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Daughter and Mother and Bill Make Three

Well, this is a true story and she was legal. Let's just call her Rachael, but that's not her real name. Rachael was in her early 20's and about 3-months pregnant for the first time. My same white boyfriend, Bill, from my other (all true) stories had taken us out for dinners a few times, and one night when we were alone whispered to me. "Monica, is there any chance of going to bed with you and Rachael?"

"Yes, she would do that if I asked her."

He couldn't believe it, but I guess his dick did because immediately it grew hard and wet. I know because it was in my hands.

About two weeks later he stopped by to pick up mom and daughter for his new adventure. As he watched Rachael come down the stairs, he later said he didn't remember her tits being that large. Maybe mother nature was filling them with milk! We drove down Jeff Davis Highway to the Red Roof Inn past the huge Philip Morris plant. When we entered the room, I turned up the heat, and like always was the first to get naked. I like to get down to business / don't waste time. Foreplay is better naked!

Well Bill was preoccupied with Rachael, not me -- go figure. He undressed her slowly, starting with her sweatshirt, then her jeans. He stripped down to his own tighty whities and walked up to her. He put the palms of his hands on the cheeks of her face and tenderly tilted her head to kiss. Rachael had the full lips of Africa and responded with soft kisses. Soon their kissing became deep and eager. Bill pulled her body tight against his own and reached around to unfix her bra. As he removed her bra, he stepped back to admire her large, young breasts, supporting them with his hands and sucking on each nipple. I hadn’t paid much attention to Rachael or her tits, but I have to admit they were gorgeous. Made me a little jealous. You’ve seen mine on my xhamster page.

I didn’t want this evening to be just a fuck fest between Bill and Rachael so I said it’s time to stop and have a beer. So we did, which seemed to cool Bill down for the moment. After a while there’s Rachael lying naked on her back, Bill naked beside her, and I’m sitting on the edge of the bed. With my free hand, I run it up and down Bill’s body, letting my fingernails rub lightly over his erect dick. He’s loving that and shows me with the movements of his hips. My other hand is between my legs, lightly rubbing my own clit, turning it hard and erect. Bill and I are now panting as Rachael watches her mom going crazy like a dog in heat.

Now my palms are on Bill’s chest as I swing my right leg over to straddle him. He adjusts the folded pillow under his head so that he can see my erect clit as I lower onto his dick, not inside me, but between my wet pussy lips. If you’ve ever seen a “camel-toe slide” you know that that the woman slides forward and backward on her man until one or both reach orgasm … or until they accidently or on purpose achieve intercourse. Then they cum!

This was a night of accidental (for me) intercourse, but of course I didn’t mind. Bill brought his digital camera, and had Rachael taking pictures from all angles. Don’t think she had ever seen that much of her mom, and certainly not Bill. I have to think she was getting hornier by the minute. She kept touching Bill’s shaft as he withdrew on each stroke, and she’d caress his balls. She was so busy back there, I think she stuck a finger up his ass. I heard him let out a moan, then freeze his hips in a position that would have given Rachael maximum access to his asshole. You just never know what a man likes. Don’t do that to me!

But Bill was holding back his load, I could tell. I knew he wanted a go at Rachael, and I wasn’t going to let him down. I’d spent a lot of nights with Bill and was secure enough to give him permission to sample this sweet cupcake.

“I’ve got to pee,” I said dismounting Bill and walked into the bathroom for a piss and a smoke. I knew what was going to happen, and of course it did.

Rachael resumed her place beside Bill on her back. Bill leaned over and resumed their passionate kissing. His free hand explored her body, first her ample breasts and worked down to her hairy twat. Rachael was no virgin, obviously, and loved his touch, spreading her legs and raising her knees. Bill moved around (I was watching) to eat her pussy like a starving man. Rachael responded by raising the angle of her hips until Bill’s head was almost directly above her.

It was now time and Bill moved slowly forward over Rachael letting her thick bush rub down his abdomen until his hard, erect dick touched her vagina. I doubt she needed to, but Rachael reached down and guided Bill’s swollen dick into her vagina. Every man loves new pussy and young pussy, so Bill was double lucky this night. Maybe Rachael felt the same way because they fucked with an intensity like there was no tomorrow. Poor Bill, it was so quick that he shot his load. I could tell by watching when his load started and when it ended. He must have put a liter of cum in Rachael before he collapsed into her arms and laid there motionless.

Not to waste a chance for memories, Bill reached over for his camera, then leaned back to take a few pictures of Rachael’s pussy as he withdrew his dick, and his cum ran out her vagina down over her asshole onto the sheets.

I wish I could find those pictures. Maybe I will and post them. I know what you’re thinking – Monica came up short. Not true. When I was doing the slide I had an orgasm so strong I almost pissed all over Bill. I actually gave him a little squirt or two but never said anything. Everybody and everything was soaking wet and it all blended together. I feel for the maids, though.

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