw Brian arch his back and Cindy said, “So, big b*****r, you like me to draw bl**d on your back?” Brian looked down into her face with an a****listic lust in his eyes and he shoved her back into me and I pulled her against me as I stumbled back against the door.
My cock was fully erect and went into the cleft of her ass, with my head just popping above her ass. She moaned and slid up on her toes, causing my cock to move in her ass crease and my hands went around and grabbed both her tits.
“Looks like Brian has chosen the back door, which is fine by me. My cock probably is going to split your little cunt, if that punk’s was doing anything at all for you!!”
Cindy suddenly stepped forward and turned so that she could see us both. “Hold on, you assholes. We have the whole weekend and I want to see which one of you can win my game. Which one of you can keep from blowing your nuts down my throat the longest.”
Before either of us could do a damn thing, she sank to her knees and took hold of my cock and began popping it into her mouth and sucking me like some whore!! Oh my God, that girl could suck, and I was afraid that I would be blowing my seed down her throat in a matter of a minute!! But just as quickly, she turned and sucked on Brian’s cock. I could tell by the look on his face that he was just as amazed by our s****r’s talents and pleased.
I don’t know how long we lasted. I really didn’t give a shit either. She would knob on him a few times then suck on me while she stroked him and then she would be all sloppy back on Brian. Back and forth, all of us moaning and then I saw Brian grab her hair and begin fucking her throat and he roared like a b**st. A few seconds later, he stumbled back against the other wall and goo dripped from the tip of his cock and spilled over her lips.
‘Mmmmm, you taste, good, Brian, but little b*****r Mikey gets the prizes. Fuck me Mikey! Fill me up with your big fuck stick!” I grabbed hold of her and she climbed up on my hips and before I knew it, my slutty s****r had worked the head of my cock into her cunt!
It took a minute for her to work her way all of the way down to my root, and when she did, she lay back barely holding onto my shoulders, trying to pull every bit of me into her hungry pussy. Then she tightened her thighs and raised up. Her tits came up to my mouth and I bit and sucked on first one then the other as she held just the head of my cock in her wet slit before dropping down hard on my cock.
We started slowly, but with my hands under her ass, I started picking up the pace and we locked mouths. Her tongue was still covered with Brian’s cum and somehow that made me all the hotter, then I heard Brian say, “Hold her there, yeah like that. “ I felt his cock, move between my finger tips and Cindy pressed herself into me hard!!
“OH my God!! Fuck both my holes!! God yes!!!” she screamed and Brians cock began to fill her from behind. I wound up cumming hard after just a few strokes and fell to the ground. Cindy suddenly moved so her boobs dangled in my face as Brian continued to pound her ass and those fun bags quivered with his every stroke!
When he came, he fell to the ground behind her and Cindy got up off of me and straddled his face with her pussy. “Eat Mikey’s cum, Brian! You two want to fuck your little s****r, well eat each other’s cum.. Yes!! That’s it, suck me!!” She screamed and began an orgasm that was wild.
The rest of the night we spent drinking suds and screwing each other crazy until we fell asl**p just a little before daybreak!!

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