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Auntie Rita - Part 2


In Part 1 John found himself strapped down to a specially made padded table that secured his chest, arms, legs, wrists and ankles. He was completely spread eagle before his mother’s eldest and very sexy s****r, Rita. She demanded he call her “Auntie Rita” and punished him when he wouldn’t follow the rules of her game. She began his milking by taking out her false teeth and draining his cock with her expert mouth. John was unable to resist his aunt’s wiles as he exploded into her mouth and on her face. Once done, he found his erection would not subside. Auntie Rita had d**gged him with Viagra and was about to teach him “Lesson Two”

Auntie Rita smiled evilly at her nephew as she leaned downed and whispered in ear, “Time for lesson two my dearest… time for lesson two.”

Auntie Rita then raised her high heeled feet and placed them on either side of her nephew’s head and slowly scooted up his chest to moved her pussy closer to his face

"John, look at this." She said huskily.

He had no choice as she hovered her wet sex above his face. She was exposed to him. His eyes couldn't help but stare. As he did, she reached down and pulled her lips aside, revealing her inner pussy to her nephew’s leering eyes. John’s eyes grew wide. Her pussy was perfect. Just a little bit of neatly trimmed pepper-gray hair was above her pussy. A perfect landing strip.

"It’s okay, John. Don't be afraid to stare. Allow me to bring it closer." Auntie Rita purred. He gulped as she lowered her cunt closer. His Auntie Rita’s scent was heavy in his nostrils. "Don't be afraid, my sweet nephew. This pussy will soon take your virginity but first you will need to learn how to pleasure it properly."

John was completely hypnotized by the sight of her naked cunt. He couldn't resist. His cock throbbed hard and his balls drew up tight. It was perfect. John could not take his eyes off it. Rita slightly lifted herself from his chest and he drew in a breath. As he breathed in deeply, he could smell the sensual scents her pussy exuded. It made the hairs on his neck stand up, and it made his dick throb again. Her pussy was wet, ready to be fucked. To be worshipped.

"It's time for you to make your choice, my dear. If you want, I will stand up and walk away from this, I'll stop. For good. I will remove your bonds and you may leave. Then, you will never have to worry about me again. I'll stay out of your life. You will never have to deal with the temptations I offer again. Because believe me, if you turn this down, you will never get another shot.” She sat back down on her nephew’s chest. “Or, you could make the other choice. To stay with me, to enter my world. A world where I dominate you, where I run your life. A world where your nasty Auntie Rita milks you… constantly. You will experience unimagined pleasure. I may include others on occasion to help with your milkings. To do this, you just have to do one thing." Auntie Rita paused. She looked down from between her beautiful breasts into his eyes as he looked up into hers as she brought her wet sex to within an inch of his mouth.

"You have to put your mouth on my pussy, and suck."

John let her words sink in. She could be out of his life. He could escape. This was his chance. But escape was the last thing on his mind right now. She had so pleasured his cock with her mouth and hands he wasn’t thinking clearly. As they looked into each other's eyes, she saw his decision before he did.

John put mouth onto his Auntie Rita’s pussy and started to suck.

"OH, FUCK YES!" she screamed out loud. “YOU ARE MINE NOW!” She grabbed his head and sat down, forcing his mouth deeper. Her nephew’s tongue stabbed in and out of her, collecting her juices. They tasted so good. She ground herself against his mouth, her juices painting his face. John’s tongue circled her clit before his mouth surrounded it. He began gently sucking her clit in and out of his enclosed lips then alternated with several quick flicks of his tongue. The moans that escaped her throat told him he was doing a good job of pleasuring his aunt properly. He continued this as she grabbed a hold of his hair in a tight fist and f***ed his head to move faster.

"OH, FUCK ME. You are so good. This is where you belong. Strapped down to your Auntie’s milking table. Pleasuring me." She called out, her words heavy with lust. As, he nibbled and flicked on her clit, he could sense her orgasm was close. She pushed her hips down and locked his face tight between her nylon-encased thighs as her orgasm exploded. He could barely breathe as she ground down onto his mouth. John’s cocked throbbed hard with her dominating manipulations.

"F-F-F-FUCK! YOU FUCK! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM YOU SON OF A BITCH!" she screamed out, as her juices squirted out of her pussy into his mouth. Her taste was a salty-sweet mixture. It was an ambrosia of sex. John swallowed what he could as she coated his face from nose to chin with her sexy musk. “YES! KEEP LICKING YOUR AUNTIE RITAAAA!”

Her nephew gently worked her clit with his tongue until she blossomed one more time. “GOD JOHN! THAT’S WHAT I LIKE!” Her python-like thighs began squeezing his head with such f***e he screamed into her in response. She wasn’t letting up as she came a second time, filling his open mouth with her juices. She ground her cunt hard into his open mouth as he squealed aloud under her relentless assault.

