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I looked out the train window at the blur of green landscape as it passed. Going to stay with grandma had always been one of my fondest memories as a k**, the train ride just the beginning to a wonderful summer spent with her on her farm in northern Connecticut. Just me and her, lazing away the days and enjoying each other"s company. For seven straight years from the time I was seven years old to f******n I stayed with her, and for those summers we were inseparable.

From the ages of sixteen to eightteen however, I spent my summers at football camp, and the visits with gram regrettably went on hiatus. I didn"t see her for close to four years, as she lived literally across the country from mom and I, and though I missed her terribly football was my life at the time, so I dedicated myself to it.

Finally, after my senior year in high school, I decided that before I went off to college I had to spend one last summer with her. It may have been my last chance before I got too busy with life to do it, I reasoned. One last time for it to be just her and I, lazing around and enjoying each others company like it"d been in the good old days before football and girls.

Now obviously, in the four years It"d been since I"d seen her I"d changed quite a bit. I"d grown a good six or seven inches since I was f******n, when I was already as tall as her. My voice had completely changed, my shoulders broadened out and my frame lean and muscular from training and hitting the weights in football for three straight years. The round boyish features of my face had squared and matured. I"d become a man, a young one anyway, erasing the boy she"d remember from summers past.
And I"d also discovered pussy.

I lost my virginity to Theresa Riordan at a party around Christmas when I was sixteen, and my first taste of pussy drove me crazy. I found very quickly that I was a big tit fiend, seeking out girls like Theresa with big fat tits I could suck on as I fucked them. I didn"t know where the urge had come from or why I had it so strong, but I didn"t care, I loved tits, the bigger and fatter the better.
After losing my virginity to Theresa-- looking up at her milky white tits hanging down and swaying over me as she slipped back and forth on my dick, and becoming enraptured by them-- I started to chase every girl I knew with big tits at school. Being a football player, tall and decently handsome I could usually get them into bed, especially cheerleaders. The bigger their tits, the harder and longer I"d fuck them. From my sophmore to senior years in high school I fucked as many big busted girls as would have me, and by my eighteenth birthday I"d cut close to twenty notches into my bedpost, and had no intention of slowing down when I hit college.

This was why, in my last summer with grandma, when I got off the train to meet her as I"d done so many times before, I froze in my tracks the second I saw her. I realized something I"d sort of always known but in my p*****n, mostly pre-sex drive young boy mind had never had a reason to care about: Grandma"s tits were massive.
I felt a rush of mixed guilt, horrification and excitement as I spotted her working her way through the crowd toward me, a huge smile on her warm round face and her arms open to embrace me.
She was wearing a thin button-up sweater that was open over what looked to be a snug cotton turtleneck. She was slightly short and chubby, her figure voluptuous and soft. Her hair was a slate gray, tied up in a neat bun with pretty green combs tucked into it. Her features were pretty in a faded, weathered way. She had a soft double chin which probably hadnt been there when she was young, but seemed to compliment her voluptuousness now. It was grandma, the same grandma I"d known and loved and hugged and laughed with since I was born, but in my newfound addiction to busty women, it wasnt just grandma anymore. It was one of the biggest, softest pairs of tit"s I"d ever remembered seeing in person, and grandma had them. The blue cotton turtleneck clung to her bosom snugly, sloping underneath their huge heft and hugging her belly. The sweater d****d over them, hanging down loosely around her waist. I"d looked at the cup sizes of a lot of huge tittied porn actresses online since I"d become obsessed with tits, and in the few seconds I had to ogle her before we hugged I figured they had to have been G or H cups, if not bigger.

"Sweetheart!" Grandma chirped excitedly as we met each other and hugged. I smiled, still slightly dazed. My heart started beating faster as her chest met my abdomen, her huge tits bulged around my belly as she put her arms around me and squeezed. I felt a pang of panic and shame as I realized my dick was starting to get hard and pulled away from her quickly, reaching over to grab my suitcase which I promptly held in front of me.
"Look at you, sweety, you"re like a different person!" She said, reflexively pulling her sweater together, as it tended to open around her massive chest when it wasn"t buttoned. "You"ve grown into such a handsome young man! Where"s that chubby little smooth faced boy I sent home on the train just a few summers ago?"
"I"m right here Gramma," I said with a sheepish grin, taking an almost involuntary darting glance at her chest then down to the ground. "I just got a little bigger."
"A little?!" She said with a huff "Honey, you"ve grown into a right young hunk, just like I knew you would," she said, beaming. "You"re going to be as handsome as your father was. Lord, you already are!"
I laughed and my face turned red, which made grandma laugh too. As she laughed her big soft tits shook, causing her sweater to slip around them again, making my cock press even harder against the side of my suitcase.
"Let"s go honey, you"ve got to be tired, car"s over here." She said, linking her arm in mine and leading me toward the parking lot.

