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By Pornmaster1.
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The four-inch spike heeled pumps complemented her legs nicely, arching her calves, giving them a healthy, strong look. The dew of perspiration dotted her upper lip. She’d given The Story of O, the erotic opus that had brought us together, some serious reading. Apparently, judging by how much she’d read, she’d been early. I looked around; no one was within earshot. I sat in the easy chair next to her and admired the arch of her shapely foot in the high heels, marveled at the sexy toe décolletage. I hadn’t told her how much toe cleavage in spike-heeled pumps turned me on.
“Hi, Submissive Slut,” I said easily. “How are you this evening?”
Her face crimsoned at the reminder that she had a new name, that I didn’t know her given name, that she didn’t know mine. All that said in my greeting.
“I - I’m excited, Master,” she said. “You have a way of making that happen.”
“Good. Your education will go to a new level this evening. Does that excite you?”
“Yes, it does, Master.”
“How’s your reading coming?”
It was her turn to look around to see if anyone could hear. “I feel very horny,” she said. “Like O, I’m realizing how much I enjoy the submissiveness.”
“I see honesty is coming easily to you. This is good. Now listen carefully. You were overly concerned about control last time. Normally, you only have control by using the word ‘summer.’ Tonight will be different and a look at how you, my submissive, really feel about having control. If you don’t want to be fucked tonight, you will not get fucked. That will be your decision. Entirely. And how you get fucked, if you decide you want dick, will also be your decision.
“Your Master is taking you to The Bar,” I said. “We will see a show. What happens after that is up to you. I will tell you about the show on the way to The Bar. What time does your husband expect you home?”
“I told him I was going overnight to a retreat. He believed me.”
“Good for you.” I smiled. “Very good.”
“Is the other man coming tonight?” the woman whose name I didn’t know asked. She looked quickly at me, flushed, then lowered her eyes. She knew her voice betrayed the reason she was asking about Leroy, and how nasty she must sound since she didn’t know his name either. Her legs were crossed; the top leg worked furiously. I deliberately didn’t answer her.
“Let’s go,” I said.
As I drove her late model sedan, I explained what was ahead. Big Willie, the owner of The Bar, was an old friend from college days. The Bar was legendary to those in the know, I told her.
No one would be permitted to touch her until all three shows were complete. Further, she would not be able to pleasure herself in any way until the first sequence was finished, I said. “There will be a dildo, maybe two, next to you, but you must wait until at least the first show with Jamaica is done. If you don’t want to use them after that, once again you have a choice; you have the control you wanted to exert last time.
“Are you familiar with the term ‘gang bang’?” I asked.
“Not really,” she said. “But I have an idea of what it sounds like. Many partners for one woman.” Her voice sounded edgy with fucklust.
“Very good. The subs you see perform tonight are a lot like Charmel, the woman you met last time. They have gone to the next level of submissiveness, the level you may reach after tonight. You still resist things in yourself, so I emphasize ‘may’.
“The women you see tonight are named Jamaica, Fellatio and Candy,” I continued as I punched on an oldies station. “They will each take part in a gang bang, but each one will have a different emphasis. If you like what you see in any one of them, you may ask to do a similar scene. If none of them appeal to you, or gang bangs don’t appeal to you, then fine. We’ll go home and try something new next time. You will not be f***ed to do a gang bang in any shape or form if what you see is not appealing, nor will you be punished for not being interested tonight. Is that clear?”
“Y-yes, Master.”
Oooooo! It’s like he knows how crazy I got when he and that other man first sandwiched me, what I thought . . . how I would have let anyone do anything! This is too much . . . I don’t know what to do! Maybe I should say “summer” and go home. But he said I don’t have to do anything . . . Oooo!
Although her mind was in denial, the sticky crotch of her panties subconsciously told her what was ahead.

The Bar went beyond her expectations. When they stepped inside into the darkness, the palpable eroticism in the room almost overwhelmed her. She quickly became aware that all of the customers were black men. A few hot looking young black women sat here and there. She was the only white woman in the room, and the oldest woman in the room.
