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Erica, Pete´s pet #5

Erica and Pete arrived after a short drive at his hut high up Snowy Mountain.
"You told me you want to be my personal whore, dear beauty", Pete reminded her smiling. "But let me first lecture you a bit more about love, my dear Erica".

"Please teach me, Pete. I want to learn as much as I can during the few days
before I´ve to leave you!" With a sadder look, Erica added. "Erin was right. I couldn´t afford to let slip of my chances down South, starting classes at UCLA."

"Yes, you´re right, my smart dear. Don´t let your classes pass from your grip."
And Pete showed beautiful blonde Erica into his simple mountain Summer hide.

By the largest window, the afternoon sun shone right into Pete´s big bed.
His main piece of furniture in this small mountain cove for loud love.

"Please undress and stretch out on my bed, my dearest. While I´ll uncork some sparkling frizzante bubbles for us, to cool off our heat, soon to emerge".

Pete really enjoyed teasing the almost unexperienced teen to new heights in the few hot days together for them. Pete grinned to himself and Erica.

Her parents never knew that Erin moved to Montana. They thought their precious daughter Erica was attending a four-day prayer, preparing her spiritually for serious academic studies. Prayers supposed to distract Erica from bodily wants.
Bad boys, who would want to abuse her. Pretenders. Liers. ****rs.

While her parents prayed along in Reno, Erica was about to sin as good as she could with Pete up Snowy Mountain in his sun-lit hut. Until sun-set, he had promised to take her there. Wide open. Spread like an Angle-looking eagle.

They hadn´t even ate anyhing yet, but Pete talked the innocent teen into behaving like she was tied up. He lifted her golden-locked head and offered her sips of the sparking cold white wine. Longing for lust, getting high by lack of oxygen and a first ever dose of alcoholic bubbles, Erica soon dreamed she had almost landed in heaven with Pete. Especially when he poored some of his cool frizzante on her and started to lick it from her skin. Sucking on her breasts when he got near them. "Oh God. Pete´s heating up the Devil in me!"

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