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Helping the Old Folks

My husband and I went to the old folks home to visit my great grand mother. This is one of those fancy homes where they have some assisted living and then some is the more traditional with the constant monitoring. My husband is a good looking guy nearing 50. He is a great fuck with a nice size dick and some balls that always deliver a good amount of cream that always make me feel satisfied. As we walked thru across the grounds this woman called us into her small house. She was probably around 80 and very skinny. She said that she had not been laid in years and just wanted to feel a man inside her.

We left quickly thinking she was crazy and continued on to grandmas. During our visit I kept thinking of that woman. I asked my husband what he thought. He asked if if I wanted him to fuck her? I thought for a moment, I know how she feels, she is lonely. I said yes, fuck her. Then he said that I had to watch and said it figures that it has to be some old woman instead of a teenager. We left grandmas and went over to the womans house. She asked if we came back to fuck her and we said yes. Within minutes she was naked and sucking my husbands dick. She was skinny with sagging little tits, her muff was light brown and not very hairy, she was dripping wet. My husband fingured her and then started to fuck her. They started to into it pretty good. I was surprised as I was expecting her to just lay there. They switched positions and finally she reached a massive orgasim, my husband came with her,filling her cunt with his sweet ball juice. I had a small orgasim too. They laid there together as his dick deflated inside her. I sat there thinking that I just watched my husband fuck another woman, fucked her good, and I liked it! I watched as his dick fell out of her snatch and then his cream started to run out of her snatch. My pussy was now burning and needed some dick, I leaned over and rolled my husband over and started to suck his dick, inhalling her aroma, she smelled great! His dick hardened right away. I loved the smell of her pussy, so I started to clean her pussy as my husband entered me from behind, doggy style. I licked the old womans pussy, her juices mixed with my husbands, I loved it. I came within seconds, my husband soon dumped his load into my waiting pussy.

We left, driving home my husband said that she was a good fuck. He said that her was pussy tighter than mine. I said that we should do that again as I liked watching him fucking and pleasing other women.

We did go back but this time we ran into an old 90 year old man, he was sitting there with a big tent in his pants. My husband said that now it was my turn. We went into his room and closed the door. He said I was pretty and that he was sorry for his boner. I pulled his shorts down and told him I would help him with that. He then stated that he had not been with a woman in ten years. I put his dick in my mouth, tasting his salty pre cum and feeling his hard shaft. He pulled my head away and said he wanted to be in my pussy. I looked at my husband, he smilled and said go for it. The man was laying on the bed with his dick sticking straight up in the air. I lifted my skirt and pulled off my panties and handed them to my husband. I climbed on the bed and hovered over the mans dick holding my skirt up. He said he loved how my pussy looked and smelled. I lowered myself down, his dick slid into my wet pussy easily. the man said it was great to be deep in a beautiful womans pussy. I worked his dick for a very short time. He exploded in no time pumping his 90 year old sperm deep into my snatch. I came also. He was very thankful and wanted us to come back. I put my panties back on and my husband told him that I would come around again and that if he knew of any other men that needed release to let them know that I would fix them all up.

It got to where my husband and I were very popular at the old folks home. I got plenty of old dick and he was getting plenty of old pussy. We were able to get some of the old people to fuck each other. Also another couple got involved also along with a nurse. We had some orgies, it definitely improved everyones morale around there. I do enjoy going to visit grandma, but it now takes all day.

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