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A Boy and Girl Story (mf, teens, trans, rom, cons)

A Boy and Girl Story

By SpectreOfHell

Only yesterday, Nick had been on top of the world. For four years, he'd been a geek, an outsider, the guy that none of the glamorous girls would date. Jana had been the incredibly beautiful cheerleader who had chosen him, ahead of all others, to fall in love with. It had seemed too good to be true. And then, just last night, he had discovered that it was. She had revealed herself to him in the most unexpected way imaginable, and he was still reeling from it.

He spotted her across the lunch room, carrying her tray to the table where the cheerleaders always sat. She was so beautiful it hurt his eyes. He had loved her from the moment she had come here, transferring in from her previous school during her sophomore year. The tiny little half-asian girl with the crooked smile and petite, underdeveloped body. She'd blossomed since then, of course, rising through the ranks of the high school elite despite her determination to never date anyone. She said it was because of her strict upbringing, and everyone accepted that.

Fate had stepped in three months ago. Driving home from his job at the grocery store after midnight, Nick had spotted her trying to change a flat tire in the rain. She was soaked through, shivering, makeup a mess, but she'd never looked more beautiful to him. He changed her tire for her, then wrapped her in a blanket he kept in his car, holding her until her shivering stopped. She'd been reticent at first, but the longer he held her the more she relaxed in his embrace. They'd talked about aimless things, about school and tests and the unreliability of cheap cars. Slowly, she'd uncrossed her arms from over chest and put them around him. That was how it started, just a hug, an embrace. But she'd started speaking to him in school the next Monday, and when he'd asked to take her out to eat, she'd said yes almost without hesitation.

The romance bloomed after that first date. He was no stranger to dating or to sex, but he'd never been with someone as beautiful as Jana. She was delicate, so petite and slender, so naturally beautiful and so incredibly desirable. Thinking he'd never get past the first date, Nick hadn't tried at all to impress her. Didn't try to be the guy he envisioned she'd want. He'd just been himself, and that, it turned out, was exactly what she wanted.

"You treat me like a lady," she'd told him when he asked why she was still with him. "You make me feel special for just being me, as I am."

"You are special," he'd assured her. "I love you just as you are."

He'd frozen when he'd said it. She did too. But then, trembling, she had pushed herself into his arms and kissed him. They had kissed many times before that moment, but this was new. She opened her mouth tentatively to him, moaning as their tongues entwined for the first time. "Nick," she murmured, snuggled into his arms, "I love you too, you know."

It felt wonderful to hear her say it. To believe it. They were in love, and as the weeks passed their emotion for each other only grew. The other students hailed him as a hero for being the one to win the "ice queen" over. The upper clique begrudgingly accepted him into their ranks so long as Jana insisted on loving him. Life was growing sweeter by the minute. A week ago, Jana had given him a handjob, their first fully sexual contact. Two days ago, she'd given him a blowjob and swallowed his cum. His first blowjob and, she said, her first time swallowing anyone. The kisses they'd shared afterward had tasted salty with his fluids, but he hadn't cared. He loved her.

And then, last night.

They had been laying on her bed together, she in her cheerleader uniform having performed at the basketball game earlier. He lay on his back with her snuggled beside him, running her foot up and down his leg seductively. "You know," he remarked, "graduation is only three weeks away."

"Are you still going to Coastal?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said. "They have a great veternarian program there, and my scholarship covers it. Have you decided what to do?"

"No," she said. "I don't want to think about it. I don't want to be apart from you."

She squeezed him, he pulled her closer, reveling in the softness of her feminine body. "I don't want to lose you either," he said.

"Nick?" she asked, raising her head so she could look at his face. "Do you really love me?"

"With all my heart," he said sincerely. "I never thought I could love anyone this much."

"But we've only been together for three months," she said. "How can you be sure?"

"Do you love me, Jana?"

"Yes," she said promptly.

"How much?"

"So much I think my heart would explode if you stopped loving me," she said.

"After only three months?" he asked.

She smiled demurely. "I think I've waited my whole life for you to come along," she said. "I feel it in my soul. You're the one."

A thrill raced through him. "That's how I feel about you," he said.

She crawled up higher so that their faces were level, and she kissed him tenderly. "Would you love me no matter what?" she asked.

"Of course."

"What if I wasn't pretty anymore?" she asked.

