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My 1st experience with a man!

Although I am happily married I've always had a fascination with gay porn. It was when i was searching online I came across a website that was enabling people to meet up. I ended up looking through these posts and found one from my town. Sean said he too was married & was looking for a first experience. So i decided to send him an email, after a couple of days I had a reply and he was keen. Over the next few weeks we chatted & swapped pics he was really patient with me as it's alright doing it online but meeting up was something else.

Well, one morning we were both off & i dont know if a hangover from the previous night gave me a bit of dutch courage but I decided to take up his invitation to come round. Sean greeted me with a big smile & waved me in. we made a bit of small talk in his kitchen while he made a cup of tea. We then went into his lounge where he had a gay dvd on. We both sat on the sofa a bit nervous. I moved closer to him & he started rubbing my thigh. With that I lent over & we started kissing. Gently at first but soon became more passionate. I had my hands under his t-shirt & soon lifted it off over his head ...he was nicely toned. With this he thrust his hand down my jeans & straight on to my rock hard cock, rubbing it up & down & it what seemed like an instant he had me naked on his sofa. He went down on my cock sucking away, and i stroked his shaved head. Here i was looking down at another man sucking my cock! Eventually he came away, I guess it was my turn. Sean stood up in the middle of the room and started to remove his jeans. My god i noticed his bulge! It went vertically across to his hip, I must have been transfixed on it because he had to motion for me to come over.

I knelt on the floor in front of him by heart now pounding. I was running my hands up his legs, he had strong thighs. I now had my fingers on the top of his boxers, i slowly peeled them down & with that his cock sprang out. I couldn't believe how big & thick it was much bigger than it looked in his pics. I now reached my hand around it, stroking it slowly. It was warm and very hard. I looked up at him then brought my head down on his cock, here i was sucking another man's cock! I started working my tongue around it and slowly trying to take it in. I felt his hand on the back of my head easing me down. My mouth was at full stretch! I came away for some air coughing & spluttering but now both his hands were round my head pulling me down again, i felt like his was fucking my throat. Eventually he let me away, his cock springing out of my mouth still rock hard. He now got on the floor and asked me to 69 him. At least now i would have control of his cock. This was much more enjoyable & feeling my own dick getting attention too. But he suddenly reached up & spread my arse cheeks and i felt his tongue probing my hole. Wow this felt great. He must of loved it too cos next i heard him moan "i'm gonna cum". I didn't quite know what to do - so i started taking his dick deeper in my mouth & faster. Then that's went i felt his hot spunk pulsing into my throat, i let it fall out over his cock as i kept going, I could feel him rocking - i must have been doing a good job! Eventually i moved off Sean and stood up. My own hard on need attention. With Sean now on his knees I moved towards him grabbing the back of his head and pulling his mouth down on my stiff cock. I could feel his hands grab my thighs as i started to rock his head up & down on my lovely cock. Then he moved his hands onto my arse cheeks & pull me into him, I couldn't hold back any more and with one final pull on his head shot my load into his mouth.

Phew, this had felt great first experience with a man. I think it was the size of his cock that made it such fun. I still keep in contact with Sean and am really keen to feel his lovely hard on fucking my tight arse. Best of all he said I can film it! So watch this space.

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