Some of the men casually checked her out; others ignored her. She felt on display as she clack-clacked across the floor on her fuck-me spike heeled pumps.
I sat her near the front, near the center. I could feel her nervousness. Onstage, three empty beds, at angles like a Mercedes Benz logo, signaled what was ahead. I saw her look at the dildos on the table between us. One was the same size as the monster dildo Charmel had diddled herself with while watching S get fucked.
(I now called her S, both for Submissive Slut, and as an allusion to O, which had brought us together. I knew it kept things heightened lustwise not knowing each other’s names, kept that strangers-are-fucking-me rattling around in her mind and appealing to her masochism.)
I saw the wheels turning in her head, so to speak. Then, self-consciously, she refused to look at the fake dicks.
I absolutely cannot use those . . . things . . . in front of all these people! No way! And he said I don’t have to!

Jamaica’s diminutive copper-toned body radiated a lithe, athletic quality when she moved. When the lights lifted from black, she sat demurely on the edge of one of the beds facing a line of buff white dudes who all affected some form of hard hat, working class, construction worker persona in their style. Jamiaca looked up at them with a what-will-they-do-to-my-tiny-body look, biting her full lower lip as if apprehensive.
Unknown to S, Jamaica loved getting fucked in the ass. She thrived on it, lived for it. For her, finding The Bar was like discovering a second home.
I’d seen Jamaica have a train pulled on her lush ass but had never had the pleasure myself. It was a joyful sight watching the diminutive slut taking oversized cocks in her asshole that seemed way too large for her pussy. I figured S would go ape trying not to touch herself while Jamaica got boned.
Jamaica reclined as one of the studs knelt before her. Another man stood by her head, unzipped, and started stroking himself to hardness. Jamaica whimpered as the kneeling man laved her kootchie with his tongue.
“Ooooo, damn, baby, you eating it good,” she whispered, holding her legs open to give him access. “Gonna need dick real soon if you—Ooooooo! Shit!—keep that uppp! Awwww, yeahhh!”
I glanced at S. She kept her face rigid, lest it betray her. Her mouth was pursed, her hands folded tightly in her lap. She reacted involuntarily when Jamaica whimpered again, loudly this time. I looked back at the stage.
The man licking Jamaica’s pussy, now glistening with spit, stood up and extracted a sizable fuckstick from his fly. Jamaica’s asscheeks were at the edge of the bed. The man went straight for the asshole.
Oh dear! Two weeks ago, I didn’t even know people took it there, and now I’m hungry for them to do that—No! I won’t, not in front of all these people. He knows I like it in my backside, that’s why he’s making me watch this . . .That’s so much! And she’s so tiny! Ohhh, he’s just pushing it in, and she’s pushing back at him! Ooooooo!
How can she take so much pen- so much cock in her, ooo, in her ass? In her asshole, how can she get . . . fucked . . . like that?

Remembering the pleasure/pain of her maiden assfuck, she tried not to squirm as she felt new cunt syrup soak the crotch of her panties.
“Awww, damn, that’s good like that!” Jamaica sounded lewd as she ground her fleshy cheeks back on the stiff tube of flesh invading her shitchute. “You dicking it right, baby, you . . . are . . . dicking that muthafucka . . . right! Awwwww! Yeah, like that! MMMMMMFFF!”
A stud with a huge cock and dressed only in a hard hat clutched her head and sluiced his dickmeat between Jamaica’s full lips. She slobbered loudly and noisily as she took the mouthfucking.
Her preference was clear: A long line of dudes masturbated as they waited to ream her poopchute, while only one man got his cock sucked. It was a subtle difference that would be reversed when they got to the voracious cocksucker with the appropriate nom de porn of Fellatio.
Jamaica’s screams of lust came out muffled around the cockmeat stuffed in her mouth and sawing back and forth.
“MMMMMFFFF!” she said. “Sllllllrrrggggg! Gllllrrrrrrbbb!”
