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Fuck-Fest Weekend

This all started in high school. Me and five of my bestest friends started going off on vacation together. We go and have a great time, drink, relax, and try to fuck as many guys as we can! We call this fuckfest. Now we are all in our late 40's and this is what happened during the last fuckfest a couple of months ago.

We all went south to Mexico to get away from the snow, our husbands, jobs, and the k**s. This was the first fuckfest that all six of us got together in many years. Though the fuck fest happens every year, not all of us can get together, so the fact that all six of us were together made it much more special. No, our husbands know nothing about these trips, this is a secret just between us girls. Our husbands think we are just doing some kind of girls week out, going shopping, and going to the spa, and we do that, we just try to get as much strange dick as we can in between. You know, get in touch with our inner slut. If my husband knew that on this trip two years ago I fucked 12 guys in one week I would not be married.

Jana and I arrived at our room, Mari and Shelly were already there. We rented a big suite, it has three rooms. Two beds in each room. Teri and Randi showed up right behind us. We all unpacked and got caught up on what each of has been up to since the last time we saw each other. Then we made our plans for the rest of the week.

We all went to dinner and then to a bar next to the pool of the resort we were staying in. It was only 8 o'clock but the place was very crowded. We were dressed slutty and had split up in teams. Jana and I both have "D" cup tits so we were a team, D team. We had not been in there more than five minutes when I got the first bite. These two guys came over and bought Jana and I a drink. They were trying to make small talk with us when Jana said "lets cut the crap, we just got here a couple of hours ago and we want to get laid, so if you guys are game lets get busy or leave so we can find someone else". The guys looked at each other and said "lets go up to our room." We walked out of the bar with our catch, getting a thumbs up from the other two teams. We got up to their room in two minutes flat and everyone started ripping clothes off. We did some quick foreplay and moved right into some hard fucking. My guy did not last too long before filling my very hungry pussy with his man goo. I took a picture of my cum filled pussy with the dick still part way in it with my cell phone and sent it to the other girls letting them know I was the first to get laid! Jana and her guy finished right after me. After talking for a few minutes, we asked the guys if they would like to switch? Jana and I did this alot as it up our numbers quicker. They said yes, so to hurry things up Jana and I got in the 69 position and started licking spooge out of each other's pussy. This got the guys hard real quick and then we were off fucking again! As soon as these guys spit some more dick snot into our pussies, we took a couple more pictures and high tailed it back to the bar to seek out more dick. Jana and I fucked two more guys that night, first night total of four dick's. Mari and Shelly totaled one each, and Teri got two and Randi got four, she got two quickies in the stairwell waiting on Teri to get done. Jana and I fucked these two guys and their wives the next day, then six more after that. Randi and Teri ended the day with ten guys, eight of which were black. The next night Jana and I got these two older men and their wives in the parking lot, after the two guys busted their nut they went in to clean up leaving their wives and Jana and I sitting on the tailgate of this truck with our dresses up. These four guys came up and we were fucking again. The two wives had not done anything like this before. The guys creamed in all of us quickly and walked away. The two women were not real sure about having just had complete stangers dump a load of jizz into their pussies. Our best night was when all six of us got back to our room with eight guys and had an orgy, we had not done that in years.It is great to share some dick with friends.

For the week, I fucked 24 guys in six days, a new record for myself. Jana fucked 26, Randi had 26, Teri had 23, Mari had 22 and Shelly had 25. I was the first to get laid, Randi fucked the most black guys and the oldest guy, 76. Teri fucked the youngest guy, 15. Shelly had the award for eating the most cum filled pussy. We had several other awards but I wont go into them all. We all had so much sperm in our pussies I think we sloshed when we walked. I love going out with my friends and getting my pussy filled with jizz from many strangers. We call it sport fucking, it is what you guys do right? It is all good fun. My favorite memory is Jana and I made friends with a couple of other married women who were d***k, we introduced them into the world of sport fucking. It was great watching these women who probably only fucked their husbands once a month and now were having two or three guys fuck the shit out of them and then walk out of the room leaving the two of them there with pussies full of their jizz.I got so much sperm pumped into my pussy during that week it is still leaking out many months later. I will have to tell you about some of our other adventures sportfucking during past fuckfest.

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