"Jana," he said, touching her cheek, "the way you look is what attracted me to you in the first place, I'll admit that. But the woman I love is you, not the body you wear. And I'll love you until the day I die. The real you, what's in there." He touched her chest over her heart.

A tear ran over her cheek, startling him. "Oh, Nick," she groaned and kissed him. The kiss became passionate and she crawled over him, straddling his hips. She was so petite that she rocked on top of him, only one knee touching at a time. He grasped the back of her dark thighs to steady her, and she moaned into his mouth as they continued to kiss.

Slowly, he ran his hands higher up her legs, under her skirt. This time she didn't protest or try to stop him. It wasn't the first time she'd let him clutch her asscheeks in his hands, but this time felt different. She was whimpering, obviously afraid, but needing to go further. "I'll never hurt you," he told her, thinking it was her virginity that she was afraid for.

"I know," she whispered. She moved lower, sliding down his body until she was laying between his legs. He rested on his elbows and watched her remove his cock from his pants and start licking it. Her parents were just down the hall watching television, so it was a very bold thing to do. Jana's parents were fairly liberal though, and once she'd made it clear that she really and truly wanted Nick to be her boyfriend, they had relaxed. They didn't even mind when they spent long hours together laying on her bed snuggled to each other.

But this, her sucking his cock in her bedroom, that was incredible. She was talented, too. She'd told him his was only the third she'd ever sucked, but he had to wonder at that. She knew exactly what turned him on, precisely what to do in order to send him soaring into ecstasy. "I want you to cum in my mouth," she pleaded.

Groaning, he granted her wish after only five minutes of her ministrations. She moaned as his cock throbbed over her tongue, jetting his seed into her mouth. When he was spent, she released his cock and moved up the bed. He could tell by the way she kept her lips sealed that she hadn't swallowed yet. She nuzzled her lips against his. This was a test, he realized. How much do you love me, she was asking. Nick pulled her to him and kissed her hard. She moaned and shuddered against him as she let his cum flow into his mouth. It tasted sweet, but still with a salty bite, gooey and thick. They swirled it between their mouths, each of them swallowing. Nick remained rock hard, more turned on that he ever thought possible.

Still kissing her, Nick eased her onto her back. The top of her uniform was a sleeveless vest that left her flat tummy bare. He stroked her belly and ran his hand up under her top. She'd already removed her sport bra, so his hand covered her little B-cup breasts beneath the fabric. She moaned, and her nipples were already painfully erect. Quickly, she helped him open the top, unbuttoning it so that he had free access to her small tits. They both moaned as he suckled them. She writhed beneath his touch. He ran his hand over her belly, over her hips to her thighs, then back up.

This was where she normally stopped him. Not tonight, though. She spread her legs for him slowly, as if struggling with herself to do so. Excited, Nick carefully moved his hand higher, feeling the intense heat coming from between her thighs. He cupped her crotch lightly, his hand shaking.

"I love you, Nick," she whispered fiercely.

"I love you too, Jana," he replied. "Are you sure about this?"

She nodded, her eyes still glistening with tears. Why was she still crying? Tentatively, he moved his hand more firmly against her crotch. He froze. Something wasn't right. She saw the change in his expression and sobbed. The tears burst forth, running over her cheeks.

No, he thought. No.

Nick pushed himself away from her so that he could see all of her. The skirt of her uniform was bunched around her waist. Her cheer panties were royal blue and very sexy. But, where he should have been seeing flatness or at least the outline of her pussy, there was a bulge.

He looked into her eyes, stunned. Hands shaking, he grasped the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. She didn't try to stop him. She trembled as if she wanted to, but they both knew it was too late to hide this particular secret. He saw her pubic hairs come into view. Then, to his horror, there appeared the head of a small penis.

He pulled her panties down to fully expose her genitals. She was erect, her little cock pointing up at her breasts as she lay there. It was tiny, no more than three or four inches and thin, with equally small testicles hanging beneath, but it was a cock.

Jana was a boy.

"Nick," she sobbed, seeing the horror on his face.

"You didn't tell me," he said numbly. He withdrew from her, trying to close his pants up as he went, his cock suddenly shriveling. "Jana, you''ve got a..."

"Please, Nick," she sobbed harder.

"I have to go," he said. He was numb, he didn't know what to think. The girl of his dreams, the love of his life...was a boy. He left her bedroom without another word, didn't even pause to speak to her parents. His head was spinning, thoughts jumbled. He fumbled with his keys and finally got into his car just as she appeared at her doorway. She didn't call to him. She didn't plead. She just watched him, her face soaked with tears, looking more beautiful than any boy had a right to be.