The wet, slobbery, slurpy noises sounded much louder in S’s lust fevered mind than they actually were:
Oooo, listen to her! She’d be screaming if her mouth wasn’t so full . . . Ohh, he’s fucking her in the ass really good, the way my Master and that other man fucked me. Ohh, did they ever! I’m such a shameless slut . . . my husband has never even touched my butt and two men whose names I don’t know have fucked my asshole so wonderfully good! Like Jamaica’s getting it now . . . She’s not going to really let all those men do her ass, is she?. . . Oh my, I wonder how that would feel? . . . So much dick . . . Oh dear, he came in her asshole! . . . Ohhhh! It looks so nasty running out like that! . . . Look how, how open she is! He really reamed her good! . . . Ohh, oh dear, this next man is bigger than the last one! . . . His dick is so fat! Ooo, I don’t know how much of this I can watch . . . Maybe I should say ‘summer’ and leave . . . all these men, I can feel how horny they are . . . they might all want to fuck me . . . stick their big hard dicks in my ass the way they’re doing Jamaica . . . And she loves it! She’s such a slut, just like me . . . They’d probably make me suck them, too . . . Stop it! Don’t think about it! A-and my Master wouldn’t . . . Would he? . . . Oh, I wish I could use one of the dildos . . . Not that huge one, of course . . . Ooooo, I’m so wettt!
After Jamaica’s third assfucking, S nearly passed out when a stud got beneath the honey-skinned woman, had the anal whore sit her plundered asshole on his cock, then waited while another stud knelt behind her and wedged his hard dick into her shitchute, too. The submissive woman mewled strange noises until both cockheads were buried well in her ass, then became spastic as orgasms racked her body.
“Awwwwww! So muchhh!” Jamaica wailed, biting her full lower lip. “Oww! Ohhh, so much dick in my ass! Awww, shove, yes, like that, shove that fuckmeat to meeee! Owwww! Awwwwwwfuckkk!”
S couldn’t believe her eyes, wouldn’t believe her eyes, was so stunned that she didn’t even realize her pussylips twitched wildly in response to the lewd sight.
How in the world? It - it’s obscene! Two big dicks in her poor little asshole at the same time! So nastyyy! And they’re roughfucking her! Ooooooo!
Both men pummeled the tiny woman’s asshole with an intensity that made it obvious they were busting their nuts in her anal canal. Jamaica’s weird whimpering noises made it obvious, too. When the men withdrew, they trailed a thick, lurid drool of jism that dribbled down the inside of Jamaica’s shapely thighs, thighs that twitched spastically in the aftermath of orgasm.
S squeezed her own big thighs together in a desperate and unsuccessful attempt to still the fuck fever boiling in her psyche. She knew her stickiness was soiling her skirt and the seat.
I watched S with detached amusement despite my own arousal. She’d be out of her mind with fuckhunger by the time she finished watching Fellatio and Candy. Her name Submissive Slut will fit her well indeed, unless she freaks out and runs out of here, I thought. But she’s too much of a slutfuck for that.
As Fellatio’s bed rolled into the spotlight, S gasped. Given the slightly demented way the woman on the bed was sucking on the huge cock stuffed between her full red lips, it seemed obvious why they called her Fellatio. To S, the woman appeared to be choking. Fellatio gurgled strange noises as she tried vainly to get her lips to the base of the thick veiny shaft.
Her scene was the opposite of Jamaica’s anal gang bang. Fellatio’s line of hard dicks was in front of her, waiting to bust their nuts in the mouth or on the face of the cocksucker supreme. Behind her, a lone big-dicked stud assfucked her, making her fat asscheeks jiggle on each stroke punching into her shitchute.
S felt her face flush. Without realizing it, she had looked eagerly at the large dildos. She bit her lip, clenched the arms of her chair. Her Master had said after Jamaica’s show was finished . . .
No! I cannot let all these people watch me pleasure myself, I just can’t . . . If I did, they’d think they could do it to me and there are just too many men here, although my Master wouldn’t let all these men . . . Well, why not? And suppose I found myself wanting them to . . . to . . . fuck me? Uh-uh, uh-uh, I can’t, I just can’t . . . He said I would only do what I wanted to do . . . Oh dear, now I’m licking my lips, thinking about maybe sucking some of them because I’m really horny and I better ask to leave . . . Ohhhh, she’s stuffing two dicks in her mouth, they way they did me! Ooooooo!
