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The Old Man and the Blonde

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Part I
I would love to be your slave
As I walked away from my Black Jack table, a beautiful tall blond walked up to me and

said, “we have a proposition for you,” “do you want to hear about it?” How could I

refuse, I said, “let’s go find a table in the bar and talk.” We got into the elevator and

went down to the 1st floor. I could not help but notice what a beautiful women she was.

Long blonde hair, down to the middle of her back, a great looking set of boobs, and

she was very tall, her waist very tiny for her size.

We sat down at a table in the back of the room. She said, “My name is Bonnie and my

Husband and I would like to invite you to spend some time with us, are you

interested?” This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened to me. My reply

was, “tell me all about what you have in mind, I am curious.” Bonnie looked at me for a

long time, thinking of what to say first. She said, “First you need to know that my

Husband is an older man, a man who really enjoys watching to women get it on

together.” She went on, “he will also expect you to take care of his needs as well. The

most important thing is that you must do everything that we ask or he will simply send

you away and it is all over.” She continued, “He is a real stickler for detail, so you must

listen carefully, and do exactly as he says. Are you interested in more details, or shall

we just forget we had this conversation?”

I thought for a minute, looking across the table at this beautiful blond, her cleavage and

pushed up breasts fully exposed as she leaned on the table. “If I say yes, what’s in it

for me?” I ask. She leaned toward me, showing her breasts even more as they were

being pushed up by the table she was leaning on and said, “Well to start with, $10,000

in cash, if you are good and do as ask for two day and two nights, that is how long you

would need to be with us.” I said “wow, that is a lot of money, when would we start?”

She said with a great big smile, “right now if you are willing.”
It was just after 6 AM on Saturday morning, I had been dealing all night, felt like I

needed a nice hot shower, and some sl**p. I thought about the time and figured that if

I went along with her, I would not be able to go home until sometime early Monday

morning. I was thinking, the 10 grand would really be nice in my retirement account,

but I really don’t know what I am getting into, she is just not giving me any details. I

looked across the table at her beautiful long blonde hair, her large breasts pushing up

and out of her blouse, thinking what it would be like to be with her. Without any further

thought or conversation I said, “I’m in, let’s get started. This will be a great adventure

and I am looking forward to doing whatever I am asked for the next 48 hours.”

She looked at me, and without saying a word got up, reached out and took my hand,

and started to lead me out of the bar. We walked toward the hotel elevator, she

inserted her key card into the special suites card swipe and the elevator started

toward the 16th floor. The 16th is known as the “High Roller” suites floor in the hotel.

This is where the rich and privileged stay and are pampered like they are the only

ones in the world. We got off of the elevator and walked to Suite 16-777, probably the

best suite in the hotel. I had been there before; it has several bedrooms, a beautiful

lounge with a bar, exercise equipment, large screen TV, a piano, and even a very

large hot tub. This was truly a High Rollers place to live and play while in Reno. Oh

yes, the master bedroom has a large heart shaped bed, and two walls and the ceiling

are all mirrored. There is a large screen TV on one wall, and a stereo sound system

and DVD player sets near the bed. You can also order up any number of movies and

even surf the internet without getting out bed. This is really a suite made for a King.

Bonnie swiped the card in the door and pushed it open. We walked into the hallway

leading to the lounge area. “Hi baby, I am back with a surprise for you,” she said. As

we walked into the lounge, setting in a big easy chair was this man. He had steel blue

eyes, white hair, a big smile on his face, and was wearing a red satin bathrobe. “Beti,

I want you to meet my Husband Tony,” she said. He stood up, took my hand and

kissed the back of it. I was still in my Dealers uniform, my boobs uplifted and

protruding out of my top. He look at me for a long time, I could see his eyes focused

on my chest. After what seemed to be minutes, he said, “you are very beautiful and I

will have you as my slave for the next couple of days,” “are you OK with that?

