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Italian Nice Guy (95% True)

The Italian Nice Guy

95% of this story is true.

So last month I was contemplating on whether I should delete my profile on Plenty of Fish since I haven’t had any hits from anyone in my area. Technically, I'm looking for real love and long term relationship but every now and then Ill get those moments of wanting to release some built up tension.

The day I had decided to delete my profile for good, I got a message from a faceless member from the site. His name was Nice Guy_12345 and his message said, “Hello, I'm interested in getting to know you. I'm here from out of town and Im just looking to make friends. Please contact me if your interested.”

Now usually, I pass up a message if the guy say's “Nice guy” anywhere in it, because most of the time these guys aren't REALLY nice.... There nice enough to get in your pants and then not contact you back or they just say there nice when we both know the truth...

Another turn off is no picture. I cant stand the fact when a guy wants to get your attention and wont post a picture of himself. The other negative on his profile was the fact that he said he was straight seeking women only and most of the information about him was left completely blank. All the signs pointed NO to this man, but for reasons unknown I still decided to write him back.

I questioned if it was because he was nice enough to write to me when no one had in a long time or was I just desperate for a little attention. It could be either or or both...

So I took the time to write him back a response telling him that I was thankful for his interest in wanting to get to know me, but I didnt know what he looked like and his profile was blank. Within 5 minutes he wrote back to me through instant message stating that he couldn’t show his picture because he wasnt out to his f****y yet. I said okay, then questioned his sexuality and he wrote back that he was bisexual... a curious bisexual. That response confused me but then he wrote that he experimented with two guys before but it wasn’t that great but he was interested in trying again with someone from America.

That's when he it really surprised me. He wasn’t even from here....

“Where are you from?” I asked.

“I'm from Tuscany, Italy.” He said.

Immediately my eyes focused in on the Italy part and that's what kept my interest. I've never been with a guy from another country especially from a stunning place like Italy and on my list of places to go to when I get rich.

I was going to ask another question when he wrote back, “I just finished updating my profile. Tell me if you like it.”

So I went back on and noticed everything was completed except for the picture. He is a 5ft 11, non smoker, that is 26 years old, with an athletic body type, and a Scorpio (or bed room FREAK in my opinion ;-)) He was an educator of Philosophy and English, optimistic and fun...... I figured this guy was too good to be true. I never get guys like this. Usually older guys.... older MARRIED guys that want me so bad. Truth is I never get anyone around my age or under who message me. So for someone with interest in me around the same age is a rare thing. Then I looked at his profile name again at that “Nice guy” title, I decided to give this “nice guy” a chance....

So we talked more for about twenty minutes about himself and myself in detail, why he was here and how long for (2 weeks). I could tell in his responses that his English was quite broken, but he responded fast. He definitely showed that he was very interested in me and really wanted to know me. Then he asked to see me on webcam and I agreed since the conversation was going well. When we connected, I saw his face and I was surprised to see a cute guy with glasses with a big smile on his face. His hair was neatly combed and trimmed and he was wearing an orange polo shirt. I really wasn’t expecting him to be so attractive!

We typed back and forth and he kept complementing me and he wanted to meet me. Now I wasnt sure about that just yet because I was still thinking this was too good to be real. Like I said, I usually dont have many my age wanting me as bad as he did. But I told him we could meet at his subdivision (which soon I found out was 6 minutes away from me.) then we could talk in my car face to face. Needless to say I was excited. Very excited...

Since I had to work that evening I told him I would meet up with him around 8pm and I could pick him up and stay at the parking lot in that area, so we were both comfortable. He agreed and then I was off to work. All the while I kept thinking about all the guys in the Bel Ami and European porn videos that were so damn hot and had big uncut dicks. I wondered if he was one of those guys. I wondered if I would even go that far with him.

After work, I drove back home and made contact with him online again telling him I was ready to see him. He said that he would be walking in the subdivision and I could pick him up from there. I drove over to the quiet area and slowly drove through looking for him. On the way, I noticed a few DILFs out side cutting the grass catching my attention. It wasn’t until I notice the cute guy from online walking down the side street wearing that orange polo shirt. I waved him down and he smiled at me from the distance.

I couldn’t believe how hot this guy was! The Webcam didn’t do him justice at all. He definitely could have been a candidate for the new boy in one the Bel Ami movies. He also had the most beautiful hairy muscled legs I’ve ever seen. This dream man walked to my door and opened it and climbed in. “Hello James, I am Alex. It is very nice to meet you.” He said with a heavy accent and held out his hand for me to shake. I shook his head and told him that I was happy to meet him also.

