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Me and my s****r (Part 2)

-Thanks to all those who commented on my last story. As promised, here is part 2. and sorry for the long wait-

As I entered my s****r's pussy, I couldn't believe how amazing it felt. It wasn't better or worse than the blowjob. It just felt..different. My s****r's vagina was so warm, wet, and tight, and because of that I almost cummed right away. But I managed to hold it in and slowly started to fuck my s****r, pushing my cock into her deeper and deeper every time until it was buried to the hilt. Her juice was all over my dick her amazing smell reached my nose, making me fuck her faster. My s****r was moaning with pleasure, and I reached up and grabbed her tits, and played with her nipple, which caused my s****r to moan even louder.
"Damn s*s, you feel amazing."
My s****r smiled and said, "Fuck me faster little b*o."
And with that i granted her request. I started to fuck her faster and faster that my s****r's moans turned into screams. She would've woken up my b*****r so she muffled her screams with her pillow. Her tits were bouncing and the whole bed was shaking. Then my s****r screamed/moaned louder, and i felt her cumming. As she was cumming, I felt a familiar sensation, and before i realized it, i was cumming along with her. There was so much cum in my s****r's pussy that it overflowed onto the bed and the ground.
I took my dick out, and layed down on the bed next to her. Then I realized that i just released my sperm into my s****r.
As if to read my mind, my s****r said "Don't worry, I'm on a pill"
I sighed in relief that i didnt get my s****r pregnant. If she did get pregnant, that wouldnt be good.
My s****r put her arms around me, and closed her eyes. I don't remember closing my eyes, but I fell asl**p.

When I woke up, my s****r was still sl**ping next to me, and only an hour had passed. Slowly, I got up, put my clothes on, and left her room. I passed by my b*****rs room, and my b*****r was still sl**ping with some drool coming out of his mouth. I walked to the kitchen and went to the refrigerator to get some water. I found a bottle of cold water, took it, and started to drink some. Then the house phone started to ring, and so i answered it. Turns out it was my b*****r's friend, and wanted to know if my b*****r was going to sl**pover at his house today.
I told him that I would ask, and hung up. I drank the rest of my water and went to wake up my b*****r (who's name is Brian)
"Brian wake up."
He just snored and turned.
I tried to wake him up a few more times, but they all failed. Annoyed, I just walked over to his bed, and held his nose so he couldnt breathe. In about 2 seconds, my b*****r sprang awake.
"Your friend wants to know if you're going to sl**pover at his house."
Brian said that he would, and went to take a shower.
The phone rang again, and I went to answer it. This time it was my mom, teling me that she and my dad were gonna be out of town for the weekend.
After my mom hung up, I went to out sofa and took a nap.
When i woke up again, Brian was gone and my s****r (now in clothes) was cooking this soup looking thing.
"Hey little b*o." My s****r took out two bowls, and looked at me. "Are you hungry?"
I nodded, and my s****r poured some of the soup into the 2 bowls, and handed one to me.
"Thanks." I said.
I got two spoons, and handed one to my s****r. As we ate, I told my s****r where Brian went and that mom and dad weren't going to be home for a few days.
"Well that means that we can have a lot of fun for a few days." my s****r said with a small gleam in her eye.
We finished eating, and after we washed the bowls, took off her clothes, and said, "Let's get started. We only have a few days together until mom and dad come home."
I smiled broadly. This was going to be a really fun weekend.

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