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You embarrased me,but thank you

This has truly happened to me twice, once with a black girl in Atlanta and once with a white girl in Fayetteville, NC. First was Fayetteville in a hotel bar on Bragg Blvd. Had a few drinks and am on the floor with a cute blond for a slow dance. My partner starts to mould her body against me so that I can feel her pubic bone pressing against my dick. I get rock hard quickly as we dance and she is grinding herself against me. I remember that the floor sort of cleared off of other dancers. I guess I had an interested audience. Well, my partner is basically dry fucking me in public, but I'm having a ball. As the song progressed, my pashion came to a head as I shot my load in my khaki trousers.

By the time the song was over, I had a very visible wet spot on the front of my pants about 6 inches across. I think everybody in the place saw it. Same thing in Atlanta. Neither woman was interested in going home with me, and neither one was a "working girl." Course, that stunt would be bad for business.

Anyone else ever had that happen to them? Was I the fool...or the lucky guy?

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