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My First Time ;) part 3

On Tuesday when I next went to clean for him he was sat on the sofa waiting for me with all the bags of clothes he had bought me on Saturday sat there waiting for me to show, the blinds were drawn around the front of the house as well
As well as a camera...WT!!!
“What’s that for?? “ I asked
“I want pictures for when you’re not here “is all he said
Passing me a bag he asked me to try on a sexy nurses outfit which looked good on me if I do say so my self 
Click click is all I heard when I walked about especially with the boots he had bought me that I said I liked to the lady at that warehouse.
After he had taken the pictures of me he want in that outfit he passed me another bag school girl I did like the skirt but not the blouse but hey he paid for it and wanted to look like that so I wore it and had pictures then he passed me the vibe that I choose
“Have you ever used 1?” he said
“No master I haven’t “whilst shaking my head
“Well this is how you use it” he said while messing with all the buttons fingers at my pussy playing making me all wet then he makes me part my legs a little more than starts teasing it into me pushing it in more and more with each thrust using the different speeds and things
“Ohh master that feels weird but in a nice way Master I don’t want you to stop doing it please never stop “
With that he moved my hand to the vibrator “Now fuck yourself hard I want to see you cum”
His hand still on mine while I started to fuck myself mmm it felt so good (I can feel it now whilst typing).
I’m sorry this next part will be the highlights of that relationship as I have sore fingers at the moment and I know some of you can’t wait to find out what happens

Over many months I got used to dressing for him and doing as I was told but a week after I turned 16 he took me out for a meal and to see a show in London so a night in a hotel suite was needed.
We drank champagne had fancy food saw a great show but can’t remember what it was called.
When we got back to the hotel room I went for a shower and to put an outfit on by order of my master.
I walked though to the bedroom and master was standing there waiting for me and looking smiling at me “I love you “he said which took me by surprise as that was never said by him “I have something I want you to do for me tonight “looking at him “anything master “was all I said he told me to hurry and get dressed 10 minutes later I was dressed with a bit of make up on hair done and went though.
There was another man in the room with master “I want you to suck him like you do me “ I was in shock I’m shy never thought of another man like that then ......SLAP across my face “SLUT DO AS I TOLD YOU “ I got on my knees and started sucking this man off I didn’t like the taste of him at all then master Grabbed my hair pulling me away from that cock “DO IT AS IF IT WERE MINE SLUT “ and SLAP across the ass by the end of the night I had let that man do all sorts to me

He fucked my face, pussy, ass, and titties and slapped me so much that even master had had enough of him and told him to leave which he wasn’t too pleased about
Although we have had lots of men come and fuck me since they were nothing like that man
Master had set cameras up all around the house and business men would come to see him and master told me there names to let them wait for him in the house while I was dressed like a slut waiting for him then they would make me do blowjobs and fuck them and master was watching from wherever he was on his laptop there was this 1 man that liked school girls and that would be how I was dressed when he came round with white knee high socks and black 3 inch heels and the sexy white blouse I didn’t like much I wasn’t allowed to wear a bra because he wanted younger looking then that age group
The amount of pain and joy was immense the people that we saw did and the places he took me were out of this world
I finally left Master after nearly 5 years I had a great time with him and still get the odd call off him now but I needed some loving other than his.

But the experiences I had with him were things I will NEVER forget, we
He was my first fuck
He was my first blowjob
He was my first lick
He was my first everything apart from my first love
And I’m still waiting for that special someone that can keep up with me who will love me forever 

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