Nick had barely slept that night. He didn't want to go to school the next morning. No one knew her secret but him, he knew that, but still he felt that everyone would see how he'd become gay. He had to be. He was in love with a boy. Jana was a boy! That fact reverberated through his mind a thousand times.

Lunchtime came, and he saw her with her tray of food, walking with the other cheerleaders. She was wearing jeans, heels, and a tshirt that clung to her little breasts and displayed the word "Princess" across them. She was totally, completely feminine. Nick stared at her, not knowing what to think.

"Did you two break up?" asked Tony, the boy who'd been his best friend since third grade.

The question jarred him. "No," he said. He turned to look at his friend, thoughts finally falling into place. "Tony, I want to marry her."

"Well, all right!" Tony said, clapping him on his shoulder. "Have you asked her yet?"

"No," Nick said.

"What are you waiting for?" Tony asked.

He was right.

Jana looked up startled when his shadow fell over her. "Jana," he said, "I need to talk to you."

"She doesn't want to talk to you, Nick," said Bree, one of the other cheerleaders.

"Jana, I love you," Nick said. A hush fell at the table.

Jana stared at him a long moment. "Are you sure?" she asked. Tears were forming in her eyes again.

And he realized that was how he always thought of Jana, as "her." She might have a penis, but she was a girl. His girl.

"I'm very sure, Jana," he said firmly.

A smile spread over her face. She rose from her chair, taking his proffered hand. He pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her. She giggled as he kissed her. It was their first public display of affection, and it got cheers.

"Come to my house after school," she whispered. "If you want to, I mean. My parents won't be there."

"I want to," he assured her. She gave him a wide smile and they parted. The cheerleaders were looking warmly at him again, and Tony clapped him on the back when he returned to their table.

"Bravo, man," he said. "Bravo."

Nick felt as if he were in a dream. He was in love, totally madly in love, with a girl who had a cock instead of a pussy. He knew he wasn't gay, not even a little bit. Not one boy in the cafeteria appealed to him. Jana did. And he wanted everything she had to give him.

The end of school couldn't arrive fast enough.

Jana always rode home with girlfriends, while Nick had to drive Tony home before he could go see her. They spotted each other across the parking lot and waved to each other. His hand was trembling as he started his car. Was he sure about this? Was this something he could handle? There were a few times in his youth when he had played around with other boys. Most boys do that, he'd learned, and it didn't mean he would turn out gay. Yet there he was, preparing to spend intimate time with someone who had been born male. He was almost ashamed of himself for it, but his cock was rock hard thinking about it.

He dropped Tony off with the usual guy banter, and then he drove home. He didn't want to go see her just yet. His parents had split up awhile back, and his mother liked going out with friends after work, so his house was empty. He thought about bringing Jana here, about what it would be like to have such a beautiful girl in his bed.

Girl. He still thought of her that way. And yet, the knowledge that he would shortly be messing around (hopefully) with her and playing with "her" dick...he was extremely aroused, and that was something he'd never thought would happen. He spent a little time grooming and changed his clothes, opting to leave off his underwear. Yeah, he was hoping, and he was excited. He got back into his car and drove to Jana's house.

Just as she'd said, neither of her parents were home. He parked at the curb and walked to the front door, shaking nervously. She opened the door before he could knock, beaming at him. She'd changed clothes too and now had on a lime green haltar top with loose, silk shorts and striped socks that came up over her knees. She was so sexy it made him want to cry.

"Hi," she said, smiling broadly.

"Hey," he said, also smiling. She held the door open and stepped aside. This was it, he thought. He stepped inside. She closed the door behind him. He turned to her and she flung herself into his arms, kissing him passionately. He groaned and squeezed her tightly to him, revelling in the feel of her soft, petite body.

"I was worried you might not come," she said, a tear leaking from her eye.

"Nothing could have kept me away," he said, wiping her cheek. "I love you, Jana."

"I love you too," she said, "but is it enough?"

He squeezed her ass and pulled her hips closer, feeling an unrestrained hardness inside her shorts. "Yes," he said, and kissed her again.

She eased away from him a moment later, taking his hand, and led him down the hall to her bedroom. He looked around at her room as she shut the door behind them. This was where he'd found out her secret, and this was where he would prove to her how much he loved her. It was one of the most feminine rooms he'd ever seen, complete with pink, four-poster canopy bed. Jana walked by him and took his hand again. He let her pull him to the bed, seeing the joy on her face. They embraced and kissed again.