As we drove I looked at the countryside, familiar but in a strange way new again. I kept my gaze at the window so I wouldn"t find it wandering toward grandma"s giant juggs, shaking and bouncing under her snug cotton shirt as we drove down the bumpy dirt road that led to her farm.
I silently anguished.
What"s wrong with me? Your dick isn"t supposed to get hard for your grandma, it"s not, it"s just fucking not... but I can"t help it. Her tits are... are driving me wild and there"s nothing I can do about it.
"... and your cousin Roger got honor roll this year, so he"s-- Hon, are you listening?" Grandma said, looking my way and placing an affectionate hand on my thigh.
I looked back at her, making sure to keep my eyes on her face and said "Yeah gram, I"m listening, just a lil" tired. Keep going." And managed a smile.
She smiled and squeezed my thigh, then faced the road again and went on talking. As she did this, my eyes flitted down to her tits. They were resting almost against the steering wheel, midway down her thigh. My mouth went dry and I felt my crotch explode with warmth as I watched them bounce up and down as we hit each bump and divot in the road. Staring, almost hypnotized, I noticed after a few seconds that grandma had stopped talking. I blinked, snapping out of my daze and looked up to see her looking straight at me. Our eyes met and I realized in absolute horror that she had to have seen me staring. My face went expressionless and so did hers. After what seemed like an eternity but couldnt have been more than a few seconds she threw a warm smile at me, then reached over and squeezed my thigh again. This time-- I couldn"t tell if I was imagining it or not, but it seemed-- a little closer to my throbbing crotch.
I turned back toward the window quickly. Grandma remained silent for a few seconds, then went back into her gossip almost without skipping a beat. "And Uncle Larry still hasn"t gotten his back surgery, I don"t know what that man is thinking, I..."
Her voice faded off into the distance as I sunk into a pool of shame and embarrassment in my mind, staring out the window unmoving and wishing more than anything the car ride was over.