I smiled when she looked at the dildos. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, squirming in her seat. She was obviously entranced with Fellatio’s superior cocksucking skills. Within moments, the two men dicking her thick lips withdrew, their cockheads less than an inch from Fellatio’s greedy lips. They whacked a few strokes and blasted the horny slut with a double barrage of dickjuice that coated most of her lower face. Fellatio lapped hungrily at the splooge, then quickly gorged herself with the fat dick of the man standing next in line behind her two spent sperm benefactors.
Finally, S looked toward me, fuck fever in her eyes, knowing her surrender to submission was imminent, and sensing that I knew, too. I said nothing.
Still looking at me, she reached and fumbled for one of the dildos, a clear crystal-like one that was fairly thick and long. I reached in my jacket pocket and took out a bottle of lubricant. I handed it to her, enjoying her ragged breathing. She turned back to the show just in time to see Fellatio sputtering and gurgling over a fresh offering of sperm. The gooey mess dribbled from her chin.
S poured lubricant on the fake cock, slowly opened her legs. She pulled the crotch band of her panties aside, whimpered.
The next stud exploded, spraying Fellatio’s surprised face before his dick even reached her lips. She winced as a rope of cum matted one eyelid shut, looked satisfied as the next jet struck her full upper lip and coated her front teeth.
“Nnnnnnnhh!” S mewled as she speared her sopping pussyhole with the fat dildo. It made a wet sucking sound as it sluiced into bottom pussy. “Ooooooo!”
She looked at me momentarily, her eyes glazed with fuck fever. Her lush body bucked uncontrollably as her effort at restraint fragmented; she came, the spasms rippling through her body like a temblor. Her fat thighs went taut, then twitched with uncontrollable tics of lust.
“Awwwwwww! Cummmming!” she whined, her gaze now fixated on Fellatio’s feverish ministrations as the tawny suck slut alternated between gobbling two new dicks, slobbering slimy ropes of saliva as she greedily scarfed both poles of pale man meat.
Ohhhh shit, I feel as if my head almost blew off! Oooo, this is so nasty, me diddling myself in front of all these strangers and I can’t stop oh fuck I’m cumming againnnnn! “NNNNNuuhhhh! AwwwwwwwwwwFucckkkkk!”
Ohh, I really do need some real dick! I won’t do a gangbang, I won’t! . . . He said I would have to pick which gangbang if I want to get fucked . . . the way they, ohh, damn, thewayyyoooocummmingggg! Ohh dear! Ohhh dear! This dildo’s so bigg! I feel so stuffed full . . . Maybe just my Master and that other man, oh dear, who is this man looking at me? . . . I know I must look like a real whore, fucking myself in front of people I don’t even know! Oh shit, I’m hitting bottom, oh fuck, good, oh, want some dick, need real dick, can’t stop, awwwwcan’tstopppAhhhcummminggggggg! Awwwwwwwwwwww!
Panting, conflicted, she tried to make up her mind. I watched, my dick hard now, knowing she was either nearing submission or running. As she tried to make up her mind, the beds rotated on stage again. Candy’s lush big-titted body rolled into view, the fleshy equivalent of a pincushion. What I saw blew my mind, so I knew S must be totally out of her skull.
I’d heard that Candy, a gorgeous chocolate honey, was the nastiest of the three, which was really saying something, given the oral expertise of Fellatio and the anal excellence of fine little Jamaica. But one look at the fuck tableau in which Candy was the centerpiece explained everything about her reputation.
A cock almost the size of Big Willie’s plundered sweet Candy’s asshole; below, another fat dick skewed her soupy pussy; as the bed rolled further, I realized that two stiff cocks stuffed and distorted her pretty lips as strings of saliva dribbled from her chin ; finally, she managed to have two dicks in her manicured fingers, expertly stroking them off to busting a nut. Six big cocks, and Candy. A fleshy pin cushion, indeed.