"I want to suck your dick," she whispered to him, already opening his pants.

"I've never done this before," he said to her.

She knew he wasn't a virgin, and she understood what he meant. "Neither have I," she said. "You'll be my first, Nick."

She had his cock out then and was stroking it. She seemed very pleased to find him so hard. "You have a beautiful cock, Nick," she crooned.

"So do you," he mumbled before he thought about it.

Jana looked up, surprised, and then they both burst out laughing. He pulled her into his arms again, kissing her, and she said, "I really do love you so much."

"I really love you, too," he said. She turned and guided him to the bed where they both crawled on. She tugged his pants down and paused to remove his shoes and socks before taking his pants all the way off. Then she crawled up between his legs on her knees to pull his shirt off, leaving him naked. He grasped her top in return, and she helped him take it off. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her breasts jiggled into view.

"They're beautiful," he murmured, cupping them in his hands. Her nipples were erect and she shivered as he rubbed his thumb over them. "How did know. Get them?"

"I take shots," she explained. "I've been taking them since I was eleven years old. I've always known I was meant to be a girl, Nick, and my parents have always supported me that way. I've lived as a girl almost my whole life."

"Will you..." he hesitated.

"It's okay," she said, "you can ask."

"Are you going to get a sex change one day?" he asked.

"I want to," she said. "I'd love to have a pussy between my legs. And I want to feel your cock in it."

He groaned. No girl had ever talked so dirty to him before. "I'd love to fuck you," he said, taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

She moaned and ran her hands through his hair. "You can," she said. "We don't have to wait."

"What?" he asked.

"You can fuck my ass, Nick," she said. "I'd really like that."

His cock throbbed. Anal sex had always fascinated him, but no girl had ever expressed any interest in it whatsoever. Now here was his girlfriend, the love of his life, freely suggesting it. "I'd like that too," he told her.

Delighted in his response, she kissed him hard, pushing him onto his back. She was as light as a feather laying on top of him, and he loved the feel of her little breasts pressed to his chest. He squeezed her ass and then slid his hands into her panties. He pushed them down her body and she squirmed on top of him so he could get them down her legs. He eased her over onto her side to complete the job.

And that was when he saw her penis for the second time. She lay there quietly, letting him study her. Except for her dick, she was the most incredibly sexy teenage girl on the planet, laying there with her shorts at her knees and those socks covering the rest of her legs. She had her black hair pushed back with clips today, leaving her beautiful face free and open. He touched her cheek softly and ran his fingertips down her neck, over her shoulder, and down between her breasts. She was breathing quickly, panting, excited. He trailed over her flat tummy and bypassed her crotch, moving to her thighs. He let the back of his hand touch her cock.

Jana shivered. Feeling bolder, Nick took her little dick into his hand. It felt smaller in his grip than it looked. To stroke her, all he needed was two fingers and a thumb. She clutched at his shoulder, moaning, enjoying what he was doing to her. He liked it too, but he knew he had to do more.

Nick kissed her and pushed her back. Confused, she propped up on her elbows and watched him move to suckle her breasts again for a moment...and then move lower. "Nick," she gasped, realizing what he intended. "You don't have to do that."

"I want to," he said. "I don't want to just fuck, Jana. I want us to make love. That means we both give to each other." He moved down her body until her crotch was level with his face. He smelled her then, a whiff of musk coming off her tiny balls mixed with the clean scent of soap. Holding her dick in his hand, he stuck out his tongue and licked the head.

Jana cried out sharply and jumped as if he'd electrocuted her. He licked her again, and then took the head between his lips. This was it, he was sucking cock. But he still didn't feel like a homosexual. This was a part of Jana, not just a dick, and he loved having her in his mouth. He took more and more. She was small and it was easy to get her entire length into his mouth. He felt her little testicles on his chin and began to suckle.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Jana cried out, her body spasming. Nick understood what that meant. She was going to cum. He braced himself, ready to taste sperm for the first time. Jana's little cock jerked in his mouth and she screamed, but he tasted nothing. Her orgasm was dry but powerful. When it was done, he let her still erect cock slide from his lips and leaned back so he could see her face.

"Nick," she crooned. "Oh, Nick!" They kissed, and he held her trembling form in his arms. "I never thought it could be that good," she said to him.

