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Laying Out (MF, semi-cons)

Laying Out

By SpectreOfHell

It was a warm day, but not as warm as Vicky wanted it to be. Summer was fading and she still hoped to get a little bit of a tan before she couldn't lay out anymore. Her husband had to work that day, and the contractor he'd hired to work on the dock was late, but it was a Saturday and she wasn't going to let it go to waste. She started to put on a par of shorts and a halter top then changed her mind. No, today she'd wear that bikini she'd bought on impulse and had never dared to wear before. It was flimsy, the top barely covering her nipples, and the bottom being mostly just g-string. She felt almost naked when she had it on, but since most of the other lakeside residents were back in the city this weekend she didn't expect to be seen.

Vicky went down to the back deck and spread a towel on the lounger. The sun was angling through the trees just right, so she'd get at least an hour of sun before it had moved and she'd be in shadow again. Then she'd have to move, of course, chasing the sun. She switched on her music and lay face down, deciding to start with her back.

She underestimated the effect the warm sun would have on her. As her skin became toasty warm, her eyelids drooped. She didn't remember falling asl**p, but she fell into the most wonderful dream. She floated in the clouds, and the wisps of white cotton caressed her body, stroking over her smooth skin like warm, gentle hands. She shivered and moaned softly as the sensation crept its way from her back to her sides, down over her hips to her legs, traveling from thigh to feet and back. When the clouds stroked her inner thigh, Vicky spread her legs. The touch on her crotch was electric. It had been awhile since she last masturbated, and she’d been so busy with her job lately that she hadn’t been out in even longer. A long time since she’d had a man in her bed.

This was a good dream, she decided. The touch she felt was firm, but not too firm. Fingers seemed to slip past the material of her swimsuit to massage her pussylips, gently spreading them to stroke her clit, to dip into her hole, to spread her leaking juices up to her asshole and massage her rosebud. Vicky moaned again, and realized she wasn't entirely asl**p.

She felt a weight settle over her back. A hot mouth planted a wet kiss on her bare shoulder. A hotter tongue snaked its way up to her neck and suckled her earlobe. She felt a hard cock probing between her thighs. Still half-asl**p, Vicky didn't think to resist. She let her legs spread wider, putting her feet down onto the deck so she could lift her ass into the air. The cock pushing between her legs was thick, thicker than she'd felt before. She reached beneath her and down to her crotch. She was dripping wet, her inner lips splayed out with eager desire. She wrapped her fingers around the strange cock. A man moaned behind her.

Vicky's eyes began to flutter open. No, this wasn't a dream. This was really happening! She started to push herself up onto her arms, to twist around in an attempt to escape. But then that hot cock pushed against her fuckhole, and she knew she was lost. With a loud moan, Vicky pushed back against it, allowing that stranger's cock to enter her. The head pushed her lips apart and stretched her hole. The man moaned deeply. His hands, strong and rough, a working man's hands, grabbed her hips and pulled her back. Vicky pushed her hips toward him, allowing another inch of that magnificent cock to spear her. It really was thick, and it stretched her almost painfully. She trembled as it drove into her two more inches. Then he pulled back just a little, leaving his cockhead inside her, before shoving hard, returning to her hot depths. Vicky groaned as a full four inches rammed into her.

The unknown man began to fuck her with shallow thrusts, pulling back a couple of inches and sliding those same inches back into her rapidly, sawing her aching cunt. Vicky's hand, still beneath her, busily stroked her clit. The stranger leaned over her, his strong hands rubbing her back, caressing her sides, and moving to her chest to cup both her swinging breasts. Vicky cried out as his cock rammed into her fully, filling her with at least seven inches of thick manmeat. The man groaned as well. She felt him trembling and hoped he wasn't about to cum. Not yet.

He rose onto his knees and grabbed her hips again. His cock pulled out of her with a wet suction before ramming back into her, driving in so hard that his balls slapped against her clit. Vicky shuddered and pushed back at him, wanting every inch of him inside her. She reached further back with her hand to cup his balls as he fucked her, f***efully shoving his cock as deep as he could each time he plunged into her. He would pull back until he had left her, only leaving his cockhead pressed against her hole, and when she would whimper and push her hips back at him, he would ram into her hard.

Then he began to really pound her. He was moaning constantly as he fucked her, pistoning his cock in and out of her. She knew her juices were flowing over his heavy balls, dripping onto her towel. She couldn't remember ever being this turned on before. She grabbed the lounger with both hands to hold on as he fucked her. His balls continued to slap her clit, and she felt her orgasm sweeping over her like a whirlwind. Tingles raced through her body up from the place where his cock was sliding in and out of her. She cried out, nearly screaming, as her orgasm ripped through her. She felt her cunt spasming around the man's shaft, and she saw flashes of light behind her tightly closed eyes.

She collapsed onto the lounger, burying her face in her towel but leaving her ass in the air. The man slowed the pace. He began to saw in and out of her with steady, slow strokes. He pulled his cock back to the brink and slid it home again, rotating his hips once he was buried deep inside her, and she moaned as she felt his balls against her swollen clit. A wet finger probed her asshole. Vicky moaned, letting him know she liked that. She heard him chuckle as the finger gently entered her backside. He began to fuck her faster, his one hand on her hip squeezing her flesh excitedly. The finger wiggled into her ass up to the second knuckle and slowly pulled back.

Vicky couldn't help it. Another orgasm began to hit her. The man groaned loudly and rammed his cock deep into her. She felt his shaft swelling. He was going to cum. Vicky moaned and shoved her hips back at him, fucking herself on his pole. He grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her to him, driving his cock as deep as it would go into her pussy. Vicky moaned as her cunt began to spasm, milking his throbbing cock, and with a loud cry he began to cum. She felt his hot spunk splash deep inside her, filling her with his sperm. The orgasm slammed into her and made her quiver. White hot blasts of pleasure rocketed up her nerves, filling her body with bliss as the man's body shook and his cock jerked inside her. She felt his cum, so much of it, running back out of her as he continued to fuck her in sharp, quick thrusts, pumping his semen into her body.

Finally she collapsed, laying flat on the lounger, and the man came with her. He held most of his weight on his arms, but enough of it lay on her that she felt encased by their shared joy. She felt safe. She felt complete. He kissed the back of her neck gently. Slowly, she turned her head and her body so that his lips could cover hers, and they opened their mouths to each other. As their tongues began to entwine, his softening cock left her body. She was sad to see it go, and hoped it would be back inside her very soon. She turned onto her side as they continued to kiss, their hands roaming each other's body. He was still mostly clothed, she discovered. That would change in a few minutes.

At last she opened her eyes and stared into her new lover's face. Deep brown eyes stared back at her. Just as she'd thought, it was the contractor, the man her husband had hired to fix the dock, but had ended up working on something much better. "Hi," she said, unable to think of anything better.

"Hi," he answered, smiling warmly. "My name's Hank."

"I'm Vicky," she said.

"Nice to meet you, Vicky."

She giggled. "Same here," she said, then pulled him closer for another kiss. It was going to be a hot day after all.

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