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The Ultimate Hand Job - Part Two

This is part two of the ultimate hand job. In the first chapter I described the meeting between us for the first time. You aroused me so quickly and made me cum before I had a chance to pleasure you. So now it is time to continue.

Like all my stories, this is a fantasy and none of this happened in real life. It is, on the other hand, written with one person in mind, I think you will recognize this and know how wonderful a fantasy can be even if you are not identified by name.

Our first meeting, in my opinion, would not end with you giving me a deep sensual hand job. I never take more than I give so my only thought as we broke from our first cum laced kiss was to provide you at least as much pleasure as I felt as your soft delicate hands brought me to a mind numbing cum.

I was setting as you rose to kiss me, my cum still on your lips. It was my turn to take control so I slowly rose to a standing position, pulling you after me. I wanted to touch you everywhere all at once, to overload you with sensual delight, but that was not possible. I had no plan when we met how I would make my move. But at this moment I knew that it didn’t matter what my first move would be, it only mattered that we’d share the next moments locked in passionate sharing of sexual delight.

I pulled you close to me, feeling your full breasts against my chest and circled your back with my arms. I could feel a bra strap, it was wide and firm and I knew you needed this bra to hold your full breasts in the seductive shape that first caught my attention. I let my fingers trace a line along the lower edge of the bra and the fact that I was touching it aroused me and I noticed you held your breath a bit as my fingers moved along the line and approached your underarm. I continued following the line of your bra till I felt the swell of your full breast on each side.

I looked into your eyes and knew by your look that touching you this way was having the effect I wanted. My bare cock was now beginning to respond to this sensual moment but I was far from ready to take you the way I desired, so I continued. My fingers traced along the lower edge of your bra, and as my fingers met in the middle I could feel the structure of your bra and was determined that I would set you free of this garment so I could enjoy you in your natural softness.

I bent to kiss you, gently caressing your lips with mine and then broke with a thin strand of saliva connecting our lips. I am not sure if it was yours or mine, but you extended the tip of your tongue and broke the strand, then I felt your hot breath as you parted your lips and began a much more passionate kiss. Your tongue met mine as I made the first probe of your lips and mouth. I felt you suck on my tongue and my cock jerked in reaction as if it was my cock in your mouth.

My hands went around you again as if to embrace you, but instead I pulled at your blouse and when it was high enough on your back I fumbled for a second with your bra. It seems like forever since I unhooked a bra, but I had no intention of letting it confine your breasts. I felt the last hook as it snapped free and the straps retracted away from my hands.

You stopped sucking my tongue and took in a deep breath as my work hardened hands slowly caressed your back. I could feel the marks in your skin from the bra as I caressed you and slowly moved my hands in small circular motions towards your front. I slipped both hands up under your bra that was still clinging to your breasts and you gasped as your soft, yet firm breasts slid out of the grasp of the bra into my hands.

I felt your breasts, the weight of them was pleasing as was the firmness, yet so soft and they molded to my hands as if my hands had become the cups of your bra. I was anxious to continue but wanted to savor this moment a little longer. I kissed your lips, and then your cheek as I moved towards your ear covered in your soft silky hair. I moved my thumbs to pass them over your nipples, now hardening to my touch and you moaned softly with your mouth near my ear.

“I want you so badly,” I whispered, “I want you to feel as much pleasure as I did.”

I pulled back from you a bit and bent to kiss your breasts, still holding them in my hands. First one, then the other, and you arched you back as if begging me to take your nipple into my mouth. I responded to your request by using the tip of my tongue to trace a line around your areola and felt it tighten, pulling it out of its perfect round shape.

I covered your nipple with my mouth and gently sucked, wetting your areola and nipple with my tongue and then nibbled at your rubbery nipple, now fully erect. I kneaded your other breast with my hand and then moved my mouth to your other nipple bringing it to the same hardness. I pulled away and felt your brief shiver from the wet coldness of the air passing your wet nipples. I looked down as my work, you nipples were shiny with my saliva and as hard as you had made my cock.