I did another once over of him and finally drove off to the empty parking lot area, I knew about previously. I stopped the car and carried on a long conversation with him. To my surprise he was sooooooo nice! He was polite and you could tell he was very smart. His heavy accent turned me on SO MUCH that I was hard and leaking in my pants the entire time. While we talked I kept looking at his beautiful body. He smelt good like Irish Spring soap and I kept staring at his legs and arms. I couldn’t believe this stud was in my car!!!

We talked for about an hour about himself and the city he was from. He told me about the sexual experience with a friend back at home and how it didnt go too well then another friend and the experience was much better. Then about his profile and why he was interested in me. He really like how tall I was, and liked that I have a football player build. That was a major turn on for him. Then he reached over and grabbed my hand and trailed it up my arm. I looked in his eyes and there was so much I wanted to do this man. He felt on my chest and then slowly went down and then suddenly he stopped. He looked around outside and noticed a few cars coming in to the small parking lot we were in. Just like fate would do it, a car parks right next to us. Two woman were inside with k**s.

FUCK............... These dumb bitches!!! (I thought to myself)

“I don’t really feel comfortable here.” He said. “Do you think we could go somewhere else?”

I had to think of a place to go to and when I did I hoped I was right about what I just told him....

The office building was down the street from my house and completely deserted like I hoped. I parked in a corner next to the end of the building. Fortunately my car has tinted windows in the back and the main road was far away from the area we were in. I asked him if this was much better for him and he nodded his head.

We talked a little bit more, and then I asked him if he wanted to kiss me. He didnt even respond. He just leaned over and started kissing me like he needed to. He wasnt that great of a kisser to be honest but he definitely was enjoying it.... I was enjoying it and thats all that matter. I stuck my tongue in his mouth and we duelled, tasting his fresh, warm spear-minted tasting saliva. I felt up his shirt and felt his pecs and played with his nipples. He did the same to me, his touch making me feel like exploding right then and there.

I reach down to his arms and felt his smooth, veiny and hairless arms and held his hand. I felt so lucky!

He stopped kissing me and he began to laugh. “Whats up?” I asked.

“You moan a lot dont you?” He said.

I didnt even realize I was... I was so into him that I didnt notice it.

Instead of responding back, I pulled off my shirt and he was surprised to see that I had a hairy chest. He brought both his hands up on my chest and began to play in my hair.

“Wow, I was not expecting this.... You are very attractive.” He said.

I couldnt take anymore. I offered him to go in the back seat for more room to make out and he said ok. When we moved, I assured him that no one would see us since the back windows are tinted. Next thing you know Im on top of him making out like no ones business. We were grinding on each other and feeling each other up. It had been a long time since I was in this position and it felt good.

At this point I was getting irritated with our clothes getting in the way of our bodies meeting. I got up and stripped and he did the same. Finally we were able to each other in all and I was more then happy to please his nice body. I laid back on top of him kissing all over his face and licking his neck. His moans were such a fucking turn on and it was music to my ears. I moaned along with him, kissing and licking down his body and I made my goal to go down to his sexy legs.

But first I was greeted by his beautiful hard UNCUT Italian dick. It was a beautifully thick 7 incher, so smooth, and it throbbed on his stomach. I grabbed it and stroked him slowly, completely mesmerized by the thin skin moving up and down the shaft. His precum slowly oozed from the small hole and dripped on my finger. I licked it up immediately and looked up to him and smiled. He was grinning from ear to ear. You couldnt tell me his dreams were coming true at this second.

I wanted to suck him but I had to get to those legs and worship them with my tongue. I massaged and kissed and licked all over his legs. Feeling the strong calve muscles and his thighs. I wanted to make sure he didnt forget this American who treated his body like no person ever would. I kissed his feet and went back up his legs... missing his dick... up his abs to his chest.

He got up and told me he wanted to suck me. I was more then happy to let him. I sat up and he got down and began to suck me. One thing that I noticed in those Euro porn movies is that those guys arent the greatest at sucking cock and he proved that. He tried but he was just ok. I just loved watching get so into it. I loved his dedication even if it wasnt that good. He stopped and laid back down on the chair.

“Please get on top of me.” He said. “I love your weight on top of me.”

I made sure to put all of me on top of him and licked around his ears. His moaning got very loud and it turned into my aphrodisiac. I wanted to make love to this Italian Bel Ami worthy stud and tell him I loved him after this. He reached around and grabbed my ass and rubbed it, then smacked it, which completely through me off guard, but it was exciting.