Then suddenly, she shoved his head back onto the table and lifted herself off his face. John was seeing stars as he choked on her fluids and gasped for breath. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He had sucked off his Auntie Rita. He had made his own aunt cum with his mouth. For a second, John panicked, wanting to escape. But then realized there is no escape. His body was completely secured to her milking table. John was helpless before her. He had taken Auntie Rita up on her offer and placed his mouth on her swollen pussy. It was already over. He was fucked.

Auntie Rita looked down at her nephew with a smug look on her face. She had beaten him, and she knew it. She stood high above him and ran a finger over her swollen labia and brought it to her mouth and licked. “Mmmmm… this is good. Let’s do this again, but this time I want you to come to me!”

John looked a bit confused but soon realized what she meant as the milking table was slowly rising from the recess in the floor. He was coming to her… against his will. Her pussy was inching closer and there wasn’t a damned thing he could do about it.

"Open your mouth John." She commanded, her voice indicating how turned on she was. “Time to service your Auntie Rita again with that talented tongue of yours.”

John complied. Auntie Rita grabbed both sides of his face and guided his mouth to her sopping snatch as the milking table continued to move upward. Her pussy rubbed her nephew’s chin and continued forward till it settled on his mouth. He was facing straight up, staring into her pussy.

“LICK!” Auntie Rita insisted. “Lick me good my darling nephew!”

John’s tongue leaped out into her pussy, as if by instinct. His mouth surrounded her pussy again as he resumed sucking his aunt's pussy. While the first pussy licking session was fast and quick, this was slow paced, and sensual. She was in no hurry to get off. He ran his tongue through the inside of her pussy lazily, over the lips, and over her clit. His tongue ran through her small strip of pubic hair, like a cat cleaning its fur. She let her young nephew really get acquainted with her pussy till he knew his way around. He stared up through her sweat-covered cleavage. Her eyes were laden with lust. Her hair looked a little messed. Her chest was heaving, causing her breasts to look like they were about to burst. Suddenly, the table lowered a few inches and she pushed his head away. She turned around, bent over and straddled his face reversed, pointing that perfect ass of hers at him. Rita looked at John over her shoulder and pulled her ass cheeks apart, causing her asshole to appear, covered by the tiny string of sweat that was splitting her ass. He stared at her, stunned.

"Do it!" Auntie Rita ordered. He had never done this before. But he couldn't resist her. The table began to raise once more moving his face forward and burying itself in her ass. He wasn’t able to get much of an intake of air before she completely covered his face. Auntie Rita reached over and took a hold of her nephew’s balls and gently squeezed. “Do it! Do it John! Shove that tongue of yours into my ass!”

John resisted at first but then his aunt’s hand closed tight on his nut sack and his tongue immediately bursts out of his mouth and connected to her asshole. He was fighting with the bonds and his aunt’s tightening grip until he was f***ed to bury his mouth voraciously into her ass crack, all the while trying desperately to get a full breath of air into his burning lungs. She rose up slightly and he finally got in a breath of air before her ass cheeks closed again. Rita knew this gave her nephew unencumbered access to her asshole, which he returned to licking. John could not believe himself. He was rimming his aunt's asshole. Thoughts went quickly through his head along with a mix of emotion. Thoughts of “what the fuck is wrong with me?” and “this is so humiliating!” pounded his brain.

Rita reached behind her and took her nephew’s cock in her hand and gave it a few strokes. John moaned into her ass cheeks as she deftly handled his manhood. Rita knew for a fact that any man that lets a woman make him f***efully rim her has truly been conquered. She totally owned him now.

"Oh. You dirty boy! You do that so well." Auntie Rita complimented. John’s tongue kept going as her moans grew louder and louder. The table lowed quickly and Rita quickly pushed John’s face out of her ass and turned back around. He was able to get two quick breathes before she shoved her pussy back onto his face as she started to cum.

"OHHHHHHHHH! SHIT!" Rita yelled out. John swallowed his aunt’s cum again but this time he was reaching into her with his tongue, licking and lapping like a dog in heat. Auntie Rita had a feeling he was getting addicted to the taste and smiled. She slowly rotated her hips on her nephews face and then took John’s cock in her hand and stroked it from hilt to head. She felt his groan reverberate on her pussy and slowly disengaged herself from his head.

Auntie Rita stepped back from her nephew and smiled. “It seems you’ve enjoyed lesson two, how to please your aunt. Now let’s do something about that raging erection you are sporting.”

“Please, let me catch my breath. John said with a staggered voice. You’re d…”

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence as his Auntie Rita grabbed his face in her hands leaned down and shoved her tongue in his mouth. Her tongue was everywhere, taking in her own taste off his tongue. She had been told over the years that she was such a good kisser and she knew her nephew had never been kissed like this. She continued to make out with John for a few minutes when she pulled away and he was able to catch his breath.

"Now, my nephew, you truly know where your place is. This is where you truly belong. Now it’s time for lesson three..." she states. John’s cock throbs and his balls tighten ever so slowly as her hand slowly traces down his chest. "Lesson three..."

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