I reluctantly let go of your breasts, watching them drop to their natural shape, a shape far more seductive than any bra could produce. I took your hand and led you to the bed where we both sat on the edge. I turned to face you, and gently pushed you back as I rolled to face you and kissed you again. I raised a bit and unbuttoned your blouse that had dropped to cover your breasts.
I did not stop there, with your blouse lying open at your sides I kissed each breast again, and then began kissing your tummy as I unhooked your jeans and tugged at them to free you of them. You raised your butt as I pulled them off, letting me see the pretty lace panties hidden from my view. Seeing them was like looking at a gift that was wrapped in pretty paper.

I raised to my knees, pulled off my shirt and then pulled your jeans off you. As if a reflex you closed your legs to hide the prize I wanted. I placed a hand on each knee and gently pulled them apart as you looked at me between your legs. My cock, now nearly erect swayed back and forth as I positioned myself between your legs, but I was not going to take you until I knew you were more than ready to accept it inside you.

I bent forward and kissed your tummy and as I did so ran a hand along your inner thighs. You spread your legs to offer me free access to your pussy and I was not disappointed when I found a wet spot in your panties, I knew you wanted me. I ran my hand over the lace panty, it seemed rough to the touch as compared to the silky soft skin of your inner thigh.

I made small circular motions across the panty as I kissed your tummy and then used my fingers to pull the panty aside, touching you for the first time. You were so wet, so ready, and I wanted my cock inside you, but my fingers were the first to penetrate you, as I slid my finger along your slit and felt the opening of your pussy for the first time.

You arched your back, again it seemed as if you were begging for my touch, and I slid my finger inside you, feeling the creamy wetness that allowed my finger to slide deep inside. But there was more that I wanted so I pulled it out and this time tugged at the panties to remove them. As I dropped them off the side of the bed you sat up and shed the blouse and the bra that still hung by its straps on your shoulders.

I noticed for the first time that the bra and panties matched in color and design, “nice touch,” I thought as I watched you drop the bra on the floor beside the panties. The bra and panties were now just scraps of cloth, there was no seductive shape left in them that your body had provided.

I pushed you back onto the bed and knelt again, this time I kissed your pubic mound as my hands caressed your thighs and then I moved my mouth down to your pussy. I could smell the scent of your perfume, or was it your bath soap? But there was a far more intoxicating scent, the scent of your body responding to our love making. I tasted you for the first time as my tongue entered your slit and I slid it up and around your clit. Your creamy goodness flowed onto my tongue and I savored the taste.

You responded with a soft moan and as I moved a bit for a better position you placed your hands on my head as if you were afraid I was done. I was encouraged by this and moved to begin licking you up and down. You moaned loudly as I approached your clit for the second time so I place my mouth around your now swollen clit and sucked it in gently as you tensed to the feeling of my lips and tongue on your nub.

I broke away and moved back down but moved my thumb to circle your clit slowly as I continued licking and trying to poke my tongue inside you. My nose was buried deep in your inner folds as I moved my tongue around and was greeted with another flow of your honey. I knew you were getting close to cumming from your sounds and when you tensed I knew you were on the edge. I wanted to be on your clit but also wanted to feel your cum at your opening.

My thumb rubbed firmly just above your clit, forcing it down to touch my nose as I extended my tongue as far as I could into you. You held my head with your hands as you clamped it from moving side to side with your legs and began to cum. The flow of nectar from your opening was warm and creamy and I let it cover my tongue and lips, savoring each bit of it as if it were fine wine.

When you cum eased your legs relaxed and I felt your hands leave my head. I looked up, you were looking down at me, my face framed between your legs and you smiled. Your hands went to your breasts as you pinched your nipples and gave a shudder as the last reaction to your first cum with me subsided. I smiled back and wondered what could we do to top this?

Shall I continue?

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