Four other studs stood, waiting, mesmerized by Candy’s slutfuck talents, jacking off, trying not to bust too soon, murmuring lewd words to the gang banged woman, telling her how much of a dick starved whorefuck she was.
Then, somehow, they rotated her. Candy’s assfucking came from below her now as another immense fuckpole bulled into her gooey bottom pussy from above. A third stud, longdicked like porn stud Sean Michaels, stood over her head letting the oversexed woman pull at his clenching asscheeks while he fucked her mouth like a sloppy pussy. Then he cockwhipped her, not for pain but for lust.
“So fucking fullll,” Candy keened in almost a singsong. “So much good dickmeat fucking me . . . All that fuckmeat in my slut asshole, awwwwwwfucckkkitt!”
“Ohhh, yeah, nasty cockwhipping . . . Oooo, bottom pussy, . . . it’s your pussy, baby, get it alll . . . ”
Whack! Whack whack!
“Y’all can dick me as long as you want . . . Can I suck it again? Please?”
Whack whack!
“Oooo, feel so fuckslutty being whipped with big hard dick . . . My Master knows I can’t—oh fuck, yesss, like that—I can’t get enough dick . . . He tells me I’m a greedy whore . . . And I am, ohhh yeah, Owwwww! Too much dick in my asss! Owww, no, don’t stop, please, don’t stop, nut coming, oh yes it is, coming so good, oh, it is sofuckinggooodooooooo! Ooooooo! Yesssssssssss! Yaaaaaaaaaa! YAAAAAAA! MMMMMMFFF! GLLLLMMMMFF!”
Three studs, overcome by the fucking/sucking spectacle, crowded near Candy’s cockstuffed face and whacked off maniacally, which seemed to trigger her mouthfucker. He groaned and Candy suddenly made snorting, snuffling noises, gurgling and gagging as the man’s fuckjuice clogged her throat and pushed rivulets of sperm snot leaking through her nostrils. Yet more spunk leaked from the corners of her mouth.
Other groans followed in quick succession as the spectator trio hosed her face with cum. From the frantic heaving of the sandwich fucking studs, it seemed that curds of jizz were being fucked into her pussy and asshole at the same time.
Amazingly, despite the lewdness of the scene before them, the four studs awaiting their turn didn’t bust their nuts. As Candy lay sprawled with man milk leaking from her orifices and licking the gooey stuff from her gorgeous and now puffy lips, they moved in like carnivores diving on fresh raw steak . . .
Awwwww, noooo! . . . I don’t believe it! . . . How can she take so much dick at once? Ooooo! So fuckynasty, so dirty! . . . Oooo, I’m nutting again, can’t stop, oh fuck, I need dick, need some cock fucking me, oh shit, I —
Fuck, my pussyhole’s going crazy! . . . Whew! Awwww, nooo, againnn, can’t stop cumming! . . . Oh dear, two more men are watching me fuck myself! And their dicks are so biggg! Oh, no, I can’t, I just can’t do it, oh shit, oh shit, oh noooo, another nut cumming . . .
I took the dildo away with a swift movement that caught S by surprise. It made a wet squelchy noise as I yanked it from her flooded cunthole. She looked up, face flushed, surprised, disappointed, a frown of confusion creasing her brow. For a moment, I saw a flash of assertiveness, as if she’d forgotten the role she was playing.
“Have you made a decision?” I asked. She understood what I’d done immediately.
Inflamed with fuck hunger, she had to decide what to do with it. Get her brains fucked out, go home, whatever. I motioned to the men standing around with hard cocks to back off and they did so immediately. I didn’t want her intimidated, I wanted this to be her decision. As the men backed away, I saw her look of understanding at what was occurring.
“M-master, I ___” she stammered. She almost seemed unaware that she was fingering herself, playing with her flooded pussy through the cloth of her skirt.
“Have you made a decision?”
She sighed. I smiled.
I decided to fuck with her head some more. I wanted to see how much of a slut she’d become in such a short time.
“Come suck my dick,” I said as I unzipped. Already flushed, she seemed to get redder, realizing she was taking her first step into exhibitionism.