I looked at this “old man,” probably in his 60’s, wondering just what he was going to

have me doing for two days. I was quite speechless, but finally managed to say, “Hi

Tony, I would love to be your slave.” He looked deeply into my eyes, it was almost

scary they were so blue and cold looking. Letting go of my hand he said, “I know you

are just getting off of work, the first thing I want you to do is go take a shower. When

you come out, I don’t want you wearing anything except my favorite perfume, which you

will find in the bathroom. Take your time; I will be waiting for you in the hot tub.”

Bonnie led me to the bathroom; it was almost as big as my whole apartment. “Go

ahead “she said, “Take everything off and get into the shower.” I quickly got out of my

uniform and underwear and stepped into the shower, it was big enough for 4 or 5 to

shower at the same time. I turned on the water and turned around to see Bonnie, now

completely nude, stepping in behind me. She was beautiful, her breasts very uplifted

and firm. They looked about 44DD to me. She had very large nipples and they were

centered in the middle of the most perfect dark brown area of her boobs that I had

ever seen. She was very tall, had a very shapely ass, and a very tiny waist for her size.

I could see her pelvic area was shaved clean, and just the clit area of her pussy was

showing. She wrapped her arms around me, pulled me close and put her lips on

mine. Soon our tongues were finding each others, our breasts pushing tightly

together, our hips rubbing each other.

Breathing very hard she said, “remember you promised to do everything you were ask,

and you agreed.” She pushed me back, taking a long look at my body and said, “Now

get down on your knees; I want you to eat my cunt.” I want you to make me cum, show

me what a good lover you are.” She spread her legs as I lowered myself to the floor of

the shower, a big soft towel under my knees. Her pussy was perfect, her lips lush and

tightly held together. I could see just the smallest bulge where her clit was hiding, and

she was shaved perfectly clean. Putting my hands on her ass, I started licking her

pussy; she rolled back her head and started moaning. I knew it must really feel good

to her. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, my tongue going deeper and deeper with

each lick. I stopped for a moment at her clit, gently nibbling on it with my lips. I could

feel it swell and get harder. Almost at once, it was protruding about half an inch out of

top folds of her pussy. I had never seen a clit rise so much before this. She was

moaning and pushing my head hard against her pelvic area. “Eat me, eat me, I want

you to make me cum,” she said as I nibbled on her swollen clit.

Next I was going to give her a surprise, something that I had learned to do to myself for

the height of pleasure. I told her that I needed to stand up for just a moment, and then I

had a surprise for her, one I thought she would enjoy. There was a liquid soap

dispenser on the shower wall; I filled my hand with its warm contents. Kneeling down

again, reaching between her legs, I quickly thrust two very slippery fingers into her ass

hole. At the same time I pushed my thumb into her pussy. She let out a scream of joy

as I thumb fucked her hot wet pussy. Now and then stopping to try and touch my

fingers inside her ass hole to my thumb in her pussy. She was saying over and over,

“Oh my God, that feels so fucking good, don’t stop, make me cum.” I started to suck

on her erect clit, as I continued to thumb fuck her pussy. With my other hand I was

fingering my own clit, and was nearly ready to explode myself. Bonnie started

thrusting to meet my thumb in her pussy, moaning and pushing my head hard against

her. With a loud screen she exploded, I could feel and taste the juices squirting from

her pussy. Tasting her cum really set me off as I rubbed my own clit. I let out a loud yell

as I exploded all over my own fingers. It felt so good.

We both started to relax, standing up we kissed very deeply, our tongues finding each

others. She nibbled on my nipples, and then went down on me, lapping up the juices

that were still flowing from my pussy and running down my legs. After a few minutes of

playing with each other’s boobs and nipples, Bonnie said “you are a great lover and

we are going to have a fantastic two days together.” We finished up showering;

washing each other’s backs and stepped out of the shower to dry off. We were both

standing there nude, looking at each other. She said to me, in a very devilish way,

“this is only the beginning.” I found his special perfume setting on the vanity and put

just a small amount between my boobs and down my arms. Yes, this is just the


End of part I.

Part II will give the old man a first look at my nude body, as Bonnie and I head to the

hot tub.

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