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Sunday morning

Sunday morning with a man orally caressing my cock has got to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.
The moist succulent lips, kiss back down my rampant shaft, softy kissing. Hot breath bathes my scrotum, shrivelled and thick from a slight chill in the room.
The tongue lightly licks at the thickened sack and then ascends along the side of my shaft, dragging his tongue in one continuous lick.

Upon reaching the apex, he circles the spongy head, dragging his teeth against the sensitive flesh. Closing my eyes, I drift off into a state of overwhelming pleasure cantered on my genitalia.
Not asl**p, but certainly not alert to anything but my cock, I float intoxicated in a blissful state.

His lips part slightly, just enough for the tip of my dick to nuzzle between the soft petals, sucking me softly then parted a little wider as a finger finds my arse.
The soft smacking reaches my ears as he sucks and licks my cock. The soft kissing stops momentarily hot breath surrounds my now throbbing tip, then the lips close around the corona, enveloping the head in a wet silky heat. The finger finds entry in my eager arse and I groan loudly with approval.

He pulls back, his lips sliding over the pulsating head. The lips separate from my flesh. Sliding across the tip, his tongue gathers my salty emission which is leaking from me. Hot breath surrounds the glans, and again the lips close around the rim of from my pulsating cock head. His tongue dances across the velvety pink flesh for a moment before the lips, slide across the tip once again pressing the tip into my cock tube, only stopping to nibble for a moment at the pink top again. Oh another finger teases inside as I leak more and his hot breath bathes my glans again. The heated air descends a few inches down, enveloping my cock shaft. He’s not really touching me, but I sense the surrounding moist cavern. Soft, plump lips close around my shaft. Then applying a soft suction, he pulls away, dragging his lips tightly sealed around the shaft, up until my dick pops from his lips.

His lips descend around the shaft, and seal around my girth. Swirling his tongue around the sensitive underside of my cock, I involuntarily jerk. His hand now caresses my ball sack, gently squeezing the shrivelled skin between thumb and forefinger, pulling on the thick skin, and stretching it gently. Applying suction, his lips seal around my dick, and then he pulls back sucking as his fingers are plunged in deep and hard causing my legs to squirm on either side of his body and my toes curl.
I am panting now, have been for some minutes. Each time he descends on my cock, he goes a little lower, taking in more of my cock, as he pulsates his fingers inside caressing more and more of my eager flesh.

My cock begins to tingle and swells in preparation he knows I’m close, and begins fucking his mouth over my cock. The tingling becomes so urgent. I clutch the sheets gathering them into my fists. With a rush, semen surges through my cock, flowing out spewing f***efully into his mouth, I am swept away in the sweet agony, ejaculating time and again my liquid offering into his voraciously sucking mouth.

I suddenly realize that the loud sounds I heard was me, groaning in pleasure. I am nearly hyperventilating and struggle to regain control of my mind and body. The urgency passed, he slows to a leisurely suckling of my now deflating cock, until he finally lets it slip from his mouth

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