"I did good?" he asked.

"Oh my god, yes," she laughed. Her hand found his erection and stroked it. "Do you want to cum now?"

"Yes," he said promptly. She giggled and slid down his body. She was going to suck him, and that would be fine, though he had hoped to fuck her. Whatever she wanted, though, was good enough for him. Besides, she was incredibly good at it.

And he realized why as she began to lick and suck his shaft. She had a penis too. She knew what felt good and what didn't. She used both hands to stroke his cock into her hot little mouth, unable to take more than half his length. He knew he was about six inches long, and hers had to have been half that, no more. She managed to get three-fourths of his cock into her mouth, taking some down her throat, and wiggled her tongue against the sensitive underside. Nick cried out, orgasm already ripping through him. He was glad she'd given him oral sex, he wanted their first penetration to last longer than this.

"Jana, I'm gonna cum," he croaked to her. She moaned in delight and rubbed his balls with one hand while the other milked his shaft. He erupted into her mouth, spraying his seed over her tongue. She let it pool there until he was done, and then swallowed. She lifted her head, beaming at him, and he saw there was a little of his sperm on the corner of her mouth. It was incredibly erotic.

"Come up here," he urged, and she did, crawling over him. They kissed deeply, and he tasted sperm at last, though it was his own. He didn't mind it at all. She was still erect, her little penis pressing into him. His erection hadn’t gone down either. He stroked her, and she stroked him, keeping him hard..

"Do you want to fuck me now?" she asked.

"Are you ready for that?" he asked.

"Yeah, I am," she assured him. So was he.

Jana rolled onto her side and opened her bedside table. From it she pulled a tube, and she smiled at Nick as she squeezed some of the contents into her hand. “Lubricant,” she explained. “I use it on my toy.”


“I have a dildo,” she said. “All girls have something they use to pleasure themselves with. I used to use a hairbrush handle until Mom caught me at it one day, and then she bought me the dildo.”

“Oh,” he said as she sat forward and grasped his cock. The lubricant was cool and made him jump, but her hand was soft and warm to make up the difference. He moaned as she fisted him slowly.

“Nick?” she said. “I’m a little scared.”

“Of what?” he asked.

“Of this,” she said, giving his cock a squeeze. “My toy…it’s not this thick. You’ve got a really thick cock.”

“I do?”

“Yeah,” she giggled. “You’re going to fill me like I’ve never been filled before.” She let go of his cock and lay back, spreading her legs wide. “Now fuck me, lover.”

Trembling, Nick moved closer to her. He lifted her legs and she grabbed them behind the knees, holding them up for him. His cock rubbed over hers, over her balls. He aimed lower, beneath them, and she moaned when the tip of his organ raked over her anus. She let go of one leg so she could reach around it to grasp his cock and guide him to the proper place. He felt his cockhead notch into place and she let go.

They stared into each other’s eyes as he pushed into her. She knew how to relax, how to take it, but she was right. He stretched her. “Ow,” she said at one point. He stopped instantly.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No!” she gasped. “Please! Do it, fuck me, put it all in me.”

Groaning, he obeyed, fucking back and forth, working his cock into her butt until every inch of it was inside her. She moaned, rolling her eyes in absolute ecstasy. He began to fuck her slowly, easing in and out carefully. Her ass was incredibly tight, and much smoother and hotter than he expected. It was heaven. And she was so damn beautiful spread out beneath him, her little tits jiggilng, her face twisted in pleasure. He even found the sight of her erect penis to be a turn on.

Nick wrapped his hand around her organ and stroked it. Her eyes widened, and she cried out, “Oh my god!”

“I love you, Jana,” he told her.

“Nick!” she nearly screamed. “Oh god, I love you too, Nick! Fuck me, fuck me so good! I’m so close to cumming Nick! Cum with me, cum in my ass!”

He moaned, so did she, and he sped up, pumping his fat cock in and out of her asshole vigorously. She screamed again as her cock convulsed in his hand. A thick stream of sperm shot from her all the way up to her belly. That was it for him, too, and he drove into her f***efully as he exploded. Her eyes widened as they came together, feeling hot spunk filling her for the very first time. Her semen ran over his hands, his filled her rectum. When he was spent, he sagged over her, both of them panting.

“That was incredible,” she gasped, putting her hands behind his neck.