The next morning at breakfast as Grandma sat a plate of bacon, eggs and toast down in front me me, I again found myself glancing out the corner of my eye at the massive mounds of tit meat that jutted out from her tied night robe. Neither of us had mentioned the incident in the car the day before, so I felt a little better, but I still found my horomones going crazy every second I spent around her. A long line of soft white cleavage showed where her robe opened at the top, and my dick again began to spring to attention. She obviously wasn"t wearing a bra yet, the hefty sag of her bosoms and the way they swayed lazily back and forth as she tooled around the kitchen told me that much. My gut churned as I realized I was still in my underwear and couldnt get up till I"d calmed down, which wouldn"t be till my grandmother removed her giant tits from my view. I didn"t know how I was going to make the month, it seemed impossible.
"Now if you want seconds you dont by shy, you hear? Growing man like you deserves two helpings." She said, watching me eat with a smile. "You want more orange juice babe?"
"Sure Gram" I said.
She walked over to me and did something I thought strange. Instead of grabbing the glass on my right, she walked up to my left side until her expansive bust was a hair"s breadth from my face, then leaned slowly over me to grab my glass. Her giant melons fell heavily across my left arm and shoulder as she reached, and her robe split further apart at the top to show a widening crack of bursting cleavage. My mind raced. Was this innocent, or did she know what she was doing? I decided in an instant that grandma would never act that way toward me, not in a million years, she was just getting me more juice, she would never--
Then her nipples hardened, stabbing my arm through her robe as she grabbed my glass and pulled away, letting her tits slip off my arm slowly.
I stared down at my plate in a daze, my cock standing fully erect and oozing pre-cum.
I heard the glass fill behind me, then the slam of the refrigirator door and the soft pad of her house slippers as she made her way back across the kitchen.
I remained still, then jumped slightly as I felt huge hanging tits suddenly rest firmly against my back. Grandma leaned over me from behind, her massive chest smashing obscenely against the back of my neck and shoulders, and placed the glass of juice on the table next to me.
"There you go, honey" she said, then put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly from behind. The top of her breasts bulged around the back of my neck, her nipples hard and warm at my back. She kissed the crown of my head, then pressed her cheek against it. "I"m so darn glad to have you here, babe" she said, then kissed me lovingly on the cheek. "The summers just havent been the same without you, they"ve been so lonely."
"I"m glad to be here too, I"ve missed you" I said back, chewing my food but not tasting it. She pulled away from me and walked out of the kitchen, calling behind her "I"m gonna run and take my mornin" shower hon, you eat up."
The second she was out of view, my hand flew to my swollen cock. It was painfully engorged, and a small wet spot had formed at the tip. I squeezed my massive boner and my entire body pulsated at the tought of what had just happened. Had she done it on purpose? Had grandma just rubbed her gigantic tits all over me because she knew that I was now amazed by them? What was she doing? What was she thinking? What do I do or think? I put my plate in the sink, the meal half uneaten, then headed down the hall to lock myself in my room. I"d tell her I just decided to lie-in a little longer if she asked, I thought, but really I just needed to get somewhere and jerk this load of cum out of my prick or it was going to explode.
I headed down the hall, then slowed my walk as I neared the bathroom. I could hear the shower running and grandma cheerily humming a tune as she bathed. She"d left the door open, I realized. I slowed gradually, heart slamming against my rib-cage, then reached a full stop directly in front of the open door. I looked at the plastic white shower curtain, steam rising up above it, and imagined my own grandmother"s naked wet tits. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it as I stared, imagining I could see the water cascade over the mountainous slopes of her breasts and waterfall off of them. My eyes closed and her soft melodic humming drifted through my brain. Then, as suddenly as I had drifted away still gripping a handful of underwear and stiff cock, the water turned off and the shower curtain whooshed open.
Grandma stood in front of me, glistening wet and naked, and I got the view only moments earlier I"d been daydreaming of. My eyes went immediately to the her giant hanging tits. They rested just above her navel, but were plump and full with perky nipples and rosey areolas that pointed at me rather than the floor. Her belly had a slight sag to it, typical for a sixty-five year old woman who"d birthed three k**s, but it wasn"t unsightly. Her hips, thighs and ass were thick and meaty, with a smooth creamy complexion and a patch of darkish gray hair that trailed off between her legs.
My eyes bulged, my heart skipped a beat, and I cummed. A hot gush of jizz that spread slowly out from my tented crotch. Grandma yelped lightly in sudden shock and threw her arms across her still dripping tits, which smashed and bulged around them and slipped through them. I cummed even harder.
Before I could finish, I forcibly jerked my body from it"s paralysis of ecstasy and darted for my room. I slammed the door behind me, locked it, then fell onto the bed and put my head under the pillow like a frightened ostrich.
It was over. Grandma knew for a fact that her grandson was a deviant. A once well-adjusted, bright eyed boy that had turned into an i****tuous, perverted young man that pined for his own flesh and bl**d. This would change everything, she"d never forgive me, and she"ll tell mom and I"ll have to be ashamed about it for the rest of my life. They"ll probably want me to go to therapy. I felt tears well at my eyes as shame and embarrassment pierced my thoughts.
Then came a soft rap at the door.
I looked up, wiping my eyes. Another soft knock.
"Sweetie?" I heard grandma"s light voice say from the other side of the door. "Sweetie, open the door."
"I can"t, I"m too embarrassed." I said back through a watery voice.
"Oh, sugar." I heard her say with real concern in her voice. "Open this door up and look at me." she said, followed by another soft rap. "You don"t have to be ashamed."
I got off the bed, then found a pair of shorts and slipped them on over my stained wet underwear. I walked to the door, put my hand on the knob hesitantly, then with a deep breath opened it a crack.
Grandma glared back at me with a look of fierce love, bordering on lust. Her night gown was thrown back on, but it was still open, clinging to her wet body. The huge heavy curve of her soft white tits showed where the robe was open, and water still streamed down her chest and belly to her fully exposed patch of fluffy pussy hair. Her gray hair lay wet around her shoulders, she"d thrown her robe on without drying off.
"Let me in, honey." she said, pushing the door open with one hand while unabashedly kneading her huge left breast with the other.
