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Late Night in the Office

I’m sitting at my desk in the office. It’s late and the rain is pouring down heavily outside. I am all alone in the office except for the humming the computers. Suddenly I feel a presence behind me. Before I can turn around I feel a set of hands cover my eyes.
“Guess who?” I hear a sultry voice whisper into my ear. I remove your hands from my eyes and turn around to the surprise of you standing there in a trench coat and high heels.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.
“I know you are working late so I wanted to surprise you. Are you surprised?” you respond as you open the coat. All that you have on under the coat is a pair of thigh high fish nets.
“I am pleasantly surprised,” I say as I stand up from my chair. I step toward you and slide a hand into your coat and pull you close to me so we can kiss passionately. We break our kiss and I step back from you and lean against my desk. You reach out for my belt and undo my pants. In one smooth motion you drop my pants and underwear to the floor. My hard cock springs out and is just inches from your face. Your little hand reaches out and grabs it by the base.
“I love this huge fucking cock!” you say as you slowly lick the head. I love watching you as you slowly start to take my cock into your mouth. You look up at me with those beautiful eyes as you bob up and down on my cock. You take my cock from your mouth and start to stroke it while you suck my balls. After I’m good and hard I pick you up and sit you on the edge of my desk, I pull my chair closer and spread you legs wide and rest them on the desk.
I gingerly let my tongue lick the lips of your moist pussy. I feel you twitch as I slide my tongue along your lips. I slowly lick my way up to your clit. I let my tongue carefully dance around it. I hear moans escaping from your mouth as your juices start to flow down you pussy and puddle on my desk. I spread you lips and dip my tongue deep into your pussy as my thumbs are rubbing your clit. You let out a loud moan, as you start to squirt all over my face. I begin to suck on your pussy and drink your juices. I love making you squirt with my mouth.
I stand up and grab your ankles firmly. I rub the head of my hard cock against your clit. You wither under me as I tease you. You love the way my cock teases your over sensitive clit. I start sliding my shaft along your clit and lips as your breathing and moan begin to quicken.
I angle my cock down to the inviting lips of your pussy and plunge deep inside of you as you gasp for air. I slowly work my cock in and out of your pussy. You toss your head back and forth. Your moans fill the empty office. I feel you cum around my cock.
“Fuck me harder,” you shout. I listen to you and start to pound into your pussy harder. My balls are slapping against your ass. I feel you start to cum around my cock again. I lean forward and take your nipple into my mouth as I am slamming your pussy. I hear a load moan erupt from your lips as your pussy spasms and cums around my cock. This pushes me over the top and I begin to pump load after load of hot cum deep into your pussy.
Our juices are mixed and oozing out the side of your pussy. I pull my firm cock from your pussy and replace it with my mouth. I hungrily lick at your pussy making sure I rub your clit at the same time. You squirt again pushing all of our juices into my mouth as I lap at them with greed. I stand up and help you off the desk. I lean forward and kiss you deep sharing our juices with you as my tongue darts in and out of your mouth.
I sit back down in my chair as you drop to your knees. You are stroking my cock as you playfully pull on my balls. You look deep into my eyes as you start to lick and suck our juices off of my cock. It doesn’t take me long to get fully hard again as you are sucking my entire length deep into your mouth and swirling your tongue around my head.
You stand up and bend yourself over so your elbows are resting on my desk as you spread your legs nice and wide. You reach underneath you and spread your lovely pussy with your fingers, inviting me in. I kneel behind you and lick your pussy to make sure you nice and wet. I can tell you like this from the soft coos you emit from your mouth. I stand up and guide my cock so I am rubbing against your lips and clit. I slowly start to work my head into you pussy. You slowly start to back yourself onto my cock, until I am deep inside of you. I slowly work my cock into your pussy until I can develop a nice smooth rhythm. Then I start to pick up pace as you are moaning pretty loudly. Your tits are bouncing back and forth nice and fast as my balls are slapping against your clit. I stick my thumb into your ass as I plow you hard.
“Oh god baby, fuck me hard. Fuck your naughty little slut,” you say between your heavy breaths. I quicken my pace as I feel you cumming around my cock. I keep fucking you faster and faster making your cum even more. You push me off of you and pat the top of the desk. “Lay down on here big daddy.”
I clear the stuff off of my desk and lay down on top of it as instructed. My big cock is standing stiff in the air like a flag pole. You climb up on the desk and swing one leg over me as you straddle my cock. I feel you glide your pussy lips along my shaft before lining up and sliding down on cock. You moan as you go all the way down to the base. You slowly start rocking back and forth on my cock.
“Mmmm, I love the way you ride my cock baby girl,” I say as I start massaging your tits.
“Oh yeah. Daddy likes his little slut riding his big strong cock?” you say as you start bouncing on my cock.
“Oh yeah I do,” I respond as I take your nipples into my mouth. You let out a series of moans and yeses as you start to cum on my cock. You pound yourself up and down on my cock faster and faster making yourself cum harder and harder as I am sucking and pulling on your nipples. You let your orgasm subside and you slide off of me and lay down next to me on the desk. I move between your legs and line my cock up with your pussy. I slide all the way into you and start pumping away at you nice and hard. I watch your tits jiggle around as my cock is sliding all the way out of you before I slam it hard and deep back into you. You are cumming again and making my cock nice a smooth as I ram it deep into you. I feel myself getting ready to cum. You are screaming my name and slamming the desk. Thank god the office is empty because we are making so much noise as my orgasm builds in my balls. I pull out of you and tell you to get on all fours. You quickly flip yourself over and raise your ass into the air. I start to slide my huge cock into your tight ass. I get all the way in and am ramming it nice and hard as I feel my balls tighten.
“I’m gonna cum,”
“Yeah baby, fill my ass with your cum,” you say a my cock erupts into your ass. Just then we hear a noise and our focus is broken and turned toward the office door. Standing there is the security guard and the cleaning lady, both of them staring directly at us. So much for being alone.

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