Oooooooo! I’m ashamed to admit it, but I like all these people —these men!— looking at me! Watching me play with myself, now, sucking Master’s dick . . . Ooo, Master’s hard, I’ve turned him on . . . What’s happening to me?
As she slurped my stiff cock between her lips, I clutched her hair gently.
“Listen carefully,” I said. “Ohhh, that’s good . . . I told you that you had to choose a gang bang or go home without being fucked . . . Like Jamaica, Fellatio or—ahhh, suckkk! Or like Candy . . .Well, you still can if you want . . .you know these men are just waiting to fuck you mindless, don’t you? . . . Don’t you?”
“Mmmmmmff!” she said around my cock. It sounded like yes.
“Look up at me.” She did so, and I think she sensed what was coming. She looked almost giddy with the fuck lust in her eyes.
“But if you want to stay like you are and not become a total freak, I’ll let you just fuck me . . . or me and ‘that other man,’ as you call him . . . Awww shit, now you’re sucking it nasty . . . or just him . . . Anything more than that, of course, is a gang bang, even if it’s a small one . . . You know you’re a great cocksucker, don’t you? . . . Don’t you?”
“Gllllllllff! Slllrrrppp!” she said, almost choking herself in her effort to deep throat. Looking up at me, she seemed to be in orgasm.
“Now turn around, I want to fuck you in the ass while you give me your answer.”
“Ohhh, Master, you’re making me crazy! I need to be fucked so bad!”
She knelt as she was told to do, exposing her fleshy ass.
She wasn’t being f***ed into a gangbang any longer, now that she wanted to fuck and suck an army. She could volunteer for it or leave it alone. If she volunteered, her submission was about as total as it got.
She whimpered and then whined submissively as my swollen cockhead burrowed into her sphincter. Her pucker was gooey with her own cunt syrup and my cockhead popped through her anal ring easily.
“Awwwwwwww! Yessssssssssss!” she hissed, pushing her meaty globes back at me.
Her fleshy asscheeks jiggled like jello as I plunged my flesh pole back and forth, slowly at first, then at a gradually increased tempo. As good as her asshole was, I knew I’d move from longdicking to some serious deepfucking in short order.
“Have you made up your mind?” I grunted as I put the meat to her shitchute. She made lewd grinding motions, pushing her pillowy butt back at my invading dickmeat.
Ohhh dear! He’s such a clever master . . . Ohhh, shit, he’s dicking me so good!
. . . He’s made me such a good submissive . . . He sees the slut in me . . . Knows I need some dickmeat bad right now!

“Y-yes, Master,” she whimpered, her voice trembling. “Ooooo, dick my ass like that! I want—Ooooo! Oww! Awwww! Yesss!—oh, I want, nnnuh, Candy . . . ”
“Candy, Master . . .” A whimpering mess, she barely gasped the words out as I plundered her asshole. “Want to be like Candy, ohh shit, want to be Candy, Master, oooooshit, ohhhmyyy, nut coming, ooo, make me Candy, please, please make, ooh fuck, oh make me Candy awww big fucky nut coming, Master, big fucky nut coming, ohh, Master nut cummmminnggggg! Yaaaaaaaaaaa! Awwwwwwfuckkk!”
She ground her asscheeks lewdly against the base of my rock hard dick as her body went spastic. Her thighs taut, twitched out of control. Several studs moved closer, beating their meat in even strokes, waiting for a sign from me.
A nut boiling, my shaft got that feeling of anticipation as I grabbed a handful of her hair, turned her around and pulled her lustcrazed face toward my groin for ATM. Her greedy tongue licked out before she even made contact.
My cock exploded upon impact of my swollen leaking cockhead with her tongue. She sputtered as the coiling rope of splooge momentarily glued her gaping lips with a creamy thread and then splattered every which way. No hesitation this time at taking my dick straight from her asshole. Instead, she vacuumed my shaft hungrily into her mouth, catching the next jet of spunk on the back of her throat.
