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Wanting to share my wife

Recently my wife and I had an opportunity to go out without having to worry about the k**s. Were both homebodies and almost never go out. However we went to a local bar and decided to wet our whistles.....

My wife knows about my desire to share her with another guy. A few years back we tried to make it real but the guy backed out. So usually when I ask her to go out like this she thinks I'm trying to set her up and she protests. However in all fairness I had no intention of playing any devious cards this time, and just wanted to go out with her.

Well we sat at the bar, and not much was going on that night. she was the only lady there. There was one stalker looking guy at the end of the bar, and then there were these 3 other guys (most likely buddies) drinking together. After we both had 3 drinks, the bartender suddenly put a fruit punched color drink in front of my wife and then walked away. Immediately I noticed the same drink over at the 3 guys (the one in the middle was drinking it) and got excited thinking that he was into my wife and trying to make an advance. My wife looked at me and said "You set this up!" I was extremely excited by what this all appeared to be. I promised her and even swore on some serious things that I had nothing to do with it...... She believed me, and we both began to wonder if that guy really sent the drink. Me being all for my wife being ravaged and treated to a night of extramarital activities was about to send him a drink in return and offer him an opportunity to meet my wife. During this time I could see my wife was excited, and it was evident by her blushing and her grin. She knew that if this guy was truly the one who sent the drink I was going to give her the option to fuck him if she desired to.

Now comes the shocker..... The bartender returns and we asked her who sent my wife the drink? She replies she did and it was on her..... Needless to say I was so disappointed. Probably most men would like that, but I'd rather watch my wife be treated to somthing special. Well I hope the next time we have better luck.

Needless to say when I took my wife home we have incredible sex because we both were still aroused by the evenings CLOSE CALL!

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