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My lil slave girl part 1

It was early morning and I was on my way to work when I first met ali. She was begging on a corner near the station. I d noticed how pretty she was even in scruffy clothes. I stopped to chat to her she told me how she was homeless and had nowhere to stay. I asked if she would Luke to get out of the cold and go for a cup of coffee and something to eat my treat. She jumped at the chance so off we went. After chatting a lil more I took putty on her and said she could sl**p on mysofa for a few nights. We went back to my appartment I told her to take a shower and i d wash her clothes as the smelled. She was gone for over an hour before appearing from the bathroom looking like a totally new woman. Wearing my old tshirt and no knickers I was instantly hard. I told her I ve done you a favour now its your turn she asks what i mean. I tell her I find her really sexy and would love her to drop to her knees and sick my throbbing. The look of shock on her face was amazing. She asks if I m serious. O said you want to show me your gratefully don't you. She reluctantly drops to he'd knees and Indies my trousers she slowly takes our my hard cock and slides her wet lips over it. I thrust if deep in her mouth pulling her head in towards me. She Gaga as my cock blocks her throat. I release and thrust again. Her eyes watering she asks if there's anything else I want. To my amazement she takes off her tshirt stands naked in front of me she starts to undo my belt at which point she removes it from my trousers and places it in my hand. She slowly walks over to the sofa and bends over it. In a shy low voice she says beat me. I ask her to repeat it. She then replies with beat ne master. To which i walk over lift the belt high and then bring it crashing down on her ass. She screams with pain but shouts at me again. So I thrasher her now red arse over and over again. To be continued please comment.

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