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JJ wanted to try something new. He wanted to be with two big beautiful women. He also liked to film his sexual escapades. One day JJ decided to find two nurses that would be willing to fulfill his fantasy. He ran an ad in the paper saying he wanted two big beautiful woman who were interested in becoming a star. The girls had to play the role of a nurse.

It didn't take long for JJ to get his two candidates, April and Jessey. Both girls had 38DDD breasts, with one quick turn could knock you out cold. Both girls were up to the part of playing nurses. April wore white stockings, a thong, white low cut nurse top and an old nurse hat. Jessey wore a blue one piece nurse outfit with white stockings. The outfits really showed off their rolls.

JJ's cock immediately sprang to life when the girls revealed their outfits. He set up his camera to began recording the nights events. April and Jessey sauntered his way, increasing his arousal.

"What are you in the hosptial for?" April asked in a seductive tone.

"I'm sick." JJ replied.

"What's wrong with you? What doesn't feel good?" Jessey asked.

"My dick doesn't feel good. I was hoping you girls could help me out with that." JJ said as he began pulling his fully erect cock from his pants.

"Oh your cock doesn't look sick! It's look very healthy!" April and Jessey said at the same time.

"It's sick from lack of pussy!" JJ countered.

"Well in that case, let's make that cock well again."

April and Jessey took turns sucking JJ's dick. Both girls were playing with themselves to get ready for JJ's cock. JJ leaned his head back, enjoying the feeling of having two big girls suck on his extremely hard cock.

"Oh that feels so amazing." JJ said. "I'm ready for some pussy now.

The girls stood up and removed their bottoms. April was the first one to sit on his cock. She swallowed it all up with one quick motion.

"Your dick feels so amazing!" April moaned.

"So does your pussy!"

April stood up and got on all fours in front of JJ. He scurried up behind her and quickly thrust his cock deep inside April's big pussy. He rammed her from behind until April came hard on his dick. JJ pulled out so April could get up and Jessey could take her place. As soon as she was in position, he rammed his cock inside her too.

JJ fucked April and Jessey into many orgasms. He had to change the tape on his camera three times throughout the night. JJ was able to hold his cum until he wanted to let it out.

The sun was on it's way up when JJ decided he was through. He began f***efully fucking both girls until his own cum boiled up in his balls. He pulled out and made April and Jessey fight for his cum. He unleashed his cum onto both of the girls' face. He had a massive load built up from not cumming all night. His cum ran down their faces and covered their 38DDD breasts.

"Lick my cum off each others chest." JJ ordered..

April and Jessey started cleaning JJ's cum off each others breasts. JJ was getting hard from this sight. Once the girls were cum free, he decided he wanted more. He bent April over again and rammed her ass for a few minutes. He pulled out and fucked Jessey until he felt the cum rising again. This time he order both girls to sit side by side. He unleashed another torrent of cum onto each back. He order them to clean each other off again and leave his house.

The End...

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