“Spppplllllrrrgggg!” The choking sound was erotic. My cock popped free and sent another string of sperm careening along her face all the way to her forehead. I couldn’t remember when I’d come so hard and so much.
She looked very pleased with herself as the jizz pasted her face albeit with slower and smaller jets. She lovingly laved my wet cockhead with her warm tongue.
Through the overwhelming haze of fuck lust that consumed her, S dimly thought of her husband at home, watching Monday Night Football with his six-pack of beer and extra large bag of pretzels. During a recent argument he’d said that sex didn’t seem to excite her any more, not that she’d ever been all that hot anyway.
If he could see me now!
She would have smiled if her mouth hadn’t been stuffed with two hard cocks. As she came again from the sandwich fucking of her pussy and ass, she wondered hazily who her mouthfuckers were. Master was fucking her in the ass; that other nasty man from last time skewered her pussy.
The other men discussed her as if she wasn’t there:
"This slut ain't nothin' but a fuck toy . . ."
"Definitely cockstarved, one of those sluts who never get enough dick . . ."
"The prissy kind always make the biggest slutwhores . . ."
"Did y'all see how hungrily she sucked on that cock after it came out of her ass? . . ."
"Bet she could take two dicks in her pussy at the same time. . . She’s really nasty to be an older broad . . ."
"Hey, older chicks appreciate cock way more than young girls . . ."
The lewdness of the scene and the lurid things they said as if she weren’t there kept S inflamed with fuck fever that seemed unquenchable. What had her master unleashed in her?
She had sex with her sports fiend husband about once a month, whether they needed it or not. And usually didn’t come. Her master had fucked her more than her husband since she’d met him. So had that other nasty man he’d brought last time, the one dicking the shit out of her flooded pussy now. And they made her cum so much!
After the quartet fucked the shit out of her, then used her like a cum bucket, four more men gangbanged her while her master watched.
Oh, dear! Ooooo!
Eight hard cocks from black strangers stuffing all her holes at will, and she and her middle class self loving every filthy, depraved minute. She knew her submission was complete. He’d brought out her addiction to dick and how easily she would wallow in the submissive role playing. Ironically, in her submissive role playing her Master gave her more choices than her husband did. Her weird husband deluded himself into thinking he was in charge of their marriage, in control big time.
She still didn’t know her Master’s name! Oooo!
Fucking men with big dicks whose names she didn’t know added to the sluttish feelings she’d started to embrace.
She felt rather than saw two men crowding near her face, heard them whacking off, the wet slapping sounds getting faster . . .
“Awwww, shit, gotta bust a nut, you fuckwhore, gotta give you some juice,” she heard someone say as a torrent of sperm coated one side of her face with gooey ribbon after gooey ribbon of dickjuice.
“Ohhh damn, can’t hold this mufacka, gonna nut, gonna bust her some juice too . . . Awwww fuckkkkk!”
Fresh sperm sprayed her face from another direction just as the two mouth fuckers erupted and flooded her wildly sucking and stretched mouth. She wondered how whorish she looked with so much man juice creaming and dripping off her face and mouth.
As she felt the cock stretching her asshole beyond capacity swell and belch hot fucky juice along the walls of her anal canal, she came again. Before her spasms subsided, the man pumping her pussy doubled his tempo suddenly and unloaded a hosing of jizz that mingled with her already copious cuntal sauce leaking from her pussy. The fuck fluid spat along the walls of her pussy in spastic jets.
Her mind danced off into a haze, two, then three words a swirling mantra through her fuck feverish mind, words that she knew sealed her surrender to being a fuckwhore whenever her Master asked . . .
Dickmeat . . . Fuckjuice . . . Oooo, hard dickmeat . . . fuckyjuice . . . fuckymeat . . . hot dickjuice . . . dickmeat . . . nastyfuckyjuice . . . oooo . . . fuuckynastycockjuice . . . cock
. . . dick . . . cock . . . juice . . . jizz . . . jizzyjizz . . . cock . . . bigcock . . . oooo . . . jizz . . . fuckjuice . . . ooo . . . cockmeat . . . Ooooooofuckkkcummming agaiinnnnnnn . . .

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