I felt dumbstruck watching it bulge around and between her fingers as she squeezed it, then when the door swung open she grabbed the other and went on kneading both of them, pinching delicately at her stiff nipples.
She walked in the room, then closed the door with a bump of her ass.
"I know what you were doing." She said, running a hand down her cleavage line and stomach. "You were masturbating to Grandma, weren"t you."
I stood with my mouth open, but no words came out. Finally I stammered "No, gram, I... I was just... scratching myself." I said, looking at the ground and feeling as weak as my excuse must have sounded. "I"m so sorry I.. I saw you..." I stopped, feeling mute.
"You saw me naked?" She said. Her delicate finger trailed the line of her cleavage, which bulged as she squished her tits together with her elbows. "You weren"t scratching yourself, you were jacking off, son." She said, looking down at the again growing tent at my crotch. "Jacking off to Granny"s big bosoms, werent you?" She said, and her hand wandered down to her still wet and glistening patch and started to rub.
"No Gram, I--" I said, and with a sudden, quick movement grandma grabbed my hands and placed them on her gigantic tits.
I stood in dumb disbelief as she placed her hands over mine and began to rub and squeeze them together. The cleavage under her open robe bulged and parted as I fondled them, and I looked up to see her looking back at me with fierce, hungry eyes.
"I want you to suck on them, honey. Would you do that for me?" She said in a soft whisper, then leaned up and kissed me softly on the lips.
I looked down at those massive tits rolling and squishing through my hands and nodded silently, then looked back up just in time to see grandma lean up and plunge her tongue into my mouth. We kissed long and slowly, our tongues dancing and flicking around each other.
"I love you so much, sugar," she said in a heavy, passion-soaked voice. "Sucks gram"s big titties, honey, suck on them."
Without hesitation I opened the robe around the side of her huge left tit, then stared at it in silent admiration for a moment before grabbing as much of it as I could in one hand and lifting it to my mouth. I plunged on to it greedily, the entire nipple and smooth white flesh around it disappearing into my mouth.
I tried to suck too much of it in and it popped back out, glistening and flopping back down onto her stomach. Grandma moaned lightly, her face turned to the roof and her eyes closed. Her hands were resting on my head, her fingers running through my hair.
"Suck them. Mmm, suck them baby." She said. I squished them together and took turns sucking each breast and letting it pop out of my mouth. I licked and nibbled her thick nipples as grandma"s hand dropped slowly to my bulging crotch. She gripped my warm length through the shorts and squeezed.
"Oh, my big boy." She said over the squelchy, sloppy noise of me sucking on her enormous udders. "You"ve gotten so big, sweetie."
"Mmmm.." I moaned indifferently, pulling away and pushing her tits up under her chin, completely lost in passion.
"Come here." she said, then took my hand and led me to the bed. She sat down on it and pulled me down next to her, then looked deep into my eyes.
"I want to show you how much I still love you honey," she said, then got on her knees between my legs. I panted and trembled as she unceremoniously yanked my shorts and underwear down. She gasped lightly as my rock hard cock sprung out and slapped against my stomach.
"Oooohhh.." she said and grabbed it with one hand, then looked up at me. "Your cock is so pretty, sugar. It"s so big and pretty..." then, still looking up at me, she placed the head in her mouth and started to suck gingerly. I moaned and tilted my head back, reaching down with my hands and mashing and squeezing her massive juggs together as I watched my cock disappear inch by inch down her throat all Nine-inches. She looked up at me and pulled back off of it, letting it pop out of her mouth, then licked her lips. "Mmmmm" she said, jacking the shaft slowly, then plunged back onto it, this time down to the balls. She held it in her throat until she gagged, then spit it back up. A line of thick white slobber and pre-cum stretched from my engorged penis head to her bottom lip. She slurped it into her mouth and started pumping my cock again slowly.
"Nice and slippery. Good. Now lay back." She said, and placed a hand on my chest, pushing me slowly but firmly back onto the bed. My cock stood straight in the air at its full throbbing Nine-inches, and before I knew what was happening I felt grandma"s enormous tits smother it completely in mounds of soft white flesh. She moaned as I slowly started to fuck her tits. As I thrusted, the head of my dick poked out the top of her massive cleavage. I clenched both tits in each hand and pressed them together, fucking them hard.
"Fuck them, yes, fuck them babe, fuck gram"s tits, oooohh," grandma moaned, taking the head into her mouth as it emerged and letting it pop back out.
"Hhuuunnhhh..." I felt my pelvis tighten and a wave of giddy pleasure wash over me as I drenched my grandmothers face and tits with hot cum. She opened her mouth, catching all she could on her tongue as it spurted, then leaned up and let her heavy breasts hang free as she jacked the remaining cum out of my dick.
My body trembled and quaked as she drained me. When I was done cumming she slowly and thoroughly licked my shaft and balls clean with her tongue, then got up and layed down on top of me, face to face.
Her still wet hair hung into my face and her cum covered tits bulged against my solid chest.
"That was so nice, baby." She said, kissing me sweetly on the lips. "You"ve made me happier than I"ve been since... well, since the last time you were here."
I looked up at her, and even though I didnt know what to think or feel and knew my life had been irrevocably changed, I knew I wanted to suck on her tits again and again, and eventually fuck her brains out. I wanted to feel my grandma"s warm, slippery wet pussy hug my cock, and I didn"t care whether it was right or wrong.
She looked into my eyes once more. "I think this is going to be our best visit yet." She said, covering my forehead and cheeks with soft kisses, which made me shiver. "The one we"ll never forget, and never tell anyone about as long as we live."
"Can... we do that again?" I asked, not sure what else to say.
She looked at me and smiled. "Oh baby, we"ll do it again, and again and again." She kissed the tip of my nose, then rolled off me to go wash the cum off her chest and face. She stopped at the door and looked back, "Well it looks like I"ll need another shower.... you gonna join me this time?"
"Love to," I said, smiling back at her, "be there in just a few."
I lay back on the bed and splayed my arms out, my cock still semi-rigid, and stared at the ceiling. I didn"t know what had just happened nor how I felt about it, and I didn"t know what was going to happen nor how I"d feel about that either, but one thing I knew for certain was that this was already my favorite summer at Gram"s yet, and it seemed like it could only get better from here.

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