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Nikki and Todds Honeymoon

After Nikki and Tod had got married they left for the first phase of there honeymoon, 4 days in Las Vegas before going to Hawaii for 10 days. They arrived at the Bellagio hotel and after checking in went to their beautiful room. Nikki came out of the bathroom and rubbing her bare tiny tit on Todd said I am horny its been nearly 8 hrs. Todd kissed her and wrapped his arms around her grabbed her little ass cheeks and lifted her up held her level with his 6 foot 4 inch heighth and carried her to the king size bed and tossed her on it. Stripping he took his hardening cock slapped her across the face and said "suck it". Grinning at her new husband Nikki said YES MASTER and began licking up and down his length until it was rock hard. Thats enough he said "on your hands and knees". She quickly turned her tiny body around and kneeled down and lowered her head to the bed exposing her ass, her wrinked hole peek out at him. You made a mistake he said and you will be spanked for it exciting her even more, slapping her butt until it had a nice pink look contrasted against her dark Vietnamese complextion. Coming up behind her he said "as further punishment your asshole we be ignored today" and thrust his entire length in her tight shaved pussy fucking her hard making her cum twice before unloading deep inside her 4'11" body. It always amazed Todd how that tiny girl could handle such hard sex seemingly forgetting that she enjoyed pain. Later they noticed an envelope addressed to them. Opening it they found a letter on the letterhead of one of the finest restraunts in town telling them that Jodie and Bob had arranged for them to have an evening of fine dining at thier convinience including the managers card asking them to call and speak to him personaly for whatever night the wanted. They decided to go the next night and called him and decided for 8 the next evening, and were told that he would send a car for them. Having a full day the next day of sightseeing, sunning by the pool and gambling(Nikki hitting 2 slot machine jackpots for $1000 each and a third for $500) They dressed for the evening going downstairs expecting a small towncar but when the doorman called the car up it was a stretch limo. Arriving at the restraunt they met the manager and were led to the table enjoying wine champagne and the finest prime rib they had ever had. The manager came by just as the finished and explained that he had met Jodie 5 years earlier and Bob when they came to town to get married. He told them that they had the car for the evening and handing them an envelope said there was a flier for an exclusive club and if they wanted to attend thre were would be tickets waiting at the door. The last thing he said was "Mistress Jodie said you may enjoy this". In the car they opened it and found a flier for an exlusive BDSM club that they had read about on line. Nikki said "please Todd we may never have a chance like this again" If it will please you, you know I will do it for you my love. Dressing for the evening Todd dressed in all black while Nikki wore a very short blue dress. Arriving at the club they gave there names and were led to a table and explained that the admission was all enclusive and that there were 3 stages with different shows on each and that guests were allowed to use the stages for a maximum of 30 minutes. After watching the shows Nikki asked "would you like to show me off Master?" Without answering Todd walked over and signed them up. We are on in an hour and a half. They watched a few more acts including a midget spanking a large man and then giving him a golden shower which he swallowed completely. The next act featured a white man and a large black domme. Looking closer Nikki said its Patrick from the restraunt. It was Patrick and the Domme Mistress Lisa pierced his nipples with needles, bent him over the spanking bench and whipped his ass and finished with a huge dildo in his asshole. When it was Nikkis turn they got on stage and to said "strip bitch" now face the audience and tell them why you are being punished. When we were at the hotel my Master ordered me to get on my hands and knees and I disobeyed kneeled with my head on the bed not on my hands as ordered. Todd then attached her to the x cross using the crop on her
cute tittys until they were red and gave her 2 hits across her flat belly leaving 2 red marks. That should draw some looks at the pool tomorrow to which the crowd laughed. Taking her down Todd whispered I love you baby. Putting Nikki on the spanking bench Todd asked if any Mistress wanted to have her slave on the x cross to watch Nikki spanking. Mistress l****a brought her slave Van and put him on the cross and spoke to her and then went to Nikki and began working on her ass first using a paddle and finishing with a crop. Looking at the slave on the cross he saw that he had a raging hardon and lettin Nikki up told her "Look what you caused that slave to do. You need to take care of it for him" Yes sir was her answer. Walking over to him she said "my master has ordered me to take care of your hard dick are you ready" Yes he said and before he realized what was happening Nikki grabbed a crop and hit his member hard twice on the third hit he came spraying cum all over the stage to which Nikki said "all of us pain sluts are the same" to which the crowd gave a standing ovation. sl**ping in the next day they enjoyed the rest of the stay before leaving for Hawaii. And yes Nikki did get some looks at pool showing her marks in her smallest bikini

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