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Moral Problem

There I sat, this very pretty Japanese woman laying there, passed out. Too much too drink, her shorts around her knees. Her wet, cute little pussy, open like a flower, waiting for me to slide my wanker into it. My hard dick standing straight out from my shorts, still wet from her attempt at a blowjob, waiting to be placed in that pussy.

Heather is the Japanese womans name, she is not Japanese, just looks like it. We are at a party, in a barn, a stall. My wife is in the house enjoying the party. I had stepped out to have smoke, I walked over to the barn to see who my buddy Jim was doing, I know he is pouring the meat to somebodies wife. I ran into very d***k Heather, her husband out of town.

Heather is very hot, smoking hot petite body, to die for ass, pert little tities, jet black hair, great face. She works out, is smart, and a real bitch! Her husband Rick is a class one dickhead. He is good looking, has a perfect yard, all muscled up, always driving a new car, rich. Together they think they are better than everyone else, they put everyone else down to make themselves look good. You know the type, their shit does not stink. Every neighborhood has a couple like this.

Heather is passed out, will not remember a thing. I could slip my dick deep into her high class "A" pussy and drain my balls filling her pussy with my "not worthy" spunk. I could then pull her shorts up and walk away. She will wake after a couple of hours with a really bad headache and go home, my spunk leaking out of her pussy and drying in her panties, she would never know. It would be better than me beating off later, blowing my wad in real pussy is always better than beating off even if she is passed out. I know my wife is not going to put out, it has been three weeks since my dick has been in that pussy. My wife is mad at me about some bullshit. It would be great to spew my spunk into Heather's pussy, I will never get a chance with Heather again. You ought to see this woman in a bikini!

Maybe I hesistate because she called me Rick, her husbands name. I think she thinks I am Rick, because she is so d***k. Well good, then I can pork her and she will think it was Rick who porked her. I thought I had over heard her say to someone that she was off the pill because she and Rick wanted to have a baby, if I spunk in her hot pussy I may knock her up. That would be funny, bluecollar me would be the father of their baby. I guess I would be the only one that knows, a secret. My ace in the hole. Maybe she would not get pregnant, maybe I heard her wrong.

Her pussy looks so good, the lips are parted, I can see that it is wet. I can smell the sweet aroma. Her pussy hair is black, not too much and not too little. Perfect like the rest of her. I bet it would be great to put my dick deep in that pussy and explode! I really need a release. I know that is what Jim is doing, porking some d***k housewife. Maybe I can I can get off in Heather's pussy twice, once now and go back to the party and come back in twenty minutes and nut in her pussy again. Maybe I could nut in her now and then go find Jim, bring him here and we could both spunk in her pussy. Or I guess I could walk in the house and find my wife, and we could go home and I could apoligize and hope that I can get a makeup fuck. Or I could go home and masterbate over all this, and maybe shoot my wad all over my wife's pussy while she sl**ps. Why am I thinking so much aboout this?

I made up my mind, I slowly slide my dick deep into Heather's waiting snatch. It is heaven, warm and wet and tight, my dick slides easily in. Once all the way in I pause, enjoying the moment. This is some first class pussy. Any other time she would not give me the time of day, I would never even get to see her pussy, she thinks I am not worthy. Hell, she may not even know I exsist. I move slowly out and then back in, once I reach her inner most depths I pause again, then I start to pump my semen into her. My spunk flooding her womb. Maybe Rick will come home and eat her out and be tasting my spunk. Maybe she will know I did this and she will always desire me secretly. But hey, her pussy knows what is going on, it wants my spunk. It holds my wanker tight till my balls have drained. My dick starts to deflate, but Heathers pussy still clings to it tightly. I remove my dick, a very small amount of my jizz leaks from that fine pussy. I pull up her shorts. All of this has taken only fifteen minutes.

I go back to the house, back to the party. I find my wife, all is well. I run into Jim, he tells me that he nailed Vicki, who lives around the corner. I tell Jim that is great, Vicki is hot. I go back out to have a smoke. I walk over to stall where Heather is, she is still passed out, I think for a moment. Then I pull her shorts down, slide my dick in and cream in her sweet pussy again! I guess deep down I am just a guy and I would rather blow my wad in some passed out pussy than go home and beat off. Now I am going back to the party to tell my wife I am sorry and try to get some make up sex tonight, if I can spunk in two different women that would make for a perfect evening.

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