“Yeah,” he agreed, laughing as she pulled him down into a kiss. Eventually, his cock was too soft to remain inside her and he eased out of her. She sprawled, dr****g one leg over his, snuggling against him. He toyed with the pool of cum on her firm belly. “Jana?” he asked.

“Yes, Nick?”

“Will you marry me?”

She rose onto her elbows and gaped at him. “You’re serious,” she said.

“Of course I am,” he replied. “Why would I joke about something like that?”

“We can’t, Nick,” she said. “I mean, legally I’m still a…a…”

“A boy,” he finished for her.

“Yes, a boy,” she said, blushing. “And the law says…”

“There are states where same sex marriage is legal,” he told her. “And besides, I’m not talking about doing it tomorrow. We still have to graduate, and then there’s college. I meant will you marry me, be my fiancee, be mine forever. Will you?”

She stared at him, and he thought for a moment she was going to refuse. Then she sobbed and threw herself onto him, hugging him tightly, saying, “Yes, yes, yes! Oh, Nick!”

They kissed deeply. She was shapely and soft and curvy, her brests pressed firmly into his chest, and her incredible legs wrapped around him perfectly. She was made for him, he thought, and I was made for her. He had a vision of their future together, of her on his arm and the way people would look at them. Beauty and the geek, they would think, what a mismatch, never knowing just how perfect they were for each other. He envisioned making love to her over and over again, wanting her in her cheerleader uniform, in her prom dress, in a bikini after a day at the beach, dolled up like a Victoria’s Secret model…and he thought about the opposite, about her fucking him. He’d let her, he would. While she had a penis, why not use it? And then, later, when she had a vagina, they would repeat everything. They had a lifetime of fun ahead of them.

But for now…

“You’re hard again?” she asked, amazed as his cock poked at her.

“You make me this way,” he told her honestly. She laughed in delight and pushed him back so she could straddle him. She bent to kiss him, rubbing her cock against his. Then she sat up on him, reached around to guide him, and sank down onto his erection with a satisfied sigh. He held her by the hips and watched her riding him, deleriously happy. This, he told himself, was love, this was ecstasy, this was heaven.

“Nick,” she cooed, watching him with heavy eyes. She moaned and pushed down hard, taking every inch he had into her body. “I never thought being fucked would feel so good.”

Nick moaned agreement. He took one hand from her hip and began to stroke her cock. She has half hard again already and rose to full size quickly. She rocked her hips on him, moaning. All too soon, he was on the brink again. It was all so new, so exciting, he couldn’t hold back. Three times in one hour was a record for him, though all he had to compare to it was masturbation. For him, this was the only true intercourse he’d ever had.

“Yeah, cum in me, Nick,” she urged as she felt his cock thickening inside her. “Fill my ass up, cum in me, lover!”

He cried out and exploded. She laughed in delight and bounced eagerly on his cock, squeezing her rectum to milk him. Lights exploded in front of his eyes and the room, the world faded away leaving only her. His sweet soulmate. She could tell when he was spent and stopped moving. She smiled happily down at him. “I love feeling you cum in me,” she said. “I want to fuck you all the time, now.”

He pulled her down for a kiss, sharing her joy. Her erection pressed against his stomach. “Come up here,” he told her. “Straddle my chest.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, knowing what he intended.

“Oh yeah,” he panted. Jana lifted herself off his cock slowly, letting it flop from her ass onto his thigh. She crawled over him until her cock bobbed in front of his face. There was no hesitation as he pulled her closer, letting her cock slide deeply into his mouth. She moaned, grabbing the headboard for support, and began to fuck his face. She couldn’t help it. She was as turned on as he was. He told himself that he would have to do this a lot, practice until it was perfect for her. He gagged a little, and gasped through his nose for breath, but never once made her slow down or stop.

“Nick!” she screamed. He felt her cock pulse in his mouth and then her cum poured out of her. Her first orgasm with him had been dry, her second seemed to have expended any semen she had inside her. The cum she gave him was thin and runny and very salty, but he thought it was hot and delicious all the same, and he swallowed every drop. When she was spent, she pulled her cock from his mouth and slid down his body, pressing her lips to his. He held her tightly, easing her over onto her side so that they lay facing one another.

In years to come, they would remember that moment, when the world was perfect and all that mattered was their love for one another. They clung to that, and it held them aloft, carried them through the hard times, through the judgement of others, the opinion of society. None of it mattered. All they cared about was in each other’s arms at that moment, and that was enough.

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