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Golf Class

This is a true story and no I did change any names.

This happened about ten years ago when I was sixteen. I had played golf all my life and was really good at it. I was on the high school golf team so I was allowed to go to the club and play golf one day aweek all day instead of going to classes. My partner, Joe, and I were getting started at about nine am on a Tuesday morning. I had my dads golf cart, he always kept some rum under the seat and a cooler full of cokes. Joe and I were set to fuck off all day and drink as no one was at the club.

We soon caught up with two women who were playing slow. I am going to guess that they were in their mid to late thirties and not bad looking. We flirted with them they flirted with us. We were giving them tips on their game and started to mix drinks for them. Joe was in the cart with Teri and I had Mary in my cart. It did not take long for the sun and the rum to take effect and the women were d***k. We really did not plan this at all. They flirted more and started to get kinda nasty the more d***k they got. They said they needed to pee so we stopped by some woods and walked far back off the course. All of a sudden Mary pulled her shorts down and squated down and started to pee, I thought what the heck and pulled out my wanker and stood right next ot her and peed also. Teri and Joe were doing the same thing. Mary then said I had a nice dick and asked if she could hold it while I wizzed, "go ahead" I said. She took hold and I finished my pee, at which point she put her mouth over my dick and started giving me head. I could not believe it! This old lady was sucking my dick!! I looked over and Teri and Joe were both naked and in a sixty nine position. They were no more than five feet away. These d***k women were sucking our dicks!! Right then Joe flipped around and mounted Teri and started banging away! WOW! Mary pushed me down flat on the ground and removed my pants, then she moved up and over me with her hairy pussy right over my dick. Mary then said "be careful, my husband and I are trying to have a baby". I did not know what that meant, I had fucked four girls and was ready for number five as Mary lowered her self down. I watched my wanker disappear into her wet snatch. Mary started working my dick and I was enjoying every minute of it. She took my hand and placed my thumb on her clit and started rubbing it. She started to orgasim big time, at which point I started to unload my balls into her. My dick stayed hard and laid on top of me and I pumped her from underneath then we rolled over and banged her hard for a little longer before dumping my second load deep in her pussy. I collasped on top of her and we laid that way for few minutes and then sat up and started chatting with Teri and Joe. Teri had a big stream of goo leaking from her pussy, Joe later said that he never came so hard in his life. There was alot of cream leaking from Mary's pussy also.

Our dicks got hard again and we asked if we could swap and the ladies looked at each other and said okay. Teri was completely naked and I slid my hard dick into her doggy style. Joe did the same to Mary. Teri pussy was really slimy and I was not sure that I would get off. I was watching both sets of boobs swaying to our beat and I soon added my goo to Joes. A few seconds later Joe added his sperm to what I had put in Mary pussy. I watched as he removed his dick and jizz ran out and stuck in her pubes. As we got dressed Mary said to me that she could not believe that she did this. She said she had too much to drink and asked that I not say anything to anybody. She asked if I came in her and I said that of course I did. She then looked mad and said "Great! I thought I told you to be careful!" To which I replied "I thought you meant not to hurt you." I then said that Joe had spewed in her pussy also to which she said "Great! I forgot that I did both of you". I then said that we both shot Teri full of jizz and she is not mad. I always thought women loved having a guy fill thier pussies with hot sperm. Joe and I went back to the club house to shower and talk about our latest fuck experince.

I spend alot of time at the club but never ran into those women again. Joe said he saw them both at the store and Mary was pregnant. He wondered if one of us had knocked her up. Thats when it dawned on me, Mary had said be careful, me and my husband were trying to have baby. I told Joe this and he said well maybe we did.

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