We laid there and frottaged each other for what seemed like hours, kissing, and worshipping each others bodies in my Aztec like we were the only ones in the world and this was so dangerous!

I was ready to show him how I got down when it came to sucking... that is one of my favorite pastimes ;-)

I went down his body again and swallowed his thick juicy dick in my mouth again and immediately pleasured this man with everything I had. His moans were fuckin' AWESOME and he begged for more. I didnt want to ever stop sucking him. He tasted so good, and I couldnt help but to feel up and down his legs while I was down there.

He grabbed my head and played with ears, while I deepthroated him over and over. I loved doing this to him and I dont think he was expecting me to do that. Then I pulled off and sucked his smooth balls and delicately stroked him off like I was edging him. His precum covered my hand and his dick was rock hard. I wanted to swallow his cum so bad even though I knew it could be a bad idea.

I went back to his dick and sucked him harder this time and with very little warning he shot his load in my mouth. He pumped about 4 strong squirts in my mouth before I pulled away and jerked the last few bits on his stomach. His orgasm lasted for a long time and I reached over and grabbed a tissue to spit it in.

“That was.... Amazing.” He said out of breath. “No one's ever sucked me like that. Not even my friends back at home.”

“I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, now you'll have something to tell your friends back at home.” I say. “And something I hope you will never forget.”

“For sure.” He said. “Don't you want to get off now?”

I looked at my clock and noticed it was 9:30pm. I remembered he told me that he told his f****y that he was taking a short walk around the neighborhood and like he told me before, his f****y was a little overprotective of this 26 year old man. Thats when I told him the bad news, and his f****y would be worried. He agreed and he quickly started to put on his clothes.

I, on the other hand, didnt want this to end so soon. When I drove him back he told me that he was going to be here for one more week and then he was off to Chicago to see some friends, then he was heading back home. He told me to keep in contact with him so we could make plans to see each other soon. I dropped him off and went home and immediately jerked off and shot a nice load all over my computer table and went to sl**p with sexy face in my mind all night.

Well...... After two days we were able to meet again. This time I offered to go to a park that was near by so we can walk around and chat before I went to work. I meet up with him at a different spot in the subdivision this time and we drove off to a park 3 miles away from where I live. It was a small park where families could go fishing in a hidden pond covered by forest. We took a walk half way around the park talking, getting bit by mosquitos and talking about his life again. It felt like we were a couple ;-)

Eventually we found a small spot that was deserted in the area that was covered by trees that we went to for privacy. We sat down and kept talking and then I moved in for the kill. I kissed him and it was on like it was in the car the other day. I pulled out my rock hard dick and he pulled out his and we jerked off together. Then we rubbed them together, noticing the differences. My long skinny cut dark black dick, compared to his fat uncut italian dick, both the same size in length but beautiful to look at.

He got down on his knees to suck me again. But this time he was little bit better then before. I mean it still was just okay, but it was better. Plus he looked good with my dick in his mouth so it was turn on ;-)

He sucked me until he got up and made me suck him again. “I really need to feel your lips on me again.” he said.

There was no way I was going to say no, so I got down and held on to his beautiful legs and worshipped his hot dick with my mouth. He got more daring and started being verbal, telling me to suck his dick hard and it feels so good, even speaking a little of his language. Now that turned me on!!

Like a switch turned on, I sucked his dick like a mad man and his low moans grew louder. His dick expanded and grew in length and thats when I pulled away. I jerked him off and he sprayed his hot load all over my lips. I rubbed it around with his cockhead painting my lips and my chin. Once again his orgasm was a long one and I just loved to see him happy. He smiled and told me that I was the best at sucking and of course I thanked him for letting please him again.

We walked back to my car and I drove him back to his area again. I told him next time its going to be much hotter because I would be able to host the next day and I would have him for as long as I wanted. He liked that idea and I couldnt wait till tomorrow. I was wondering if we should go further into it. Maybe trying anal since he's never done it with it a guy before. Either way, I felt lucky enough spend as much time as I had with him.

Unfortunately I wasnt able to host like I thought I would the next day, but he wasnt online for me to tell him that, but the next day he apologized and said he was out with some friends and he still wanted to meet me. I was more then happy to... but then my job got in the way with hours changing and I wasnt able to plan anything like I had hoped. By that time he was already on his way to Chicago. I was sad, but I was able to say bye to him online and I thanked him for everything.

Since then I went back on his profile and he still didnt have a picture, but this time it says, “Seeking a MALE”. Now that put a smile on my face. I could never forget my time with the Italian Nice Guy online.


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